Guaranteed Outriders Legendary Chest Farming Guide for Late Game

Outriders Legendary Farming reward

Looking to up your late game in Outriders with some powerful legendary gear? We got you covered with this Outriders legendary chest farming guide that’s easy to sit through.

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Outriders Legendary Chest Farming Guide: The Forgotten Chapel

Location: Canyon of the Grand Obelisk

Mission: The Forgotten Chapel

Easy Legendary for 10 minutes of work (a lot less once you get use to it)

Things you will need first off:

So, now that we are prepared for the journey let us get to it! This loop here is to find three  pedestals that you activate, thus unlocking a door to a Legendary chest!  Make sure your World Tier is set to as high as you can handle and load into the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk.

Outriders Legendary Farming Ped Map

The map I have provided and annotated here has four locations marked.  The yellow stars represent 1 of 3 pedestals that will mark the door (shown as a red diamond) with an orange rune (lore masters may recognize these!).  This is the canyon entrance and a small area to explore, but dense with mobs/ads.  So as you make your way to each location you will need to clear out additional enemies. 

Step 1: Locate the First Pedestal

Outriders Legendary Farming ped1

From the starting point you will want to head out from camp and into the first main open area.  Here you will need to clear a large group of mutated beasts.  Once you do, cut immediately left from entering the area to find this pedestal.

Step 2: Locate the Second Pedestal

Outriders Legendary Farming ped2

This pedestal isnt too far from the first one.  No extra enemies to clear here, just make your way back to the open area from the first wave of enemies and proceed forward.  Take notice of a path to your right that will backtrack you up a hill into a room with the next pedestal.

Step 3: Locate the Third and Final Pedestal

Outriders Legendary Farming ped3

For this one, you can fast travel to the ‘Wrecked APC’ flag in the middle of the map.  Proceed forward to the Monolith Bridge and clear all the enemies.  Once finished, push forward and open the large door.  Make your way to the other side of the Monolith room and activate the third and final pedestal.

Step 4: Open The Rune Chapel Door and Claim the Chest!

Outriders Legendary Farming chapeldoorLightUp

Once you have activated the Monolith pedestal, backtrack your way to the Wrecked APC travel point and run up the hill until you see the door pictures.  Activate the pedestal here and proceed into the room for your Legendary chest!

Outriders Legendary Farming reward

And there you go! A guaranteed legendary drop! Unfortunately this mission isn’t as repeatable as other ones and will come back randomly, but it has been tested in 10 runs, with only three of those being unsuccessful.

Still not a bad way to get a legendary drop, and as mentioned before, you should be able to knock this out a lot quicker than 10 minutes.   

If you are interested in more Outrider guides, be sure to visit our official guide page here: Outriders Guides

Outriders is now available for purchase on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Stadia. 

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Beniamin Szwaczka
Beniamin Szwaczka
2 years ago

It’s not guarantee. I just did it on CT15 after I finished game and I got blue.

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