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Halo 4 – Title Update 3 To Allow Quicker Weapon Adjustments Via Backend Tuning, Patch Notes News 4

News 4 Halo 4 players across the world can expect a new title update to go live sometime in the next few weeks. Currently, this title update is in the finalization stages and the folks over at 343 Industries were kind enough to share all of the changes we can expect to see when it does go […]

Halo 4 – Majestic Map Pack DLC and Title Update 2 Review Reviews 17

Reviews 17 Nearly 3 months after its release, 343i has released the second wave of DLC for Halo 4, the Majestic Map Pack. The main focus of the Majestic Map Pack is arena style gameplay on condensed maps which is a stark contrast from the big team focused Crimson Map Pack. Along with the arrival of new DLC, […]

Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack Achievements Revealed News 6

News 6 With Halo 4‘s upcoming Majestic Map pack just within our grasps, the folks over at 343 industries  have recently revealed what ten achievements you achievement hunters can look forward to once the DLC arrives for the Xbox 360 on February 25th. Check ouf the full achievement list below and don’t forget to learn all about […]

Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack Is All About Infantry Battles, “Making Of” Video and First Screens News 7

News 7 Next Tuesday, February 25th, 343 Industries will be bringing an assortment of small-to-medium sized maps to Halo 4 in the form of the Majestic Map Pack. This one is all about “what the fans have been asking for,” writes 343i – maps that “shine in small team play and Free For All.” Along with the […]

Halo 4 – The Next Few Weeks: DLC Details, More Spartan Ops, Matchmaking Updates and More News 5

News 5 Have you been craving the second half of Halo 4’s first season of Spartan Ops? What about patiently waiting for a few matchmaking updates and news on Halo 4’s next DLC? If so, we got you covered with details on what’s to come in the following weeks in the world of Halo 4. According to […]

Halo 4 DLC Release Dates Spotted on German Xbox 360 Dashboard News 35

News 35 In the coming months, 343 Industries is set to release three different map packs for Halo 4: the Crimson Map Pack, the Majestic Map Pack and the Castle Map Pack. All three packs are included in the Halo 4 War Games Season Pass, which you can purchase here for the one-time payment of 2000 Microsoft […]