Battlefield 4 – Carrying Stats and Unlocks From Current- to Next-Gen Consoles “Is Being Discussed” at DICE

With the uncertainty of exact release dates for Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation of gaming consoles, many hardcore console gamers are forced to consider purchasing their favorite AAA blockbuster hits like Call of Duty or Battlefield twice this fall: once for either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, and then once again at a later date for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

For example, when Battlefield 4 first launches this October 29, it will only be available for the current-generation systems and PC. So, as a huge fan of the game, what do you do? Buy it on only one platform and skip the next-gen version, skip the current-gen version and wait for the next-gen release, or just buy both?

For some, the latter is an option, but for others, it’s out of the question. But for those who are planning on making the double purchase, will their stats, unlocks, ranking, and other things of the sort carry over from one console to the next?

I recently asked DICE General Manager and Vice President Karl-Magnus Troedsson this very question while I caught up with him at E3 2013.

Expecting a flat-out no, he told me that the studio actually “…just started having this discussion, so this is not settled yet. But we have heard that – I don’t know if this came from inside or outside of DICE – but that is being discussed.”

He added, however, that the decision might not be within their power to make. “It might not be entirely up to us,” he said. “We have to wait and see how first-parties see this.”

So, it looks like we’ll have to wait for a more clear answer down the road, perhaps once Microsoft and Sony are closer to the final versions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We want to ask you, are you going to be making the double purchase, or are you only going to be sticking to one version of the game? If so, which version? Let’e hear it in the comments below!

Learn more about Battlefield 4 multiplayer here, and be sure to stick around for our full interview with Karl-Magnus Troedsson.

  • mhal

    This launch “strategy” is going to be an unmitigated disaster.

  • tanile

    This is ridiculous. This should not be done because the people who buy the game day 1 on next gen consoles will already be at a loss.The people who have been playing on current gen will already have very high ranks and most of the unlocks. How would a person feel if they just spent $60 on a brand new, day 1 battlefield 4 next gen experience only to get shot by a level 45 Colonel in the first five seconds of playing online?!? If someone is that big of a battlefield fan to purchase the same game twice, then they should also be a big enough fan to start the ranking process over again. Otherwise, people who want to play the next gen version of the game will be punished, and the grace period in brand new first person shooters where no one knows the map yet and everybody is still getting the feel for the game will be nonexistent!

    • xHDx

      That`s the exact thought that came to mind. I dont think they should release it on current-gen as it causes to mush fuss to play on both consoles. I will be buying BF4 on Next-Gen only because i want a fresh Battlefield game. but now i see this, it looks like its not going to be a fresh start after all. Spinning up the game for the first time, I wont be playing with new players after all.
      Good and both bad as a new game.

      My solution: Create a seperate playlist for players who are new to the players who have carried over profiles, then after a few months (the same time since it was released on current-Gen consoles to the time for the game to release on next-gen consoles). This gives the player the same advantage of leveling up. Then after that period of time, combine both playlists to one, then everything should be fair.

      • MegaMan3k

        Your solution seems like a bad idea to me. The communities on next gen titles at launch are inherently going to be incredibly small because of the inevitable supply shortages of next gen platforms. Splitting that community right off the bat is devastating.

        • xHDx

          I see where your coming from. I didn`t think of that…

    • dieger

      stats would be bad but unlocks….could work grant it for only low level weapons and some attachments it would be a nice incentive

    • Mohammad Nassir

      who told you that the BF4 won’t release when PS4 release ?!! when you pre-order PS4 on amazon you can have an offer which allows you to buy PS4 and BF4 toghether !!

      • ShavedApe

        Dice already confirmed the release date for PC and current gen consoles as the 29 of OCT but next gen they themselves said to to be confirmed.

        • pot51e

          That’s because they don’t know the launch date of the console. When Sony/MS announce the day, EA will do likewise. A major benefit of this for next gen consolers however will be that effectively current gen will be “extended” testers…Dice will have another month (MS) or 2 months (Sony) to polish and improve…

          • ShavedApe

            I know why and personally don’t care either way. My statement was to Mohammad because he said who told you that BF4 wont release when PS4 does. The answer quite simply is DICE pretty much did.
            I wont be buying a next gen console for some time and I wont play FPS games on it when I do.

          • famoussasjohn

            They already have bundles for BF4 and the PS4 on Amazon to pre-order, so whenever the PS4 is released, BF4 will be released.

            • ShavedApe

              Thats a pretty large presumption. They can do a bundle for a game that is already released especially if its one of this years AAA titles. I think it likely we will see PS4 October / November time because they want to make the Xmas season.
              We already know BF4 will be the end of October.

            • famoussasjohn

              Not really, Sony already confirmed it will be a launch title at E3. Yes the current gen offerings are coming out in October, however next gen is launching in November.

      • Just saying

        you are right about the bundle amazon offers, but the release date is Dec. 31 so for current gen it’s going to be a massive advantage if they carried the stats over to next gen.

        • Zwabber046

          Nothing actually releases on Dec. 31 that’s just for sites, if they don’t know the release date.

          • ShavedApe

            Wont be dec 31st it has something to do with legal issues if you dont at least set a date. So they state dec 31st because they know they will release before that even if they dont have a confirmed date.

        • swipe_06

          Who In the right mind would release a game on new years eve?

        • famoussasjohn

          That’s a placeholder, it’ll come out sooner than that.

      • Joe Neupert

        BF4 Ps3 release Oct 29th. Nobody knows when the ps4 is coming out though it could be a later date. I hope that helps.

    • shawn

      if you play cod that wont be a problem iw and activision have already said the lobbies are servers are different between the 360 version and xbox 1 version . .. so that kinda rules out the carry over of stats

      • iugibgikb

        No one cares, Battlefield and CoD cater to entirely different audiences.

        • Thomas

          But the problem is still the same. I don’t know people would be dumb enough to double purchase a game.

    • Joseph

      I entirely agree with you. I will not be getting 2 copies.

    • Those people buying Xbox one/PS4 day one also have access to buying it on current gen and leveling up.

    • Gaming2Ghost

      for i would like to get my stats like my kills deaths but i don’t want my unlocks and rank i wanna start over with these things and also i wish i could get my bf3 kills and deaths stats

    • potatolol

      Making such a drama out of nothing lol.Rank doesnt determine skill and few easily unlockable attachments for guns doesnt give you a huge advantage.Seriously stop crying like a little bitch.

    • asgaro

      That doesn’t matter at all. Leveling up doesn’t give you access to better weapons. Look at the M16A3 and M416: both starter weapons in BF3, and they are very good.
      And tank unlocks also don’t make you instantly magically better in combat.
      Tactics define how good you play Battlefield, not a specific gun.

  • MegaMan3k

    I keep hoping that Playstation 4 launches in mid October – we already know that Xbox One will not.

    I hate that a lot of games are going to be coming out prior to the next-gen platforms. It forces consumers to either hold off on the titles or double dip them, and both those options kind of suck.

    • SubXero

      Best Buy US updated my pre-order release date for both consoles to 11/30/13. We already know/knew Xbox One is releasing in November but I take this as confirmation that the PS4 will also be releasing sometime in November.

      • MegaMan3k

        All those release dates are purely speculation.

        Playstation launched in the US in September.
        Playstation 2 launched in the US in October.
        Playstation 3 launched in the US in November.

        If we think that this is a trend, then we could reason that Playstation 4 will launch in December.

        If we think that SCE is looking to their past and trying to recreate their biggest success, which I would say is the Ps2, then we could reason that Playstation 4 will launch in October.

        If we think that Sony is looking to capitalize on the annual critical mass that gaming sees every single November of every single year, then we could reason that Playstation 4 will launch in November.
        — BUT, if we think that Sony is truly on the gamer’s side, then they will want to launch the platform PRIOR to the gaming mega onslaught in November, and we could reason that the Playstation 4 will launch in October.

        I want the Playstation 4 to launch on October 22nd or October 29th.
        I suspect the Playstation 4 will launch on November 19th or November 26th.

        • SubXero

          The Xbox Launch is not speculation as they specifically said it would launch in November.

          The dates my pre-orders were updated to are obviously placeholder dates. Either of them could potentially launch on that exact date but, as I said and we both know, they are placeholder dates. I merely said that they updated my pre-order release date for the PS4 which until then had not been given any window or date outside of “holiday 2013”.

          I’m sure you know that retailers are notorious for outing dates. I don’t see why Best Buy would update my release date from 12/31/13 (again, obvious placeholder) to 11/30/13 without having some “idea” of when it was going to launch.

          I don’t know when it launches and I was only providing some “information” that I received. I personally believe that the One will launch with or before Call of Duty: Ghosts and I hope PS4 launches before or at least on the same day as the One.

          • Dirtknap

            I agree with you there, I imagine if the date changes it will be within a week or so of whats currently listed. We’ve been given fifth December down here in NZ, fits with the same sort of window and is close enough to the holidays to really ride the hype through to Christmas.


    Rank in Battlefield games means nothing since the best weapons are usually the starting ones (M16A3). Nevertheless either way they go with this I’m good because if I do get BF4 it will be for the Playstation 4 since I want the complete Frostbite 3 enhanced game and also be able to experience 64/66 player matches.

    • Scout The Wookie

      In BFBC2, the three best weapons in the game, were the last three unlocks.

    • xHDx

      Yeah that`s why on console you see colonel running around with those weapons. They should be disabled after around 5/10 levels imo. Did DICE confirm 64vs64 multiplayer? if so can you give me a link, Thanks.

      I can also assure you that BF4 will run only on 30 FPS, and with much lowered graphics for current gen consoles due to limitations, like BF3 also ran on 30fps.

      • Magilla187

        No it was already confirmed 60FPS On next gen consoles

        32V32 On next gen consoles Confirmed and 60FPS

        • dieger

          the eyes O_O

        • Zwabber046

          I still remember when pc players were hating on the next-gen and saying that they were sure they wouldn’t have 60 fps with BF4 😀

          • xHDx

            I remember that too hahaha. next consoles have enough power by far lol

            • ShavedApe

              I wouldn’t go quite that far next gen consoles are a nice step up but they are still way behind PC and will continue to do be so.

              I just wish they had given consoles the options to run keyboard and mouse properly. That would of opened the door for genuine cross platform gaming and ultimately that would be better for all gamers and developers.

            • SangheiliSpecOp

              lol in that case just buy a pc! People don’t buy consoles to use mouse and keyboard…

            • ShavedApe

              I own a PC 🙂 Think your missing the point though.
              So ill try to explain it a little more. PC vs Console in any fps game console players lose and the reason for that is controllers are not as precise. CS:Go for example tried it and found that average PC players where beating really good console players. So they scrapped the idea of cross platform cs:go, Microsoft tried it too it didnt work and others have as well.

              If people had the choice to use either on their consoles as we do on PC that would even the score and make cross platform gaming a real possibility.
              I want to play games against my console friends as well as my PC friends. Some people kick ass with a controller some are more at home with a keyboard and mouse why shouldn’t you have the choice regardless of the platform?

            • SangheiliSpecOp

              Okay you win…

            • swipe_06

              that way the hackers from the PC crowd would just ruin console games, also most players would still use controllers, and this would be unfair. thats why sony releases updates to make xim and such useless.

            • ShavedApe

              Yeah cos there are no hackers on console lol. I guess someone has to believe that it helps them sell consoles.
              How would it still be unfair if you have the choice its only unfair if you dont have the choice in the first place.

            • And why do you think Microsoft will be doing the 24 hour check on Xbox one

            • ShavedApe

              lol its not to protect against hackers if that’s what your thinking. Seriously tell me you don’t believe that.

            • I do, along with other stuff. What is your super secret conspiracy on this.

            • ShavedApe

              No conspiracy just not naive enough to believe that’s the reason at all. To keep control via DRM though that’s a well documented and confirmed reason so I don’t need any conspiracy theory lol Microsoft already explained their reasons to the press and more.
              They cant prevent cheating now when people play online why would a 24 hour check change that lol. You should continue to believe the hype though they need people like you to buy their console because it wont sell very well otherwise.

            • swipe_06

              maybe, but you cannot deny my second point

            • ShavedApe

              I cant deny that some people just prefer controllers no but the same goes for keyboard and mouse and your point about it being unfair I can.
              Thats kinda the point though wouldn’t it be better for everyone to have the choice. Also hackers to one side wouldn’t it be cool to play with your m8 that has a ps4 while you have an xbox and your other m8 whos on a PC are all playing in the same server.
              If consoles could do keyboard and mouse there are some pc players that would make the switch too so its a win win for the console market.

            • swipe_06

              Technically its all possible, and many people probably have friends playing on different platforms, but there are too many drawbacks of allowing Controllers and KBMs on the same server.
              People also forget the legal/political/business side why it wont happen. Sony, MS, EA, and many more would have to come to an agreement.

            • ShavedApe

              I know its technically possible it happens already on PC there are no drawbacks though as it already happens on PC.

              There may well be political/business reasons why sony and microsoft “choose” not to do it as far as legal goes if they can make it so you can watch your tv and movies on your console I’m sure if they wanted to they could make it so you can use keyboard and mouse.

            • GeckoWacko

              Buy a PC, GTFO…… cheater. I see it as cheating as you got better advantage than the controller users. If this is made possible I’ll just buy an PC instead since it makes no sense to buy a console.

        • nate

          1080p hasn’t been officially confirmed, though.

      • Joseph

        Everything you say makes no sense and is based on the shit from your ass. Shut up. Remove weapons beause you’re a high rank? lol…
        30FPS? Nope. 60 has been confirmed.

        • xHDx

          If you read the fucking comment, you would realise i was talking about current gen consoles for 30FPS, so read the fucking text before you talk shit. And yes remove 1 or 2 weapons because your a high rank, makes sense.

          Who the fuck runs around at colonel level with a standard gun unlocked before leveling up, fucking cheapshots, that who.
          You really think im thats stupid to say that next-gen consoles run on 30fps? lol clean your eyes out would be helpfull.

          • Just saying

            According to what you say, I can’t use M16A3 again? I love it even if I’m a colonel 100.

            • xHDx

              I see what you mean, its just that lower players get raped. thankfully i`m not a lower player. I just can`t use the same gun trough 100+ levels lol 🙂

      • People stick with the starters for the stars really.

      • Jacob Hannah

        It’s already been confirmed that console will be 66 players (64 players and 2 commanders) and will run on 60FPS.And if you need proof. BAM!!! You’re welcome.

    • I thought the AEK completely shit on the M16.

    • AtheistMason

      M16 being both starting weapon and most accessible appears like a coincidence…

  • SomeBodi13

    I’m going to wait for X1 release

  • pot51e

    BF4 on PS3 then BF4/PS4 bundle in spring (or whenever we actually get stock).
    Personally, I don’t think unlocks should carry over as there will be some pretty advanced players after 5 or 6 months for the newbies to deal with – I’m less bothered about stats,

    • KillzoneVII

      Where did you get Spring? Battlefield 4 is confirmed as a launch title for Xbone and PS4 which will both be out in November. PS4 might even be out earlier than November to compete with the Xbone.

      • pot51e

        Release date is one thing, availability is another.

        For fairly reasonable financial reasons, it is virtually impossible for their supply to meet demand (well Sony anyway). There will be some console availability, but >90% of production will be fulfilling pre-orders. As this is a November/December launch, Sony and MS will be competing with all the other tech being produced for Xmas markets. Consequently consoles are batched, and fed into the supply chain piece meal. I think 3 months is a realistic prediction as to when you can go to a store and buy one off of a shelf.

        • KillzoneVII

          That may be true but fact is that the game will be out about a month (at most) for next-gen after it is released on current-gen. It’s a given that if you’re late to the party and don’t get it until 5 months later that you’re probably gonna have a bad time, that’s not anyone’s fault but the ones who wait to get it. I don’t think the games will sell out, the consoles, yes, but not the games.

          • pot51e

            That’s my point. I don’t for a second suggest the game will sell out (there is always a download!), I suggest that the platforms (specifically Sony) wont be widely available to play it on.

            I will be in the queue of day 2 adopters – as Xmas is the time of year I spend on my kids rather than myself (although thinking about it, that’s the same all year round…) and will consequently be in line for the next slow boat from China/Taiwan. But that queue will be a long one and will get longer.

            Sony estimated 20 million will ship by end of year ( with 12 million earmarked for US)…but the component manufacturers have yet to see the size of orders that would meet that target. Couple that with an increased demand from disillusioned MS owners who will unexpectedly buy Sony, and behold; delays in delivery to EU market.

            • KillzoneVII

              You make some good points, but unfortunately that’s just what happens when we enter a new console generation. Battlefield 4 just happens to be a highly demanded launch title with it, nothing anybody can do about it other than try to get your Pre-Order in before its too late if you want it on day 1.

            • KillzoneVII

              Ah, I gotcha. Yeah I totally forgot about digital downloading it as I generally buy my games physical. But yeah that does kinda suck doesn’t it? Hell I’d be getting a ps4 at launch if I hadn’t had such history with Microsoft (5 years) and the fact that I love the Xbox controller for FPS games which is half of what I play, and the launch exclusives for the Xbone look better IMO than the ps4’s. I will, however, eventually get a ps4, just probably not until holiday 2014. Maybe I’ll see you on the Battlefield some day!

  • I wish they would have carried my Xbox 360 stats for BF3 over when I switched to PC. They didn’t even give me Origin access even though my gamertag and PC name are both linked to the same origin account.

  • Zwabber046

    People that will buy it on current and next gen just don’t have patience, BF4 releases Oct. 29 and the consoles release from 3-33 days or so

  • Yanneckmo

    Guns and Attachments: yeah, would work
    stats: meh, not really
    rank: no.

    If the developers would handle it like that, people who purchased both versions have a very little advantag, but this wouldnt be relevant.

    P.S.: I just purchase the next-Gen version.

  • dpg70

    Doesnt matter, I’m sure you’ll be able to buy all your unlocks by the time it drops on next gen.

  • I will be buying for PC.. unless, and I think this will happen, we find out that the PS4 is coming out within the first 2 weeks of November. If it is, I may only get it for the PS4.. and pre-ordered. It all depends on if they tell us ahead of time when its actually coming out on next-gen. My bet is first 2 week of November both PS4 and Xbone drop with this and other titles not yet listed as day one.

  • SAM0A

    It would be a nice incentive to give something back to the “faithful” consumers that bought both versions (2.5x XP?). Current gen players will have an advantage over those who waited for next gen, but not much since they will be exposed to fighting an extra 20 enemy players.

    • KillzoneVII

      You mean an extra 40…


      • SAM0A

        An extra 20 “enemy” players. (Off topic, but 5 man squads with a total of 64 players? Im no mathmetician but…)

        • KillzoneVII

          Gotcha, sorry I misread your comment. And yeah I’m not exactly sure how this 5 man squad thing is actually supposed to work… Lol

  • TriPpKinGs

    From DICEs stand point, if implementing that may include the possibility of someone buying the game twice, why wouldnt they?

  • QwietStorm

    No I’m not buying multiple versions. The longest I’d probably have to wait is a month, and that’s if PS4 isn’t already out to begin with. As much as I do want BF4, there is a ridiculous amount of other launch games that will keep me busy without it.

  • eBunny

    Not sure how I feel about this. I myself won’t have this problem because I will likely be getting it on the PC, but I think it might be best not to carry over anything so it will be an even playing ground on the next-gen consoles when they come out and the game gets released on those systems.

    Not even because people will have better weapons and other unlocks, since we don’t know anything about the unlock curve and stuff yet and you can still win a gunfight, even with a statistically worse weapon, but because it’s just not fun and fair when you got the game very early and there are already people running around with a great loadout.

    Speaking of loadouts, I think it would be cool if there would be class/vehicle specific presets, so you can for example have a defensive or anti-air loadout, perhaps even give it a name, so it’s much easier to switch between loadouts to addept to the situation without having to change every single aspect of it the loadout. So maybe give every class like 3 presets or something, or perhaps a unlimited ammount? 😛

    I think this would be a good step as far as customization goes and I can already imagine it in the customization screen where you click on a class or vehicle and it opens all of your preset names underneath so you can click on them, perhaps change them a little more and are good to go.

    It’s just a little idea and I’m not sure how hard it would be to implement at this stage, but I hope they have at least thought about it.

  • AtheistMason

    Short answer no
    Long answer OMFG plz NO
    The game performs differently on current gen and next gen for sure, and in current gen you play with no more than 24p but in next gen you get PC-standard experience, and stats will certainly vary, like higher SPM or stuff.
    So no, please make the next gen experience totally fresh, dudes at DICE

  • My plan was to buy it on the PS4 only, but if I can keep my stats and unlocks I’ll buy it for the PS3 also. I’ll just sell it on eBay when I can get my hands on the PS4.

    If this doesn’t happen I’ll just hold off until I get my PS4.

    When I first read the article title, I was thinking they meant stats would carry over from BF3. That wouldn’t for me, because I played on the Xbox 360. But I’m switching over to the 360. I do have a PS3 so this could work for me.

  • PILO

    i dont want this manily because they would expect me to buy the game twice and stretch the next gen release even more…bad idea people.

  • koloco1980

    GTA will be the last ps3 game I need. BF4 on the ps4 just seems obvious.

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  • Phil Becotte

    that’s going to happen anyway , there is always going to be new comers, to the game playing higher ranked people , its the nature of the game .A TRUE gamer will play no matter what. ps3 and ps4 here i come, stats carry over? i hope so but if not ill do it again

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    Seriously this should be done. If people who aren’t getting Bf4 for current generation and are for next gen are going to be at a disadvantage thats their problem. Most of my friends are going to play 4 on the current generation because the one is out of their price range. I for one(no pun intended) am getting the one so i personally would like to be able to rank up once and have that count for both my current gen and next gen

  • xDexter010x

    Its been done very unproffesional to release the same game on 2 different dates….. I am certainly not buying it for 2 consoles so im going to wait for the xbox one and then play bf4. I realy dont like how its done but I want to play bf4!! But I only have to wait some weeks… to play it.. while others already own it… uughh