Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.006 Adds New Content, AMD FSR 2.0 & More This Sept. 6

Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.006

Tango Gameworks has released Ghostwire Tokyo update 1.006, and this adds new cosmetic items, AMD FSR 2.0 support for PC, and more! Read on for the official Ghostwire Tokyo September 6 patch notes.

Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.006 Patch Notes | Ghostwire Tokyo September 6 Patch Notes:

Tsukimi is a celebration held in early autumn to gather and view the beauty of the harvest moon. (No need to send lunar analysis data to Ed.)
It’s also a great time to eat snacks like Tsukimi dango and mochi! (Be sure to follow us on social media to find out the Tango Gameworks team’s favorite snacks throughout this week!)
Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 7, at 11 AM ET / 4 PM GMT (Thursday, September 8, 12 AM JST), a new Photo Mode emote and themed costume for this lunar festival will unlock:
  • Mochitsuki Emote: Akito and KK prepare mochi in the traditional way with this emote.
  • Happi Costume: A lightweight and brightly-colored coat worn during summer festivals.
TsukimiSelects 01 SmallerFile
The moon isn’t the only beautiful thing this week: this update includes support for AMD FSR 2.0 on PC, AMD’s temporal upscaling technology that boosts framerates while delivering high-fidelity visuals.
You can enjoy these performance improvements on PC by enabling “AMD FSR 2.0” under Options > Graphics > Upscaling.
All Platforms
  • Corrected issue where a specific enemy attack was not working as intended
  • Special effects when Lamentation Visitor appears now display properly
  • Addressed “order of display” issue for one of the collectibles
  • Fixed fast travel issue during the Zashiki-warashi side mission
  • Fixed a “cannot proceed” bug in Chapter 2
PC Fixes
  • Addressed auto-save issue at the start of a boss battle in Chapter 3

If you haven’t tried the game yet, go read our review here.

Source: Bethesda
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