Neverwinter Update 7.90 June 16 Brings Gameplay Changes

Neverwinter Update 9.66

Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 7.90 June 16 patch for consoles today and it’s live now. There are tech fixes, but for the most part, the big deal here are the gameplay-related changes. Head on over for the full notes.

Neverwinter update 7.90 June 16 patch notes:

Content and Environment

Cloaked Ascendancy

  • Shard of Night: The respawn locations in this instance have been fixed.

Rage of Bel

  • Insurgencies should no longer have a chance to spawn without any enemies spawning.
  • There’s no longer a place where players can fall through the world during an Insurgency.


  • The Devil Siege Heroic Encounter once again properly shows a boss health bar.

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Paladin: Bond of Virtue: This power’s duration is no longer increased by the feat Enduring Spirit.
  • Paladin: Bond of Virtue: This power no longer triggers the Blood Raven Set Bonus, since it is not an AoE spell.

Item Powers

  • Blood Crystal Raven Skull: This item’s set bonus no longer stacks when used by multiple players. It now only procs once per cast, on only one character per cast.
  • Rage of Bel: Ranks 2-7 of the Forger’s Box no longer incorrectly shows multiple instances of Power buffs in the Buffs display.

Items and Economy

Rage of Bel

  • The Battle Worn Metal Rod and rings now have a chance to drop for all players who damage a warlord.


  • The upgrade item, Fallen Paladin’s Holy Symbol, can now properly drop from Heroic Encounters.

Wasteland Lockbox

  • The tooltip now properly says that it can give out 1 Companion Upgrade Token Mini-Pack, not 2.


  • A few typos have been addressed.
  • Longbow of the Infernal Forge: This weapon is no longer incorrectly wielded as a melee weapon.
  • Various Rage of Bel weapons now display properly when outside of combat.

User Interface


  • Some guild-related error messages now properly have text.


  • The Rage of Bel meter now always rounds down, so that it doesn’t incorrectly show 100% completion when it’s 99.5% complete.

Character Art

Rage of Bel

  • Off-hand transmutation items from Rage of Bel now properly display.
  • Various new items have had minor clipping issues addressed.

That’s all the changes included in this Neverwinter update 7.90 June 16 patch. Once we know more, we’ll let our readers know ASAP.

Source: ArcGames

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