How Have Multiplayer Games Been Revolutionised in 2019?

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Throughout 2019, the multiplayer games market has undergone numerous developments that have revolutionised how users enjoy online titles. From the advancements of remote possibilities to cross-platform title adaptations, the industry has placed emphasis on ensuring that multiplayer gaming remains an appealing option to gamers on a global scale.

As a result, we’re going to look at the most prominent ways in which multiplayer experiences have changed during the current year.

Console Quality Focus and Expansion

Along with traditional console gaming being a large section of the industry which has gone through widescale changes, the iGaming market has also been subject to revolutionary alterations in recent times. Due to the vast array of choice that is now available within the digital casino market, many service providers have sought to extend their selection of titles over the last 12 months.

Casino gameplay innovations

Newly-formed website, PlayOJO, one of the best new UK online casinos according to this site, has revolutionised title development by working with an unprecedented total of 26 software developers. But it has done more than going the extra mile to create an immersive multiplayer games library. Popular film and novel slot adaptations of world-renowned releases, such as Anchorman and Moby Dick, highlight the forward-thinking nature of casino-related graphics, with the industry continuing to strive for console-quality visuals.

Mobile Adaptations

In addition to the alterations within the iGaming industry, mobile platforms have been at the forefront of the multiplayer revolution in 2019. Following the successes of both Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on smartphones and tablets back in 2018, Call of Duty Mobile was released on both Android and iOS devices in October of this year.

Along with traditional online modes like Domination and Search and Destroy providing a standard multiplayer experience, the ever-popular Battle Royale feature have also been developed. The iconic first-person shooter’s availability on non-traditional console devices, along with the overall convenience of mobiles, is one of the many reasons why phones are now the preferred gaming device among online gamers.

Game Sharing and Streaming

Within 2019, developments including the Google Stadia, Microsoft’s Project xCloud and PlayStation Now have all sought to alter the entire outlook of modern-day gaming. Although cloud-streaming services remain principally unproven, Steam has long offered gamers remote opportunities through their platform. With Steam Remote Play, users have been able to connect to their main PC and stream specification-heavy titles to their laptops, mobiles, TVs and much more.

However, the development and release of Steam Remote Play Together on November 20th looks set to change online gaming even further. Through this service, Steam users can play local multiplayer games with any of their online friends, even if they don’t have a specific game in their respective library. Furthermore, with the ability to limit access to certain features, user-sensitive information isn’t shared, unlike the desired audio, sound and video.

Significant Alterations

As highlighted, 2019 has been a pivotal year for multiplayer game improvements. From iGaming platforms utilising extensive software developers to mobile crossovers and streaming possibilities, every facet of the online sector has undergone potentially industry-changing advancements.