Sonic Colors Ultimate Update 1.05 Patch Notes; Dashes Out for 2.6 This Nov. 22

Sonic Colors Ultimate Update 1.05

SEGA has released the Sonic Colors Ultimate update 1.05 patch this November 22, which is for the game’s 2.6 patch. This includes audio improvements, stability fixes, and platform-specific fixes too. Read on for the full patch notes below.

Sonic Colors Ultimate Update 1.05 Patch Notes | Sonic Colors Ultimate Update 2.6 Patch Notes:

Here’s the announcement regarding the patch straight from SEGA:

  • Improved stability on all platforms
  • Updates to the save-game system
  • Audio mix improvements
  • Music now loops in credits
  • Update to “Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due” trophy/achievement description

Switch-specific update

  • Eggman fireworks now appear at end of Terminal Velocity

PC-specific update

  • Fix for issue where Yellow Drill Wisp could not damage Captain Jelly

Various bug fixes

That seems to be it. If there are more changes not included above that you notice, feel free to leave a comment below to let the other players know.

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