Neverwinter Update 10.60 Rises Out for Rothé Valley Content This August 9

Neverwinter Update 10.60

Cryptic Studios has pushed out Neverwinter update 10.60 on all platforms today. This update brings the new Rothé Valley Epic Adventure & Battle Pass content. The patch also comes with a lot of gameplay balancing and more. Check out the Neverwinter August 9 patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 10.60 Patch Notes | Neverwinter August 9 Patch Notes:


Rothé Valley Epic Adventure & Battle Pass

Rothé Valley has been unvaulted! As an Epic Adventure, the zone has received some visual updates, quest clean ups, new Heroic Encounters, and a new stu-panda-ous Battle Pass.

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Greed of the Dragonflight

The Dragonflight Streonghold encounter returns to challenge guilds once again! Dragons have been updated to reflect the dragon models found in Dragon Hunts, 4 new daily missions have been added along with new rewards. This event no longer requires the Golden Bell to activate; Guild Marks are now used instead.

WiCKiD Memorial

A new NPC tribute to the departed player WiCKiD has made his home in the Well of Dragons quest hub, providing guidance to those seeking helpful tanking tips. Speaking to WiCKiD will also award a title.

Legacy Characters

Recently, some characters who logged in for the first time since the release of Undermountain in 2019 incorrectly retained certain feats or other class features that had been removed. With this release, these “legacy characters” will no longer have those feats or class features when logging in, leveling the playing field with other characters who were not affected by this issue.

Upon login and switching to affected loadouts, affected characters will see an error message that states “Your powers, feats, boons, and ability scores have been reset.” However, these characters should still retain their selected abilities scores, powers, and existing feats. Players will not have to reselect them or fix alternate loadouts.

Content and Environment


  • The Item Level requirement to start the Undermountain Adventures has been lowered to 18,000. This should help players more smoothly transition to Epic Adventures upon reaching level 20.

Avernus Hunts

  • Drop rates for hunt trophies have been increased.
  • T0 trophies will now have a chance to drop per character as opposed to per group.


  • Lady Begum’s assistant is no longer underground.

Summer Festival

  • Sahha ball should no longer get stuck above goals.


  • Gathering Seeds! For Goodness!: Enemies will no longer follow players to the campfire after player dies and respawns.
  • Reptilian Extraction: Captain Redfox’ health has been reduced.
  • Doomguide’s Duty: Golden path to guide players to Tree of Souls entrance for instances where players needed to exit the instance prior to completing it has been fixed.
  • Whispers on the Wind – Drop rate of Ciphered Messages for this quest has been increased.
  • Elemental Evil – Reclamation Rock – Recovering Reconstruction: Number of Supplies and Construction sites needed has been reduced to 8. Areas where one can help with construction are now properly indicated.

Enemies and Encounters

Dragon Hunts

  • Reduced the damage of Fling by 20% (Adult & Ancient)

Dragonbone Vale

  • Vylxildross the Malevolent from the Scales to Bones Heroic Encounter dragon should no longer be appearing in his human form as a bandit.

Infernal Citadel:

  • End Chest should now award the proper loot.
  • Legendary End Chest will properly require Hellfire Keys instead of Demonic Keys.
  • Exit portal after looting End Chest is once again interactable.

Rise of Tiamat (Normal):

  • HP of Baaltor the Immortal has been reduced by 25%
  • HP of Osynafil the Undying has been reduced by 25%
  • Frequency in which Tiamat’s heads can cast Chromatic Meteors in Phase 4 has been reduced.
  • Reduced the amount of Chromatic Meteors that target players per cast.
  • Reduced the frequency in which Poison Stream, Acid Stream, and Cold Stream will be used by Tiamat’s heads in Phase 4
  • Issue where the Phase 2 group teleporting wasn’t functioning has been fixed.
  • Each group will now be teleported to separate clerics after completing Phase 1.
  • Minibosses will now be defeated when Phase 2 is complete instead of teleporting to protect Tiamat’s Claws in Phase 3.
  • Damage output for most enemies has been slightly reduced.

 Items and Economy

Artifact Modifications

  • The Enhanced Storm Pillar Artifact Modification now properly displays that it is Enhanced Storm Pillar, instead of Enhanced Lightning Bolt.
  • Zulkir’s Dreadnought tooltip now properly displays information for the power bonus.

Event Rewards

  • Pumpkin Soup found in the Beholder Piñata now has stats in line with other event foods: 5% crit chance, 5% crit severity, 1800s duration.


  • The cost of T0 trophies in the Avernus Hunts Favor Vendor store has been reduced to 1000 Zariel Favor, down from 3750.
  • The Patron Choice Pack no longer incorrectly states that it contains a Tyranny of Dragons Signet Patronage.
  • The following item names should no longer refer to “Scalerbeaker”:
    • Ancient Scalebreaker’s Cackrows
    • Crimson Scalebreaker’s Rejuvenation Cackrows

 User Interface


  • Dragon Parts should now unlock in Collections the next time they are gathered.
  • The following items are no longer visible in Collections for those who have not collected them, as they are no longer obtainable from the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign:
    • Haarl’s Treatise on Dragonkind
    • Breyer’s Draconic Investigations
    • Liber Draconis
    • Incantations of the Dragon Queen
    • Dragon Bone
    • Dragon Gem
    • Dragon Forged Steel
  • The following items have been moved to the Artifacts and Gear of Dragon Slayers:
    • Golden Belt of Puissance
    • Lostmauth’s Hoard Necklace
  • The following items have been moved to the Artifacts and Gear of Sharandar:
    • Greater Belt of the Seldarine
    • Greater Claok of the Seldarine
  • Location data for the above gear pieces have been updated to better reflect recent reward changes to rewards from queues, and items that are no longer obtainable in the Temple of Tiamat are no longer mentioned. Players who have previously earned these items will still retain them in their Collection.
  • The Collection for Tyranny of Dragons have been modified to remove items that can no longer be earned from the now deprecated Tyranny of Dragons Campaign.
  • The structure of the Artifacts and Gear of Sharandar Collections page has now changed to better reflect recent reward changes. It will now only display the max rank that players can earn, rather than the entire artifact upgrade path like before.

Dragon Hunts

  • Dragon Hunt modifiers that modify your character will once again be displayed in the debuff window.


  • Icons for Dragon overload enchants have been updated to match the other overload enchants.
  • [For Future Run of Masquerade of Liars Event] Scarecrow Illusion icon has been updated to have an icon that better represents the costume


  • Battle Passes will now show in Past Events in the Journal when they are no longer active.


  • Server notifications now properly appear when players receive the 1-in-250 chance rewards from a lockbox open.


  • Console Only – When there are over 7 currencies, the currency footer now grows vertically instead of being restricted to two rows.

Known Issues


  • Traveling Wizard gives conflicting information on number of participants needed for the event. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  • Oxuno the Treacherous repeatedly purges buffs from players.
  • Dragonflight helmet does not appear on Dragonborn.

That’s it for the patch notes. Neverwinter is out now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Arc Games

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