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The Evolution of Game Technology and Its Impact on the Market News 0

News 0 With technological innovation growing, various industries have emerged to become an integral part of our reality. As is the case with the film, TV, radio, games, entertainment, communication, and many other industries. Since their inception, these industries have undergone many modifications and are constantly changing and developing. One of the fastest growing and most developed […]

Overwatch Grand Final 2019 Preview News 0

News 0 After yet another thrilling season, the Grand Finals of the Overwatch League are once again fast approaching. The 29th September will see the Vancouver Titans take on the league’s surprise package team San Francisco Shock at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, in what promises to be an absorbing final. Despite their 4-0 clean sweep […]

Master the CS GO Maps News 0

News 0 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter. If a player wants to perform well, he/she has to know the maps. There are eight main CS:GO maps which are regularly played and most of which reside in Active Duty pool. The best professional teams across the world play the Active Duty pool in international competitions. If you […]

The Most Anticipated MMORPG Games of 2020 News 0

News 0 Sponsored post by RPGStash Do you know what gamers love more than anything else? There are 2 possible answers: to play and to argue which projects of the upcoming year are the most interesting. Well, let’s try to facilitate the second task basing on the current ratings of the games. While Steam’s early access feature […]

Best Single-Player Games on Steam News 1

News 1 Sponsored post by Gamerall The gaming platform offers over 23,000 titles, which makes it your ultimate destination for the most fascinating digital battles. In addition to the wide choice, the installation on multiple devices and automatic updates are also available. Overall, Steam is pure gaming heaven.  There is one drawback, however — the abundance of […]

New or Used Car Purchase: What to Consider? News 1

News 1 Sponsored post by FAX VIN Buying a car is an important step for every person. Whether it is a first car which is purchased on the market of used vehicles or a brand-new automobile bought from an official distributor, there are plenty of aspects to be considered. When you are buying a car, its characteristics […]

PES 2020 Draws Closer: Could This Be The Year It Topples FIFA? News 0

News 0 The coming of a new season of football is an exciting time for sports fans, but it’s just as exciting for video gamers. It means that there will be new versions of the two great football game franchises to play: FIFA, and Pro Evolution Soccer (which is getting a new name this year – more […]

Stop Shooting! Backgammon – a Different Take on Multiplayer Games News 0

News 0 Sponsored Post First-person shooters are by far the most commonly played multiplayer game online. They’re adventurous, entertaining, but the problem is, these types of games have been popular for so long, we’ve already seen it all and done it all. Perhaps it’s time to take a break.  If you’re tired of FPS games and are […]

Mobile Gaming and Secure Payments News 0

News 0 When playing at an online casino, it is important that you can safely deposit to your casino account through an encrypted line. This security makes available to you all the major online casinos with a license. But you get a lot more options for deposits aand therefore choose which form of payment you prefer. No […]

New Trends in Video Games, the Basic Pillars of the Entertainment Industry News 0

News 0 After the recent years new fields and business models have emerged in strong expansion such as games for smartphones, tablets or games on social networks, Smarts TV, now video games are the world’s largest entertainment industry, developing into cinema or music, which makes people think that this sector can continue to consolidate its position in […]

Games in Social Media: New Trend In iGaming Sphere News 0

News 0 Sponsored post by Casino Hex Online gambling becomes a leading means of entertainment. It seems to be refreshment from a boring life and usual things. Online gaming appears in various shapes and forms and attracts new users on a regular basis. With the advancement of technology, online gambling gained additional space in the market. Social […]

Responsible Gambling and Self Exclusion: How to Play Responsibly News 0

News 0 Casino players differ in how gamblers should play responsibly. You probably have some ideas of how to best play with accountability. But what’s the right way to do it?  Plan your day to avoid boredom If you gamble to kill boredom, but it’s becoming a problem, find new hobbies. Start by creating a schedule to […]

Security Is Key When Betting on Competitive Video Games News 0

News 0 With any product or service, customer satisfaction and safe usage is always at the centre of a business operation, which makes online gambling no different. With the eSports betting market expecting to reach $13B dollars by 2020, the security of users, sites and money transferring is a serious topic.  User Safety Betting is already a […]

Dota 2: If Your Team Sucks, You Suck Too News 0

News 0 If you’re into Esports you probably know what Dota 2 is, but for the faint chance you came here without knowing, let’s introduce the game to you. Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), a real-time strategy game in which you control a character and battle other players in teams. Usually what you […]

How Online Gaming Can Improve Relationships News 0

News 0 Video games have often been seen as a solitary activity, creating anti-social and even aggressive behaviour. With the swift advancement of social technologies, today’s researchers are increasingly interested in the role of these games and the social spaces they inhabit. These are new online environments where people can meet new friends and engage with old […]

5 Top Multiplayer Indie Games News 0

News 0 When it comes to indie games, release dates and realistic visuals are not the paramount aspects. The creativity of developers is much more important. Indie multiplayer projects may face a row of issues and provide a strong vanilla feeling, but that makes them even more valuable. 5. Enter The Gungeon This bullet hell roguelike shooter […]

The Ultimate Experience and How to Achieve It at Its Greatest: All You Need to Know About FIFA and FIFA Coins News 0

News 0 Sponsored by BuyFIFACoins Are you passionate about football? When being a child you’ve always dreamt of kicking like Ronaldo or passing like Messi? What about playing on a high ranked stadium like Santiago Bernabeu or Old Trafford? No matter the age, Electronic Arts (EA) has offered the perfect solution by releasing the FIFA series (a […]

How to Play Free Multiplayer Social Games on the Web? News 0

News 0 Sponsored Post Games such as poker or bingo have a really long tradition and have been a part of our society long before the Internet was invented. Poker has been a favorite card game of millions of players worldwide, as it was a great reason for friends to get together and have fun. In fact, […]

How CS:GO Is Striving to Stay Relevant in 2019 and Beyond News 0

News 0 Over the years, many games have fought for the title of king of the eSports first-person shooters. Despite fierce competition from games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues to carry the torch for the FPS genre despite being released all the way back in August 2012. Much like dogs age seven […]

Today’s Generation of Gamers Are Betting on eSports News 0

News 0 Everyone loves to play eSports. They’re a multi-billion dollar industry and some gambling sites have been taking notice. Many of the most active sportsbooks and online casinos have started accepting bets on eSports events. This new trend in eSports betting is here to stay as today’s younger generation of gamers have become accustomed to the […]

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