Neverwinter Update 10.70 Released for New Changes This September 20

Neverwinter Update 10.70

Cryptic Studios has pushed out Neverwinter update 10.70 today for PC and PS4 platforms. If you have the Xbox One version, this update will be released at a later date. Some new content and several changes have been implemented. Check out the Neverwinter September 20 patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 10.70 Patch Notes | Neverwinter September 20 Patch Notes:


Band of Air and Balance Changes

The changes contextualized in Balance Changes: General Direction are now active. See the Band of Air section under Combat and Powers for details. Please note that some high-end bosses have had their health reduced as well.

Multi-Paragon Path Resolution

There was a time window during which players could use a Free Retrain and, as a result, somehow end up with both Paragon Paths at once. In this build, characters in that state will have another Retrain automatically applied to them, removing this incorrect state

Rothé Valley Season Pass Credit

To make up for Skirmishes not properly granting Rothé Valley Battle Pass XP, players can now claim 850 Battle Pass XP for the Take Stock of Life milestone from the Rewards Claim Agent, once per account, for a limited time.

Release Notes

Content and Environment

Sharandar Bounty Targets

  • All Bounty targets’ spawn timers have been lowered to 5 minutes, down from 10 minutes.
  • Cyclops and Troll bounty targets in the Ruins now only spawn in one at a time.

Protector’s Enclave

  • Events that change the lighting and sky now properly affect the Dragon Hunts staging area.

Rothé Valley

  • A blocked-off scrying stone can once again properly be accessed.
  • The in-game achievement, Scrying Rothé Valley, can once again be achieved.


  • Crown of Keldegonn: A floating translucent black plane no longer appears in the air in a certain area.
  • The Frozen Heart: The “Slay Hrimnir” objective now properly shows a Quest Path.
  • Tutorial: Players can no longer get blocked from progression during the Training Day quest if they managed to lose their horse.

Future Events

  • Hell Pit should now be more approachable to players with lower item levels; the difficulty has been mildly reduced across the board.
    • This event now scales players up to a minimum of 40,000 item level, and down to a maximum of 60,000 item level.
  • The event calendar has been updated through November, 2022. (The in-game calendar will still only show up to 6 weeks of events ahead of time.)

Enemies and Encounters

Crown of Keldegonn

  • Palhavorithyn is no longer incorrectly targetable as an invisible entity after flying away.
  • The damage from Tail Swipe is no longer disconnected from the animation.

Dragon Hunts

  • Black Dragon
    • Acid Stream now fires about 33% fewer orbs.
    • Damage dealt by Acid Stream orbs has been reduced by 50%.
    • Damage zones left by Acid Stream no longer persist after the dragon is defeated.
  • Enemy damage in the Dragon Hunt map has been decreased.
  • The Dragon Hunt map no longer incorrectly increases enemy health by roughly 20%.

Rise of Tiamat (Normal)

  • Groups will now be automatically separated and teleported to an appropriate first Tiamat Head location at the start of Phase 4.
  • Adjusted head spawning patterns to reduce travel time and further encourage the safer strategy of engaging both of Tiamat’s active heads simultaneously.
  • The cleric bars on Phase 2 will now start at 15% as opposed to 10%.
  • Reduced the damage of Osynafil the Undying’s Stinger attack by 20%.
  • Reduced the damage of the Bite attack from Tiamat’s heads by 20%.
  • Reduced HP of Osynafil the Undying and Baaltor the Immortal by 25%.
  • Reduced HP of Tiamat’s Heads by 15%.
  • Reduced HP of Tiamat in the final phase by 10%.

Master Trials

  • The HP of the following enemies has been reduced by 10%:
    • Tower of the Mad Mage: Halaster.
    • Zariel’s Challenge: Zariel, Shade of Fire, Shade of Ice, Haruman, and Olanthius.
    • Crown of Keldegonn: Palhavorithyn and Valindra, both together and apart.
    • Rise of Tiamat: Severin, Tiamat’s Claw, Tiamat, and all five heads

Combat and Powers

Band of Air

  • Band of Air now only procs on actual attack actions a player makes. It no longer procs on, for example, other procs.
  • Band of Air proc damage has been reduced.
  • Ring of Darkness damage has been reduced, though not as much as Band of Air.
  • The set bonus of Ring of Darkness was causing its damage to go down. That should no longer be the case. If you have both rings, the Ring of Darkness should now do slightly more damage than if you have the Ring of Darkness alone.
  • The Band of Air set bonus is unchanged. Because the base BoA damage has been decreased, the BoA as part of a set may now deal more damage than BoA alone, depending on the build
  • For more context, please read: Balance Changes: General Direction

Classes and Balance

  • Paladin: The damage bonus of the Class Feature, Blessed Wanderer, has been increased to 20%, up from 5%.


  • Phasespider’s Instincts no longer removes Movement Speed when a character becomes immune or dodges.


  • Bigby’s Hand now properly grants the Mythic stat value for Fast Striding.

Items and Economy


  • Chromatic Strands no longer drop inside the Tiamat Trial or Cradle of the Death God Trial.
  • The Dragonfire gadget can no longer be sold to vendors.
  • The Dragonfire gadget can no longer occasionally crash servers.
  • The Hellfire Steed – Account mount now properly unlocks its reclaim in the Reward Claims Agent if the character had bound a Skeletal Steed prior to binding a Hellfire Steed. We are looking into providing recompense for the players who were affected by this issue.
  • The following Lockboxes now drop updated Enchantment Rewards rather than the Ancient versions of Enchantments:
    • The Descent Lockbox
    • Ensorcelled Lockbox
    • Forsaken Lockbox
    • Spellbound Lockbox
    • Enchanting Lockbox
    • Wasteland Lockbox
    • Redeemed Lockbox
    • Stardock Lockbox
    • Excavated Lockbox
    • Lockbox of the Mad Mage
    • The Blood War Lockbox
    • Tyrannical Lockbox


  • Seals of the North can no longer incorrectly be earned beyond the weekly maximum cap when completing Trial and Advanced Dungeon Queues.
  • Seals of the Wild now drop when players reach the weekly maximum cap for Seals of the North when completing Trial and Advanced Dungeon Queues.

Sharandar Reward Obtainment Updates

  • Vault of Stars
    • Reward Chests (Both) Drop Legendary Rings much more frequently
    • Band of Air / Darkness components drop much more frequently from all 3 minibosses
    • Pants / Shirts from 2nd and 3rd Hardcore Minibosses always drop
    • Pants / Shirts from 2nd and 3rd Hardcore Minibosses drop 1x per person, instead of 1x per party
    • Hardcore Minibosses always drop one Non-Shirt/Pant item is guaranteed (per player)
    • Hardcore Minibosses can no longer very rarely drop 2 Non-Shirt/Pant items
  • Bounties
    • Bounty Quests always award either a Companion Gear, Cosmetic, or Artifact Set item.
  • Shattered Diamond Shards
    • Minor Heroic Encounters now give 10 Shards (up from 2)
    • Major Heroic Encounters now give 25 Shards (up from 3)
    • Bounties now give 10 Shards (up from 1)

Sharandar Collections

  • Accessories: +2 through +4 Shirts / Pants now show a location of ‘Sharandar Heroic Encounters.’
  • Accessories: +5 Shirts / Pants have been removed from the Sharandar Accessories Collection.
    • These items were never obtainable in-game and no longer erroneously appear in Collections.
  • Antiquities: All items now show a location of ‘Epic Dungeon – Vault of Stars – Hardcore.’
  • Antiquities: 6x Pants and 6x Shirts from the second and third minibosses in VoS have been added to Collections.

Future Events

  • The following rewards are now earnable as potential rewards from the Starlight Parcel:
    • Cosmic Pig
    • Elminster’s Lunchbox
    • Fireblossom Zealot

Performance and Stability


  • An extremely rare crash has been addressed in item refinement.
  • Various other crashes have been addressed.


  • Various updates have been made to the engine, though not many are likely to directly affect the player experience.


  • Undermountain Expeditions: Rune bonuses and banes are now properly localized.

That’s it for the patch notes. Neverwinter is out now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Arc Games

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