Halo 4 DLC Release Dates Spotted on German Xbox 360 Dashboard

In the coming months, 343 Industries is set to release three different map packs for Halo 4: the Crimson Map Pack, the Majestic Map Pack and the Castle Map Pack.

All three packs are included in the Halo 4 War Games Season Pass, which you can purchase here for the one-time payment of 2000 Microsoft Points. Though 343 Industries has yet to officially announce any specific release dates, we’ve got our own idea thanks to HaloCouncil forum user xJumPeR_JumPzZ.

According to an ad spotted on the German Xbox 360 Dashboard, you can expect the following dates for each map pack:

  • Crimson Map Pack: December 10
  • Majestic Map Pack: February 25
  • Castle Map Pack: April 1

As it stands. We are still awaiting an official announcement from 343 Industries, so stay tuned!

You can learn more about each map pack here, or check out some of the previously released artwork of each map included in the three pieces of DLC.

Have you already purchased your season pass?

Thanks, HaloCouncil.

  • Jake

    They should add armor in the packs that’d be cool

  • sgt_mofo

    Still waiting for an MS Points deal somewhere before I buy the pass. Hopefully something shows up between now and Dec. 10th

  • Nightwing2097

    now i know im in the minority with this one, BUT hear me out, Halo 4, there’ll be 3 map packs with 3 maps each in them, we already know roughly what each maps going to look like and the names of the map packs, which says to me, some of these maps are already completed, and the 1st maps were potentially completed prior to the games release, possibly even before it went gold. so why aren’t they in there?

    it annoys me when companies make DLC before the games released and then release it so close after the games come out. theres maps i haven’t played on the vanilla game yet because Ragnarok, Longbow, Exile etc are all weighted insanely high.

    With COD (i’m not comparing games just DLC models before you jump on the you can’t compare halo with COD bandwagon) they’ve released the game. DLC isn’t even thought of yet, theres the season pass like there is in Halo, but no-one knows whats coming in the map packs, not even a rumor of the maps, just the knowledge that as its treyarch there’ll be at least 1 zombie map per DLC as was in BO1.

    just a small annoyance, won’t stop me buying the DLC though, hell i’ve got the season pass.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000745386335 Michael Oakley

      i agree with u and alot of DLC are maps that never made the cut for the release

      • http://www.facebook.com/ElFernyChingon Fernando Ballesteros

        Yeah, I agree…should have thrown some AE maps with the release of the game.
        Dnt call games vanilla, lmfao. This isn’t like SF4. There wont be a newer version thats totally different
        I reeeeaaaalllly just hope that they patch how some armors show white and the specialization have a solid color. Its a pain to be able to customize a visor then lose that ability.

    • farmer

      Trust me even cod knows what they are planning to do once the games ship. Its not unheard of when game goes into bug testing and certification that dlc is created since the artists and programmers are done with the main game

      • nightwing2097

        i know that, they’ll be planned ahead, but not made. 343i have all the maps concept art and more than likely at least 1 of the maps from the second map pack in testing. the games been out for 3 weeks now, so the maps were made long before the game released. i know the Cod map pack 1 maps will be nearly completed, but it just seems like they have these maps, and are holding them ransom for you to get after dropping £40/$60 on the game in the first place.

  • checkmy52

    Who cares…the world ends two days after.

    • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.medric Timothy David Medric

      it’s 12/21/12 moron

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002367454310 Jonathan Stoffregen

        really? i always thought it was 12/12/12 XD

        • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.huggins.7 Thomas Huggins

          Actually the end of the world was back on 01/01/2000.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002367454310 Jonathan Stoffregen

            really i though it was ten years after 20XX 😀

          • Dirtknap

            That was just when the world’s zippers were supposed to stop working.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Yeah. When that day comes im going to go outside in the morning naked to get my newspaper while asking my horny neighbors “hows their day going?” Lol

        • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.medric Timothy David Medric

          Just imagine how many jobs and apartments will open up from all the people offing themselves lol.

  • JoseB88

    What day of the week do game related DLCs come out on xbox?? Cuz I just checked the days for the packs and they all land on a Monday.

    • http://mp1st.com/ David Veselka

      Usually, the Xbox LIVE Marketplace is updated on Tuesdays, but 343 Industries has been patching Halo 4, updating the playlists and adding Spartan Ops episodes every Monday, so it might make sense that they’d release DLC on Mondays.

      • JoseB88

        Makes sense to me then lol

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  • Metoo

    new patch on ps3 out tomorrow 27 november…imput lag fixed..olèèè

    • http://www.facebook.com/ThaFallen5oulja Alex Melendez

      sorry wrong article dude, u must be looking for the bf3 one

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