Rogue Company Update 2.04 Out for Operation: Daybreak This June 8

Rogue Company update 2.04

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 2.04 (PS5 update 1.000.041) patch today, and this brings the Operation: Daybreak update to the game. Check out the full Rogue Company June 8 update patch notes below.

Rogue Company Update 2.04 Patch Notes | Rogue Company June 8 Update Patch Notes:

The Operation: Daybreak Update seizes the day, packed dense with not only the Wild Wastelands Battle Pass, but also Juke, Rogue Company’s latest addition, a map visual update, several Project Saint updates and more!


In the ruinous landscape of the Wild Wastelands our rogues skirmish and scavenge for cosmetics across 50 levels, earned by playing in Rogue Company matches. Every match gives you XP that help you unlock lock the gear you need to survive out in the wastes, be it the Inferno Positron MLX M4 Mythic or by scorching the earth with the Wasteland Scorch outfit!


  • Wasteland Phantom Epic Outfit
  • Last Stand Rare Wingsuit
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience Boost


  • +15 Battle Pass Levels
  • Wasteland Phantom Epic Outfit
  • Last Stand Rare Wingsuit
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience Boost


  • General Rewards
    • 3x Reward Supply Drops
    • 3x 30 Minute Account Boosts
    • 3x 45 Minute Account Boosts
    • 3x 1 Hour Account Boosts
    • 1000 Rogue Bucks
  • Cosmetics
    • Wasted Rare Spray
    • Kali Stick Fight Rare Emote
    • Retribution Legendary Primary, Secondary and Melee Weapon Wraps
    • Old Reliable Rare Wingsuit
    • Reign of Fire Epic Avatar
    • Rogue Swan Rare Emote
    • Wasteland Warrior Epic Title
    • Wasteland Common Cannon Outfit
    • Boneyard Rare Banner
    • Pursuit Special Rare Wingsuit
    • Precise Percussion Epic Emote
    • Next Level Epic Animated Avatar
    • Wicked Woods Rare Border
    • Wastelander Legendary Primary, Secondary and Melee Weapon Wraps
    • Scorched Earth Soldier Title
    • Venomous Rare Spray
    • Wasteland Dahlia Rare Outfit
    • Magma Rare Border
    • Big Game Hunter Epic Animated Banner
    • Wastelander Epic Wingsuit
    • Joy Ride Legendary Emote
    • Inferno Positron MXL M4 Mythic Wrap
    • Bad Weather Epic Animated Avatar
    • Wasteland Scrappers Epic Animated Banner
    • Retribution Epic Wingsuit
    • Wasteland Wilds Legendary Avatar
    • Ruler of the Ruins Legendary Title
    • Wasteland Scorch Legendary Outfit



Juke is the woman responsible for the creation of the world’s first true Artificial Intelligence. A brilliant scientist and engineer with multiple PHD’s, Juke worked for Furmi.62, but joined Rogue Company in search of answers after her life’s work was destroyed at Furmi.62’s SCION facility by the Jackal Agent, Umbra.


Juke is a brilliant new rogue that brings with her tons of cutting-edge technology to change the way you can maneuver and set up around the map as a defender. The Juke Boots offer a way to reach heights that were before unreachable! Your Laser Defense Drones allow you to quickly entrench yourself in a new position, while the Reflector introduces a fun new way to send your opponents cascading to their demise!


  • Ability: Laser Defense Drone
    The Laser Defense Drone is a thrown deployable that, upon making contact with a surface, will attach and being seeking out enemies that come within sight and range. Once an enemy is in range, the drone will target and fire at rogues with an advanced laser that will deal tick damage over time. Enemy rogues will need to either destroy the drone or exit its effective range. Juke is able to charge up to and deploy two drones at a time.
  • Passive: Juke Boots
    Juke Boots are a modifier to her dodge roll. With 3 charges(that can recharge), Juke is able to quickly maneuver the same directions of the normal dodge roll but with a reduced cooldown. Additionally she can use her boots mid-air to evade and make positioning plays not possible by other rogues. If she is out of charges, she will dodge roll normally until her boots are recharged.


Primary Weapons:

  • New! Ibex Burst SMG
  • Conviction LMG

Secondary Weapon:

  • Warrant Pistol

Melee Weapon:

  • Combat Knife


  • NEW! Reflector – A new invention from the brilliant Juke. This gadget has the ability to repel enemies and thrown gadgets in a cone in front of her. This device is able to ignore collision, give Rogues the option to displace enemies that are lurking being cover and corners.
  • NEW! Impact Grenade – A new lethal gadget that deals a moderate amount of explosion damage upon hitting a surface. This gadget is ideal for engaging a fire fight or punishing fleeing and damaged foes.


  • Rare Nimble Hands
  • Rare Life Drain
  • Rare Resupply
  • Epic Stalker
  • Epic Gunsmith
  • Epic Bounce Back
  • Legendary Energized
  • Legendary Bulletproof


The first new season of the new year begins today, granting last season’s rewards and unlocking new ones to earn! We are moving this season of Ranked back to 4v4 and hope you enjoyed our experimental run of 3v3!


The following rewards will be given to those who are marked veterans in ranked and to those who have achieved Rogue tier for Year 2 Season 2 of Ranked:

  • Play 30 Ranked Games: Covert Ops Banner
  • Achieve Rogue Tier: Masked Mercenary Avatar


The following rewards will be given to those who are marked veterans in ranked and to those who have achieved Rogue tier during the active season:

  • Play 30 Ranked Games: Gunsmith Avatar
  • Achieve Rogue Tier: Cornered Animated Banner


We’re adding a system in Rogue Company called Supply Drops and here’s a TLDR:

  • Supply Drops will allow players to unlock in-game items while playing Rogue Company.
  • There are two versions of supply drops- Reward Supply Drops and Rogue Supply Drops. You can earn Reward Supply Drops through play, or spend Reputation to unlock Rogue Supply Drops.
  • There is also an option to unlock Rogue Supply Drops with Rogue Bucks, but we believe the vast majority of Rogue Supply Drops will be unlocked with Reputation.
  • Each Reward Supply Drop will give you one item, and each Rogue Supply Drop will give you two items.
  • The Supply Table is visible in game, you have an equal chance to obtain each item, and you will only unlock items you currently don’t own.
  • Supply Drops are completely optional and offer no advantages in-game

If you’d like more details please check out our blog!


In this update, we are reintroducing Depot, a skirmish map that has undergone a visual overhaul to not only meet our standard for quality but also have a better place in the world of Rogue Company. Depot is one of many training grounds used by Rogue Company for Rogues to hone their skills(or even settle scores with each other) to keep in peak condition. We look forward to your feedback!



In this update, we aim to improve the overall draft pick experience for our ranked and custom games. This overhaul entails a polished new rogue select experience, cleaner ban experience and unique rogue limitations. In addition, players will no longer re-draft their rogues at half-time. This will have players approach their matches in a more tactical ‘give and take’ mindset in the rogue select phase of the match. We hope you enjoy this update and look forward to your feedback


To further expand the ranked experience for our players: as an experiment, we are introducing a separate ranked queue for Strikeout. Strikeout has shown to be a very popular game mode and, for a good while, there wasn’t a place that the strikeout diehards could graduate to and have a place in the competitive environment. In this update, please try out the ranked experience for Strikeout, complete with the Draft Pick Rogue Select improvement that we detailed above. Let us know what you think!

That’s it for the patch notes. Rogue Company is out now for the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

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