World War Z PvP Mode Is Different Since It Has Players vs Players vs Zombies, Watch It in Action

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It’s common knowledge now that World War Z, the game based on the movie based on the book, has zombies — and lots of then! But did you know it has a player vs player (PvP) mode that’s quite different? The World War Z PvP mode features players vs players vs zombies!

Check out the gameplay trailer below to see how this team-based PvP might work with zombies.

What separates PvPvE in World War Z from other multiplayer games is the zombie swarm, which storms the arena throughout the match, forcing players to battle both each other and the undead and allowing the tide of the fight to turn in an instant.

There’s going to be five unique modes that will feature this class-based PvP mode. If you’re interested to try it out before it launches, go check out how to sign up for the beta here.

World War Z is scheduled to hit sometime this 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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