Rogue Company Update 1.70 Shoots Out (Update)

Rogue Company Update 1.70

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 1.70 patch this August 20, and this is an unannounced title update. While Weapon Mastery has been talked about coming in the next title update, there have also been confirmation on LTM changes, too.

Rogue Company Update 1.70 Patch Notes:

Update: Here’s the official patch notes via First Watch:

Hey Rogues,

Since the Season Three update, we’ve actively investigated a series of crash reports from players and regularly reviewed game data. After careful examination, we noticed that many crashes were due to memory issues, and examined the current memory usage for all platforms to ascertain its cause.

We believe we have identified the cause and have some fixes that should drastically improve it with a hotfix we deployed early this morning, Friday, August 20th.

This hotfix will be larger than normal for Xbox and Playstation. While Switch players will receive the same hotfix, they will have to wait a little longer for some of these memory fixes, as it requires a separate update. We will make announcements about the timing of this update as soon as possible.

We have made the following changes for Xbox and PlayStation:

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the error “Unknown failure to join this queue.”
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Season 3 Starter Pack to not display in-game.

For Switch we have made the following change:

  • Fixed a lighting issue on Switch that would have Rogues display black in the lobby.

For all platforms we have made the following changes:

  • Fixed some grammar and punctuation errors in Rogue Bios.
  • Fixed an issue that gave Mack 150HP from his Passive instead of 125HP if he disconnects and reconnects.
  • Fixed an icon for the Gone Rogue Award.
  • Fixed a description for Ranked Demolition.
  • Fixed an issue that caused automatic weapons to fail to fire after throwing a gadget.

In addition to the crash update, we also wanted to address Switch players being unable to complete the Weekly Contract for King of the Hill. This was an error, which we will be addressed by making two changes, one immediate and the other long-term. Short term, Switch players will be able to enjoy King of the Hill 4v4 as an LTM, beginning this Monday, August 23; long term, we will be changing the Weekly Contract to “Win a match in a Limited Time Mode.” You can expect to see this change in the upcoming patch.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

First Watch has not mentioned what’s in today’s patch just yet. However, we do know what’s coming very, very soon.

Here’s what’s coming to Weapon Mastery (though it won’t be in until the next major update):

When we set out to create a weapon mastery system, we rallied behind three core goals:

First, achievements. We wanted each weapon to have its own unique “niche” inside the game and for players to feel that they can master the personality of these weapons. We wanted to capture “how” with specific achievements for each weapon.

Second, let’s talk about flexibility and depth through meaningful choices. Right now, you can pick a Rogue, but you’re tied to the weapons they have. However, if you can mix and match, the depth of the game expands exponentially.

Last, we wanted to provide meaningful rewards for the way you play. Using the KA30 as an example, through levels 1-5, at each level, you’ll unlock a weapon wrap specific to the KA30. At level 5, whenever you land a kill with the KA30, the mention in the Kill Feed will show up in gold, and you’ll receive a banner for your profile. You’ll also unlock the weapon to use across all Rogues that can wield that weapon class (in this example, assault rifles).

Again, Weapon Mastery is incoming in the next major title update, andw ill be shown off later today.

First Watch has also talked about Limited Time Modes (LTM), and how it’s changing:

An Update on Limited Time Modes – 8/19 from RogueCompany

Once we know more about today’s patch, we’ll update the post.

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