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Between Aptitude and Luck News 0

News 0 Poker isn’t the greatest sport to follow. I understood that after my visit to the land-based casino in Vegas. I spent two or three days with a companion and figured it is amusing to look at a high stakes opportunity. It wasn’t. It was far from that– you see bunches of individuals demand wearing shades […]

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Review & In-Depth Impressions – MP1st Staff Offers Their Brutal Feedback Reviews 1

Reviews 1 While we already ran our full Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review, the actual multiplayer is, as most gamers know, the meat & potatoes of the game. While that review covers the overall game we decided to focus solely on the multiplayer for this one, as that is our focus here at MP1st, and is […]

Music Videogames: Top Games to Feel Like a Musician News 0

News 0 The main task of any game is to teach a person something new in an easy entertaining way. Video games put entertainment at the forefront, so we can rarely learn something new there. As a result, only those music video games stand out, whose concept requires an understanding of music and involves learning new skills.  […]

Microsoft’s Xbox Financial Decline Points to Changing Console Era News 0

News 0 Earlier this week, Microsoft announced its fiscal first-quarter 2020 financial results. While the company enjoyed another bumper period where analyst predictions were smashed, there was some bad news. Specifically, Microsoft’s gaming division led by the Xbox One console saw a significant slump that points to the end of an era.  Microsoft announced its gaming revenue […]

Steam Remote Play Raises Questions of Local Multiplayer’s Future News 0

News 0 An announcement by a Steam product designer has been making waves recently as it announced a new twist on split-screen multiplayer. Going by the name of Steam: Remote Play Together, this new system will allow users to play local-coop games at a distance via an active internet connection. Today our team announced another great new […]

GTA 6 Is Now Officially on the Horizon News 1

News 1 As soon as Sony confirmed that a new PlayStation would be launched in 2020, it always seemed likely that it would only be a matter of time until we heard some solid information about the next version of ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ Gone are the days when multiple versions of Rockstar Games’ most famous intellectual property […]

The Back to Back TI Winners News 0

News 0 One of the most hyped and anticipated esports tournaments is The International, also known as the TI. It is a competition that is held for the highly popular Dota 2 game, and the reigning champions are the esports group known as “OG.” They are back to back winners, and in this article, we will explore […]

The Gaming Industry Is Topping Hollywood’s Revenue News 0

News 0 Video games have not been children’s games for years and this has been proven by high values ​​that are driven every year by the market. According to a survey by digital product investment bank Digi-Capital, the gaming industry is expected to generate more than $ 100 billion by 2019, something that was unimaginable some time […]

How to Earn Revenue on CS: GO? News 0

News 0 Do you like to play CS: GO? There is an opportunity to earn on your favorite game. You don’t have to become professionals and participate in international tournaments, devote all your time to training and active games. Better to bet cs go or play CS: GO in casino-like roulette and earn big money.  As in […]

Evolution of Counter-Strike (from Half-Life Mod to Global Offensive) News 0

News 0 The world of gaming is vast, with many dimensions of various titles. Some of them are small and disappear quickly. Some are big and still they slowly move away to shadows of forgotten. And some games are so huge that it seems like everyone in the gaming community knows them – they remain for many […]

The Renaissance of Ninjas Within the Video Gaming Sphere News 0

News 0 When it comes to the world of fantasy and popular media, the ninja is a true enigma. Often humble and unknown, ninjas hide in the shadows and stealthily take down anyone who gets in their way. The allure and mystery surrounding such ancient warriors has meant that they have featured heavily in pop culture over […]

Upcoming iGaming Trends: What Future Has In Store for Online Players? News 1

News 1 As any industry connected to a technological progress, iGaming is always changing and evolving. Online casinos are popping up left and right, while suppliers are conquering new markets every day. Speaking of markets… …more and more countries are changing regulations in order to open the door for regulated internet gambling. The habits of players are […]

Should Battlefield Be Worried With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s 32v32 Ground War? News 2

News 2 In case you didn’t know, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta featured the franchise’s first take on large-scale, all-out warfare with its new 32v32 Ground War game mode. Not only that, it even featured vehicles as well, though we only got to see a tank and ATV available. Now, it’s hard to see play […]

India Is Fast Becoming the Latest Nation to Capitalize on the Online Gaming Craze News 0

News 0 Almost anywhere in the world today you’ll see signs of the spread and growth of competitive online PC and console gaming. The central Asian nation of India has been slightly slower than some of it’s more progressive counterparts to get involved in the craze but is now starting to see the light – or should […]

How a Good Headset Is Important to Gaming News 0

News 0 If you are a hardcore PC gamer, then you know the value of a quality headset when it comes to gaming. Most people only appreciate the essence of a quality headset the moment they lay their hands on quality equipment that creates a unique feeling when on a PC game.  Ideally, the purpose of a […]

20 Interesting Facts About Video Games News 1

News 1 Video games are an excellent way of spending time with friends and family. The beauty of video games is that it knows no age. As a parent, you can use video games to bond with your kids. Whether you’re a hardcore or casual video gamer, it’s always good to discover exciting facts about video games. […]

The Difference Between Multiplayer and Single-Player Games News 1

News 1 The gaming industry has had exponential growth over the past ten years. Long gone is the image of kids in their bedroom playing Super Mario Bros and Street Fighter. Video games have gone mainstream, and everyone from athletes to tech gurus are playing them — on consoles, computers or, now more than ever, from mobile […]

Three Things You Need to Know About Video Games News 0

News 0 There’s no gain disputing the fact that the issue of video games has generated heat of arguments over the years as to its probable cause in the life of its fanatics. In fact, many online essay writing hubs like papercheap have written many white papers on the effects of video games in the life of it […]

The World’s Best Online Casual 2-Player Games News 0

News 0 Ready, Steady, Fight! Thumb Fighter is Here! Thumb Fighter by AVIX is an action-packed 2-player game. Here’s a Street Fighter-style attraction with amazing animation and terrific multi-player functionality. With a 4.3/5 rating from well over 100,000 fans, this game blows away the competition. It is free to download and install at the Google Play Store, […]

Mobile Gaming Continues to Grow News 0

News 0 If you are one of those gamers who was born before the 1990s and caught the first area of competitive video gaming, i.e. esports, then mobile gaming doesn’t really sound like something worth dwelling on. Even today, the West just doesn’t seem ready for mobile gaming – at least not what the fans of Diablo, […]

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