Diablo 3 – Closer Look At Two Of The New Areas Included In Upcoming 2.6 Patch

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Don’t have access to the PTR of Diablo 3’s upcoming 2.6 patch that adds the second post-launch playable class, new areas and more? If so, today is your lucky day if you wanted a little taste at what the patch has to offer.

As those within the Diablo 3 community that were lucky enough to have access to the limited PTR are giving everyone a closer look at what the 2.6 patch has to offer when it launches later this year. Such as giving a detailed look at both The Shrouded Moors and The Temple Of The Firstborn, two areas that will be included when the Rise Of The Necromancer DLC launches.

Which from the looks of the video provided by Rhykker, it seems that the DLC is continuing the darker themed art found present in Act V. You can check out the video above that also includes some gameplay of the upcoming character class, the Necromancer.

Alongside a video taking a closer look at some of the content featured in the 2.6 patch, Blizzard has posted the skill overview for the Necromancer class that you can view here.

Those thinking about purchasing the Rise Of The Necromancer DLC should note that you would need to own both Diablo 3 and Reaper Of Souls on the PC/MAC, while the console players on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will have to own Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition in order to purchase it.