Smite Patch 4.21 Introduces Shadow Over Hercopolis and a New Goddess

Did you happen to enjoy the refreshing RPG aspect in the world of Smite with the Trials Of King Hercules adventure mode? If the answer is yes, Hi-Rez Studios latest adventure will surely put a smile on your face.

The Smite patch (4.21) that’s now live for the PC platform, sees the release of Shadow’s Over Hercopolis adventure mode. This aims to be a more epic experience than the previous RPG-themed adventure mode. Those who are brave enough to traverse this epic adventure that spans across iconic Norse mythology locations will come face to face with colossal monsters. Such as the father of all fire giants and more.

While your journey to save Hercules from Loki is certainly faced with great perils and raid style boss fights. Players will also be tasked with facing environmental hazards that will try to end your journey prematurely and devious puzzles to stump you.

For those of you who love a harder challenge, fear not. As the Shadow’s Over Hercopolis also features three different difficulty settings that’ll surely test your skills and see if you’re really worthy of taking down Loki.

New adventure aside, this patch also includes the latest Goddess to be added to the game, Discordia. You can check out the lore video that also covers her abilities for the latest Mage to be added to the game in the video provided below:

With this patch already being massive, in terms of content thanks to the new adventure mode and new Goddess being added. You can be sure a plethora of new skins will become available. Feel free to check them out below:

Arachne РMa Ch̩rie
Cernunnos – Cursed King
Cu Chulainn – Wasteland
Ganesha – Primal Shaman
Kali – Exterminator
Kali – Mastery Skins
Loki – Agent of Darkness
Nemesis – Vanquisher

For more details regarding this patch’s item and god balancing check out this link.

Those on console who are patiently awaiting this patch, won’t have to wait long. As this patch is set to be available November 10 for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Smite

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