New Star Wars Battlefront DLC Trailer Teases Epic Fight From The Battle of Jakku

On December 1, Star Wars fans who pre-ordered Star Wars Battlefront will be the first to set foot in the Battle of Jakku, the setting of the game’s first downloadable multiplayer expansion, launching free for everyone.

The DLC sets up some of the events that take place in Disney’s upcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, and depicts the crash of a massive Star Destroyer on the surface of a remote desert planet following the conclusion of the Battle of Endor. If you didn’t pre-order, it’s okay. You’ll get it one week later, on December 8, also for free.

Up to now, we’ve seen the concept art, but today, EA and DICE are giving fans a small glimpse of the upcoming expansion via a short but bone-chilling gameplay cinematic. You can watch it above.

It seems EA is a roll when it comes to amazing game ads. Check out the kick-ass Star Wars Battlefront launch trailer that debuted last week.

Star Wars Battlefront launches November 17.

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