The Long Dark Update 1.99 Patch for Dec. 15 Released to Fix Potential Episode 4 Blockers

The Long Dark Update 2.19

Hinterland Games has released The Long Dark update 1.99 patch for December 15., which is centered around resolving some issues with Episode 4. Check out the complete patch notes below.

The Long Dark Update 1.99 Patch Notes:

Hello Community,

We’ve just hotfixed The Long Dark to version 1.99 (87977). This hotfix primarily addresses a potential blocker in Episode Four. Please find the full list below. (NOTE: list may contain spoilers for WINTERMUTE.) 

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** Please note that this section contains spoilers for WINTERMUTE. ** 

  • [Ep 4 – “The Detonators”] Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck on a black screen after returning to Blackrock Penitentiary with the Explosives.
  • [Ep 4 – “The Detonators”] Fixed an issue where an unintended steam effect could occur after closing the third valve in the Mines. 


  • [UI] Updated the Main menu to the latest version for PERILOUS CONSTRAINT. 
  • Please note that the 1.99 update is not yet available for Switch, but we will provide an update as soon as one is available.

Source: Hinterland Forums

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