Tekken 7 Update 4.20 Patch Notes, Update for May 26 Now Live (Update)

The Tekken 7 update 4.20 is now live on all platforms (PS4, Xbox, PC), and it’s a hefty download clocking in at 2.9GB on Steam. Expect fighter balance changes in this patch.

Tekken 7 Update 4.20 Patch Notes:

Update: Here are the English patch notes via Michael Murray, Producer of the Tekken franchise:


For now, Bandai Namco Entertainment has not released the official (English) patch notes but here are details from the JP Tekken site:

Fixed some character’s skill performance PS4® Xbox One STEAM®

Please see the update below for details. Also, please see here for the details of past skill adjustments .

* Due to the correction of the character’s skill performance, replays saved in the previous version can no longer be played.

Add customized items PS4® Xbox One STEAM®

“Season 4 Hairstyle Set” and “Season 4 Fluffy Set” have been added.
After applying the update, when you start the game, the corresponding item will be released.

ARENA Stage Recovery PS4® Xbox One STEAM®

The design of the ARENA stage, which had been renewed to commemorate the PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary, has been restored to its original state.

* BGM for PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary can still be used in JUKEBOX PS4®

ONLINE enhancements PS4®

Added support for “PS4® Tournaments”.

Improved overall game stability PS4® Xbox One STEAM®

Some bugs in the system part have been fixed.

The fighter changes are listed here but in Japanese. We’ll update the post with the English changes once it’s available.

More changes from the community:


ff2, is now -9

ws1+2 is a wallbounce


f4 is now a ch launcher as well as the last hit in b1,4 and in 3,1,4.

Last hit in df1,2 now guarantees a f1+2 on ch.


Here’s what I’ve got on Armor King so far. This is based off of what rbnorway had for the last patch, plus my own notes. I apologize if there are errors.

-damage of d+3 buffed from 11 to 14

-f, F+4 start-up frame buffed from 17 to 15 (rbnorway had this one wrong)

-d/f+2,1 block disadvantage buffed from -12 to -6

-d/f+1+2 block disadvantage buffed from -7 to -4

-d+2 block disadvantage nerfed from -2 to -5

-d/b+1+2 block advantage buffed from +3 to +5

-f,f,N,2 block disadvantage buffed from -18 to -14

-Blue Spark Upper block frame buffed from neutral to +1

-the damage of all combination finishers out of Cobra Clutch have been buffed by five points

Feng appears unchanged apart from minor damage buffs; 30>33 damage shoulder, 17>22 damage 1+4 (the stagger low), 26>29 damage WS1-2. The damage is added to the 2, not the 1, so plain WS1 is unaffected.

Lili F3 is now -3 on block, I think it was like -6 before. Her UB1 is a facedown KND, no longer a CH launch. FF3 is an NH launcher, they fall over backwards like with Jin FF3. Her F4 is now a CH launcher, gives a Kazuya CH DF2 type stun. That one Lili main who made a post asking for this will be happy. Her DF1 range was complained about right? If I block a DF1 and backdash as Kazumi, the next one connects with my block. Unsure if new.

Quickly labbed Jin. Didn’t find noticeable changes so far, FF4 DB4 D4 2-1 FF3 B2-1 BF2 strings appear the same.

Leo QCF1 was -2 on hit before, right? -1 now.

Key Paul moves appear unchanged; B1-2 SS3 QCB2 QCB1 F1+2 DF2 etc.

Key Bryan moves appear unchanged. QCB3 DF2 DF1 D2 DB3 D4 3+4 F3 B1 etc.

Asuka DB4 now +3 on CH. Unsure if new. Otherwise seems about the same, looking at key moves

Kazuya B1-2 deals 33 damage now. Wasn’t it 29 before? Other key moves seem unchanged.

Key Josie moves appear unchanged. Hopefully she got something!

Here are some of the known changes via the community:

  • Dragunov got his d2 back
  • Heihachi ws1 is now 13 frames.

Once the patch notes are out, we’ll be sure to update the post.

In other Tekken 7 news, Bandai Namco has announced the Tekken Online Challenge 2021, where players can enter tournaments from home and win some dough!

Update: Post has been updated with the English fighter changes. We’ll update the post if the text version surfaces.

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