Halo 4 DLC Release Dates Spotted on German Xbox 360 Dashboard

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In the coming months, 343 Industries is set to release three different map packs for Halo 4: the Crimson Map Pack, the Majestic Map Pack and the Castle Map Pack.

All three packs are included in the Halo 4 War Games Season Pass, which you can purchase here for the one-time payment of 2000 Microsoft Points. Though 343 Industries has yet to officially announce any specific release dates, we’ve got our own idea thanks to HaloCouncil forum user xJumPeR_JumPzZ.

According to an ad spotted on the German Xbox 360 Dashboard, you can expect the following dates for each map pack:

  • Crimson Map Pack: December 10
  • Majestic Map Pack: February 25
  • Castle Map Pack: April 1

As it stands. We are still awaiting an official announcement from 343 Industries, so stay tuned!

You can learn more about each map pack here, or check out some of the previously released artwork of each map included in the three pieces of DLC.

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Thanks, HaloCouncil.