Stellaris Update 5.02 Out for Nemesis Patch 2 This June 28

Stellaris Update 5.02

Developer Paradox Development Studio has released Stellaris update 5.02 today for the console versions of the game. This new update is to deploy Nemesis patch 2 that comes with several bug fixes and more. Check out the full Stellaris June 28 patch notes posted down below. 

Stellaris Update 5.02 Patch Notes | Stellaris Nemesis Patch Notes | Stellaris June 28 Patch Notes:

Hello Stellaris: Console Edition Community!

This afternoon we have released our second Nemesis update for Stellaris: Console Edition! This new version fixes several Community-reported bugs and integrates the Nakama multiplayer backend. Nakama for Stellaris: Console Edition will allow PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players to join each other’s multiplayer games. As usual, please report crashes and multiplayer desyncs here.

  • Added Nakama multi-player support.=
  •  Fixed some multi-player out of sync issues.
  •  Fixed some rare random crashes.
  • Fixed soft-lock caused by first contact events with pirates or marauder raiding fleets.
  • Fixed out-of-sync where civilian fleets attempting to flee had no valid destination target and flooded the MP event system every tick.
  • Fixed crash when Uplift pre-sapient event completed, when bringing forward 2.8 saves that were mid-research.
  • Fixed rare crash when linking Paradox and platform accounts.
  • MP observer mode overhaul.
  • Improved MP specific UI and behavior.
  • Added relative fleet strength indicators, compared to player’s average fleet.

Please note that save file compatibility is not guaranteed. If you experience crashes or other issues, please start a new save and see if these issues persist. If the issues do persist, please report them here.

This will be our last update for the Nemesis patch, while we prepare for Aquatics on Console Edition. More news on Aquatics Soon. ;) Be sure to join us this Friday for our next Console Edition Development Diary, where we’ll be talking about some of the changes coming in the next update.

That is all for the patch notes. Stellaris is out now for the PC, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Paradox forums

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