Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta is live and is here to stay until the 12th of February, one week before Crysis 3 officially launches on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 19. What do we think of it so far?

Let’s kick things off with what most Crysis games are judged by: The visuals. Needless to say, the PC version of Crysis 3 is the way to go here. It. Is. Beautiful. Only a few weeks away from release, hopefully the Beta is giving you PC players a chance to see where your hardware sits and whether or not you need to make any tweaks before February 19.

While it’s undoubtedly understood that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions simply can’t and won’t match up to their PC counterpart, I was still expecting a larger margin of improvement over Crysis 2 in the visual department. Improvement is there alright, but at times, I feel like I’m still playing Crysis 2 all over again, but on new maps. A lot of the audio seems to be re-used. Even the weapons look a little too familier, with the tech-bow and other alien additions being the exception. As it stands, I’ve definitely seen better on my Xbox from games like Halo 4 and Battlefield 3, but I’m hoping that won’t be the case by launch.

Having said that, I can see that Crytek has learned a thing or two when it comes to the user interface. Text is bigger and clearer both in-game and in the menus. It makes more sense and is much nicer to look at. The HUD is clean and simple and sports a useful mini-map that keeps you informed, especially in multi-storied environments, which the two maps in this beta seem to feature a lot of. In the menus, party options and challenges are clearly presented and cycling through equipment customization is a breeze. It’s also made pretty clear what you need to do in order to unlock your next attachment or nanosuit module when browsing through your equipment.

So far, Crysis 3 feels a lot better than Crysis 2. Controls are tighter and more responsive, aiming and shooting doesn’t feel as clumsy, and jumping, sliding, and mantling has never felt smoother. You’ll notice that the gameplay has been significantly streamlined, which can be a good or bad thing. Sprinting, for example, no longer requires energy which increases the pace of the game significantly. However, those who enjoyed and mastered the meta-game of energy management found in previous titles might find Crysis 3’s gameplay a tad too hollow. I do wish there was a greater variety of weaponry as well, but I’m thinking the beta is simply limited – seeing that we can only manage rank 10 before initiating a “Nanosuit Reboot” – and that the full game will include more. The new tech-bow adds some interesting new gameplay elements, however. I’m not sure how many players will consistently consider using it as a primary weapon. The ability to tweak weapon attachments in-game on the fly is genius as well.

Both maps, Airport and Museum, are action packed and appropriately sized. The amount of verticality is appreciated and allows great use of the “Air Stomp” technique. Each layout is easy to maneuver and both maps make you feel like a Parkour bad-ass. Despite the darker tone of Museum, I find it to be more visually impressive than Airport due to its great use of lighting. Too bad I can barely find any games on it as everyone votes for the brighter, greener, and happier Airport. Crash Site is a rather fun objective-based mode that has you earning points by defending the vicinity of a crashed alien pod which randomly relocates throughout the match. The new Hunter mode has two permanently cloaked nanosuit-wearing soldiers stalking regular soldiers trying to extract from the battlefield. Each death of the hunted yields a brand new hunter until there are no more left. Honestly, this mode didn’t excite me all that much, though I could see it being a much different story when played with a large group of friends over microphones.

Generally, I do find the beta a tad buggy (sounds don’t sync, kill-cams are off, a few graphical glitches, etc.), which is okay. It is a real beta, after all, and the exciting and distinctly unique gameplay more than makes up for it. The end-of-match highlight reel is a nice touch, and the Halo-esque inspirations (alien weapon pick-ups, the Pinger, and VTOL ship with man-able turrets) are also very welcome in my books.

In my head, I’m thinking that Crysis 3’s multiplayer will be “beast” if things and network issues are cleaned up and polished to a shine. If Crytek can manage that, I’ve got the feeling that Crysis 3 might just surprise a lot of MP aficionados when it releases this February 19.

Now, a lot of you will be tempted to blow this game off as “just another shooter,” but I promise that you will find some charm here that just might seduce you into making the switch, especially if you’ve got yourself a pretty powerful PC. The beta is free, after all, so you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not giving it a shot. Call of Duty players will find themselves comfortable in the fast-paced action, while Halo vets might take some interest as well.

How are you enjoying the beta so far and on what platform are you playing it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • MasonMei

    Sounds great… I haven’t got chance to download the 3GB so I didn’t participate in the Beta… Looking forward to the release! I’m really excited about the Singleplayer campaign. Wanna see how they bring back the Sandbox, though I know it’s never gonna be like Crysis 1 or Warhead but it’s gotta be better than Crysis 2.

  • Jamic

    yup, its runnig fine high semi “very high” with some AA and 1600×900 resolution on my PC.
    thats around 40-60 FPS.

  • MassNERDerer

    Nice overview! I’m definitely going to make time to try this out.

  • simon

    love the game! crysis 3 tries new things and looks amazing. also the singleplayer is amazing! MP is really good, maybe not 60fps but really enjoyable.

    • ……what ‘new’ things??? it pretty much a more pretty crysis 2

    • WasabeJuice

      is the single player in the beta as well? you sound like a marketing guy from crytek.

      • MasonMei

        Of course SP isn’t included, but i think this guy was praising the 7 Wonders series and all these video demos of the campaign.

  • Gotta say i’m enjoying the Beta thoroughly,as it is quick,frenetic fun.i can easily say it moves quite well,even on my 360.Crytek definitely tweaked their for frame-rate,its manageable.i’m quite sure it runs better on pc,but i’m not complaining.was looking forward to something other then the rampant spawn death of Call of Duty anyway.

    • Jason

      I agree, I like the Beta on 360 and Ignore the minor flaws that will be fixed.

  • Alvi

    Crytek improve your connection and you have my money

    • Matt

      You do know its a Beta right? therefor the connection is not going to be good.

      • Glock Lover

        That “you know its a Beta right?” it’s getting old, after the experience with Medal of Honor it’s clear that Betas aren’t far away from the final product, Medal of Honor WF was the drop that spilled the cup for me, they release a game unfinished, unpolished and after we bought it on day one, the game was the same shit that we played on the Beta, sound issues, input lag issues, graphics issues, same BS. And to add more they just published an article saying that MoH WF is out of the roster because the game’s poor sales lol so now it’s our fault that people doesn’t wanna buy an unfinished game.

        • Your only example is from a highly flawed game. Seems a little pessimistic to me. EA puts out one game that wasn’t thoroughly done and you’re already saying you’re done with them?

          • Glock Lover

            I only mentioned MoH because it was the last game I bought, but there’s a lot more games that had a lot of bugs on the beta and when the game came out the bugs still there after months of playing it. Which games? Battlefield 3, still fixing after a year of release, don’t get me wrong, I love BF3, i’m a colonel 100 but come on, the game was incomplete on release date because they wanted to release it before MW3. Skyrim, no support for ps3 players, Black Ops 2, hit detetion issues from day one, to this day no fix, wtf im suppose to do to play a complete game? wait almost a year after the release date to have a completed game?

            • I see your point, but every game is going to have bugs from the start because some problems can’t be foreseen in a beta. Very few games worth playing come perfect out of the box, but I think some studios make a pretty good effort to fix their mistakes.

            • Bro

              BF3 still being fixed. I only remember the last 3 patches being nothing but balance changes. Get your facts right.

        • DanDustEmOff

          You are right this is more or less what will be released.. but the current gen doesn’t do the cry engine justice and neither does p2p this game is great on a high spec pc and dedicated servers just put the icing on the cake

      • SamOnGames

        Well actually it being beta will only effect in-game balance and visuals, it shouldn’t touch the connection as it’s the same server system as what will be in the final game. The problem is that they aren’t using dedicated servers so connection will, inevitably, be crappy

        • I’ve had plenty of lag while playing games with dedicated servers. It’s nice to have them, but they’re not just some wonderful cure-all for lag problems.

          • Jason

            Lag is only affected on Dedicated Servers due to Region or Player Connection where Un-dedicated servers lag is due to a Host Ping dropping,Host Latency, Your Connection dropping and Server issues.

            • No kidding

              No fucking shit. You will come across guys that you empty full clips into and they just stand there and shoot once and your dead. And thats on hardcore!!!. Then you look them up on battlelog and they are from Europe, or Australia. Play on your right region fuckers.

            • Jason

              lol true, some people don’t know this though, and I agree on playing on your region!

  • Mr. G

    Hit detection is not good on PS3, and I have mine wired and on a 35mbps connection, they should have used dedicated servers. THIS is what will hurt Crysis 3 sales. AAA games like BF3 have dedicated servers, why not Crysis 3. Bad decision, EA. I will pass on this one.

    • Jason

      ? COD and Halo both don’t have dedicated servers and they don’t hurt from it. Don’t get me wrong, I love games that have Dedicated servers like Battlefield, but it might be a client side or latency problem for the Beta. I wouldn’t judge the whole game until release, BF3 beta had the same issues and many more!

      • cod doesnt have hit detection and lag issues? lol what planet are you on?

        • Jason

          I did not say it Didn’t? Mr. G said that not having dedicated servers will hurt the sales of the game, and I said That COD and Halo sales didn’t hurt them from not having them either…

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      If Crysis 2 had dedicated servers, it would still be a hit right now, and not collecting dust on my shelf. The connection issues and host advantage basically makes the other wise great game unplayable for me.

  • Bro

    Wow was anybody expecting more. Its not a real shocker that a developer that is not known for there multiplayer not delivering the goods. I will give it a chance but considering the second one felt tacked on I do not have much hope.

    • DanDustEmOff

      the multi player on this game is awesome on the pc its the best looking game ever and it plays as smoothly as a call of duty game get on a good server and there is no lag or any hit detection issues whst so ever how can u slate a game you haven’t even played and criticise the dev’s for bot being known for mp maybe not in the console community but they are well known in the pc world most they use crisis to bench mark grapic card fps so crawl back under your bridge you hate filled troll

      • Bro

        AIl I seen was wrote was blah blah blah amazing graphics blah blah blah PC has awesome graphics blah. You crawl back under your bridge. I dont care how awesome the graphics are if the gameplay is lacking the game sucks.

        • DanDustEmOff

          agreed except the game play doesn’t suck its a smooth fluid fast paced game my only gripe is the mini map location nothing more. This game makes your precious battlefield look like super mario with the gameplay of viva piñata. Try playing a game before criticising it

  • TeamKiled

    So sad to hear hackers are getting a free ride…