How Student Gamers Manage Time for Work and Play

As a college student, you want to succeed in your studies and also have fun with friends while pursuing your hobbies. As a gamer, time management is very important as gaming can be addictive robbing you of time to do other things.

For many students who love video games, time management may be a challenge for them hence they struggle to balance school life and gaming. Many gamers have managed to maintain proper balance and you can do the same. What is required is proper planning and discipline to follow through what you have planned. Here are a few tips to help you balance your work and play

Create and Write Down Your Schedule

This is one of the first things you need to do to manage your time well. Carefully consider your circumstances then create a schedule that will work well with you. Ensure your schedule is specific. Instead of planning to do an assignment in the afternoon, be specific by including the exact time you would like to start your assignments.

As you create the schedule, be realistic and avoid expecting too much from yourself. This may discourage you when you are not able to accomplish everything you set out to do. Be flexible and change your schedule in case of a change in circumstances.

Avoid Procrastination

Strictly following your schedule is important. Procrastination affects other things you are meant to do later on which creates unnecessary pressure when you try to complete many tasks in a short time. It may not be easy at first to strictly follow through the schedule but you will get used to it. Have a reminder on your phone to send you a notification when you need to get started on a certain task. 

You can also download a mobile application that helps you track your progress throughout the week or month and also give you the motivation you need to accomplish your goals. If an emergency arises and you are not able to do some of your tasks, you can always ask for help.

Ask for Help

There comes a time during the academic year when the workload increases and you still have to read, do exams and hand in your assignments on time. During such times, you may have little to no time to spend gaming or any other activity. Asking for help from others may reduce the pressure and help you do things on time.

Joining a study group may help you understand things better and do your assignments faster as you share ideas in the group. If you are unable to complete your assignments on time and you keep asking who will do my uni assignment for me?, better turn to professional writers who are willing to help you with your uni assignments. By doing this, student gamers get more time to relax or take care of other important matters.

Make Use of College Resources

This is one-way students manage to balance gaming and work. The resources available to you in school is dependent on the activities you take part in. Some schools have tutors to help you out in subjects you are weak at. E-learning is also accessible for most institutions hence you do not need to go to the school library to access information that you require. This saves you a lot of time that could be used in doing other things.


Scheduling time to relax is important so that you do not get burn out from your busy schedule. It is easy to overlook relaxation time in order to complete tasks that are behind schedule. However, this may lower your academic performance in the long run as your ability to focus will decrease. To avoid this, set aside a specific time for relaxation each day and follow through with it.


It is advisable to get adequate sleep each night, approximately 7 or 8 hours. You benefit both physically and mentally including better memory, a better immune system and you are more productive after getting enough sleep.


Striking a balance between work and play is possible as long as you have it all planned out. Have a written schedule for all the tasks you need to accomplish and avoid letting unnecessary things from interrupting your schedule. 

When you are overwhelmed by the tasks you need to accomplish, you can ask for help through professional writers online who will do your assignments on time and according to university standards. Finally, getting enough rest and sleep should also be a priority each day.


Sandra Larson is a life coach and mentor. She loves to help out students live a satisfying life by helping them develop habits that are beneficial in school and also their personal life. She is also a blogger and professional writer who shares practical tips through various online platforms.

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