MLB The Show 22 Update 1.13 Bunts Out for Update 13 This Aug. 9

MLB The Show 22 Update 1.13

San Diego Studio has released MLB The Show 22 update 1.13 (PS5 version 1.013), today on all platforms. This update is mainly for bug fixes, although new props are also added in Minor League. Check out the MLB The Show 22 August 9 patch notes below.

MLB The Show 22 Update 1.13 Patch Notes | MLB The Show 22 Update 1.013 Patch Notes | MLB The Show Update 13 Patch Notes | MLB The Show 22 August 9 Patch Notes:

PS4: 1.13 
PS5: 1.013 
Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S: 
Nintendo Switch: 1.13 


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a runner to score on a foul ball.  


  • Fixed a freeze that could occur in the pre-game menus.  


  • Fixed an issue that could display button inputs in the incorrect order when altering/viewing CBP’s Pitch Repertoire in the front-end menus. 


  • Fixed several freezes that could occur when using the on-screen keyboard in co-op games. 


  • Added 89 new Minor League themed props. You can find them all if you search for “minorleaguekit” in the Stadium Creator Editor.  


  • Frame rate improvements were made to the Field of Dreams stadium.  
  • Fixed an audio issue that could cause a pinch hitter to be announced twice.  

That’s all the patch notes for today. MLB The Show 22 is out now for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Source: The Show

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