PUBG Update 2.24 Shoots Out for Console Hotfix This October 26

PUBG update 2.24

PUBG Corp has released PUBG update 2.24 today for the console versions of the game. It is a console exclusive hotfix as it does not look like this update is available for PC owners. Check out the PUBG October 26 patch notes below.

PUBG Update 2.24 Patch Notes | PUBG October 26 Update Patch Notes:

The only patch notes that have been released for this update so far come from the official PUBG Support Twitter page. You can read the full announcement posted down below. 

“[Console] We will deploy a Hotfix within the next 48 hours to resolve the following issues:

– Incorrect actions occur when using custom controller key binding combinations.
– A revive can occur when attempting to carry a player.

A client update will need to be downloaded.

The last console patch for PUBG was update 20.1. This update came out a few days ago and it came with a host of gameplay changes and improvements. PUBG is out now for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Source: PUBG Support Twitter

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