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Know Your YouTuber Series: Drift0r News 0

News 0 We’re kicking off a brand new recurring feature here on MP1st, and it’s called “Knowing Your YouTubers” where we put the spotlight on today’s biggest and brightest YouTubers that focus on multiplayer games. Kicking things off is “Drift0r” who covers Call of Duty games, and usually does a good in-depth video regarding the weapons, and […]

5 Best PS4 5.50 Update Features News 2

News 2 This is Mack, for Pixel Enemy, here to talk about the improvements coming with the PS4 5.50 system software update. Following some leaked screenshots, which teased a few cool new features, Sony has now revealed everything. So, as we wait for the 5.50 update to roll out to PS4 systems worldwide, let’s pass the […]

Here Are Five Must-Know Tips for SOS, the New Survival Game News 1

News 1 I’ve been playing a lot of SOS. It’s super addicting, and every round is a surprise. Following a weekend of play, I’ve put together a video detailing five must-know tips, which will help you survive the island and get the win. Click “Play” to give it a watch! For a quick rundown of what the game […]

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review – Audio Hack Reviews 0

Reviews 0 While gamers can play multiplayer games with their TV speakers, more and more players are opting to buy and use proper headsets — and with good reason. Not only do headsets give off better sound quality than your standard TV speakers, they can immerse you in the action better as well. And if that’s not […]

Monster Hunter World Review – Beast Mode Reviews 3

Reviews 3 While the Monster Hunter franchise has been alive and kicking for the better part of a decade now, it’s mostly been seen as a “Japanese” gaming franchise. Sure, past iterations made its way to the PlayStation Portable and the Wii, but for the most part, it went under the radar of core Western games…at least […]

SOS Battle Royale Gameplay Proves a Lone Wolf Can Be Deadly News 0

News 0 SOS is a game that encourages teamwork and communication. Forming an alliance is often the best way to find loot and ultimately win. However, a lone wolf can be just as effective, as proven in the video above. Click “Play” to give it a watch! For a quick rundown of what the game is about, check […]

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S Review (2018 Edition) Reviews 0

Reviews 0 Today we’re taking a look at the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S. This is not really a new product, as it’s been out for nearly two years now, but it is still the latest portable PC and console game capture device from Elgato Gaming, a company that I’ve trusted with my gameplay captures for over […]

5 Must-Play Titles Which Could Be Game of the Year 2018 News 4

News 4 Now seems like a great time to celebrate a brand new year, by taking a look at 2018’s video game releases. Today, I’ll be doing my best to predict which of this year’s biggest games are likely to become Game of the Year winners. Hype levels within the community, gameplay segments and trailers that […]

Wayback: A Toast to Burnout Paradise’s 10th Anniversary News 0

News 0 Pixel Enemy content producer Tesseract Unfolded is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Burnout Paradise with a look back at the game. January 22, 2008 is when the title first launched, and it’s aged pretty well. Give the “play” button a click and have a watch! “Wayback is live! This month, going back to 2008 to cover my favorite […]

5 Games That Will Most Likely Be Delayed This 2018 News 6

News 6 With 2018 now in full swing, that means yet another year of new blockbuster games soon to delight, shock, and even disappoint us. While there’s already a good list of games scheduled to be released this year, we think there’s a few games confirmed for 2018 that won’t make it out this year at all. […]

PlusDive January 2018 – A Review of This Month’s PS Plus Titles News 0

News 0 Pixel Enemy content producer Tesseract Unfolded takes a deep dive into this month’s PlayStation Plus titles. This includes gameplay of all games, as well as an explanation of what makes each title special. Give the “play” button a click and have a watch! A good haul to kick off the new year! If you haven’t […]

MP1st Staff: What We’re Most Looking Forward to in Video Games 2018 News 2

News 2 Well, here we are, people. In just a day (or two depending on where you are), we’ll be capping off 2017, and will be welcoming 2018! This means a slew of new games, gaming controversies, issues, surprises and more. Before we say good bye to 2017, we here at MP1st have one more feature to […]

Celebrate Smite’s Latest Patch With This Epic Skin Giveaway News 0

News 0 Like punching people senseless as either Cabraken or Mercury? Maybe you like searing people with fire as Aries? If the answer is yes to any of that, then our latest giveaway will surely make your holiday season. Thanks to Hi-Rez Studios, we’re giving away skins for Aries, Cabraken, Mercury and Nu-Wa to celebrate the latest […]

Report: DICE Sweden Battlefield 2018 Title Will Be in WW2 Setting, DICE LA Working on Bad Company 3 News 17

News 17 In case you haven’t been keeping tabs on the recent Battlefield news and developments, a fairly reliable leaker by the name of AlmightyDaq revealed that DICE is working on Battlefield: Bad Company 3. However, prominent Battlefield YouTuber LevelCap has refuted that and said his “sources inside” said it’s incorrect. Well, AlmightyDaq has made another info […]

Rumor: Battlefield 2018 to Be Battlefield: Bad Company 3 News 52

News 52 While Battlefield 1 just had its latest expansion, Turning Tides, released today, franchise fans (like me) are already looking forward to what Battlefield 2018 will be. Well, if this recent video is anything to go by, it’ll be none other than Battlefield: Bad Company 3! This info is courtesy of AlmightyDaq, who also leaked a […]

PlusDive December 2017 – A Review of This Month’s PS Plus Titles News 3

News 3 Pixel Enemy content producer Tesseract Unfolded takes a deep dive into this month’s PlayStation Plus titles. This includes gameplay of all games, as well as an explanation of what makes each title special. Give the “play” button a click and have a watch! It’s like Christmas in December! If you haven’t yet downloaded December’s selection […]

Here’s All of The Game Awards 2017 Winners, Including Game of the Year News 1

News 1 The Game Awards 2017 has come to a close, with all winners announced. Some winners came and went with a blur, so use the handy list below to see who came out victorious. Game of the Year The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – developed by Nintendo Horizon Zero Dawn – developed by […]

Kontrol Freek Thumb Grips Giveaway! News 7

News 7 Remember when we posted how Kontrol Freek has partnered with Activision for an exclusive Calling Card for Call of Duty: WWII? If you want to snag one, now’s your chance! Thanks to the fine folks over at Kontrol Freek, we now have two (2) thumb grips of to giveaway! It’s for either the PlayStation 4 […]

Call of Duty: WWII – 20 Win Streak in The 1v1 Pit News 1

News 1 This time on Pixel Enemy, I’m celebrating the return of populated Headquarters lobbies with a visit to The Pit! This is Call of Duty: WWII‘s 1v1 area, where players face one another with an identical loadout. It’s super intense and very fun! Click “play” on the video above to give it a watch, and be sure […]

Why You Should Be Playing 2016’s Shooters in 2017 News 3

News 3 (Note: All opinions expressed in this article is that of the author’s and do not represent the opinion of the entire site or the entirety of its staff) By now, multiplayer shooter fans are used to buying new games every year for their multiplayer fix. While that might be the norm right now, that doesn’t […]

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