Bloodborne – Becoming The Most Trustful Troll In The Game

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Step One: Strip naked, they always trust a naked unarmed man wandering the nightmarish abyss.

Please note, This does contain a spoiler, even though it is missable in the main story.

If you recalled last year, we released a video showing off how to troll in Dark Souls 2, and although Bloodborne does have an item that transforms you into a message (these are notes left by other players), there’s a far more memorable way of trolling, one that certainly pays tribute to Demon Souls.

All you have to do is follow the video guide in the featured slider above. It’ll walk you step-by-step on becoming the most trustful troll in video game history. Now, the pre-requirements is that you need the bell to invade players and the Nightmare Frontier area unlocked, otherwise have fun performing this next time.

For those who have unlocked the area, but don’t know how to find patches, I’ve also uploaded a short video walkthrough of Nightmare Frontier leading up to him.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one. I know I certainly did.