EA Crafts Interactive Tour Of All 4 Star Wars Battlefront Planets

Visually, Star Wars Battlefront is shaping up to be a truly breathtaking game. From the lush forests of Endor to the rocky landscapes of Sullust, DICE’s upcoming shooter appears to have some of the most detailed environments we’ve seen in a video game yet.

In Battlefront, Rebels and Troopers will battle in multiple settings across four different iconic Star Wars planets. You can now explore these locations via an expertly presented planet viewing tool that EA has recently put together on the game’s official website, similar to the one Bungie crafted for Destiny back in 2014. Check out the short teaser above to wet your appetite, then head on over to this link to get the tour started. Make certain your speakers are turned up in order to really enjoy all the laser blasts and big explosions!

Also, be sure to drop by the comment section below to tell us what location you’re most excited to see fully-realized in the game.

Star Wars: Battlefront launches November 17.

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