Solar Ash Update 1.05 Jets Out This December 15

Solar Ash update 1.05 Solar Ash update 1.005

Heart Machine has released the Solar Ash update 1.05 (PS5 version 1.005) patch this December 15, and this is for a small list of fixes that should help playing the game a little bit better. Read on for the official patch notes below.

Solar Ash update 1.05 Patch Notes | Solar Ash update 1.005 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where Rust Dragger’s gravity would throw Rei into the air
  • Fixed an issue where players could teleport from one shield kit to another
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to ascend the Starseed Summit
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from initiating the fight with Burning Hunter
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD would disappear under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from speaking with Ames again when returning to their ship
  • Fixed an issue where a certain glow effect was not present on VFX – Resolved a number of typos, VO, and localization errors
  • Resolved a number of LOD issues that had environment objects appearing/disappearing unintentionally
  • V-Sync should now default to On
  • Adjusting volume settings now impacts sounds consistently
  • A variety of collision issues have been resolved that include collision traps, missing collision, and openings that allowed players to break out of certain areas in the game
  • A variety of UI issues have been resolved

That’s all for now. For those curious what Solar Ash is about, here’s a bit of information on the title.

Set amidst a surreal dreamscape filled with long-abandoned ruins of great civilizations past, you play as Rei, a Voidrunner determined to stop at nothing to save her planet from falling prey to the Ultravoid’s path of eternal hunger.

Fight through mobs of grotesque creatures, grind rails with sheer delight, grapple to wild heights, take down enormous bosses, and surf the ashen clouds of shattered, bygone worlds swallowed by the void.

You can check out the latest gameplay trailer for it here as well.

Source: Twitter

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