Battlefield 3: End Game – A Homage To Classic Battlefield Games, Interview With DICE Producer Craig Mcleod

Bringing back two very classic game modes, Battlefield 3’s fifth and final expansion, End Game, is, in more ways than one, a homage to older Battlefield titles.

From the original Battlefield 1942, DICE is bringing back a staple game mode featured in almost all first-person shooters: Capture the Flag.

Producer Craig Mcloed explains the significance of brining back such a classic game mode, especially at this particular time.

“That’s one of the really cool things when I think about bringing capture the flag in,” he told MP1st during a recent EA preview event. “Apart from it just being a core first-person shooter mode, we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. And, actually, the last time and only time that we had Capture the Flag in was in the original 1942. So that was really cool. But the main reason we picked it, it just rounds it off. As a franchise, not just a BF3 franchise, but a whole Battlefield franchise, these two modes, bringing them back into the family, so to speak, really really helps.”

Only, this time, DICE is introducing their own take on the mode with the inclusion of the new motor-bike, a real game changer. In End Game, it’s one of the few ways you can get yourself to the enemy flag quickly and return it to home base with speed and agility. Of course, you’re not as heavily armored, leaving the driver vulnerable to small arms fire, or… RPG’s.

I recalled to Mcleod a particularly epic moment I was fortunate enough to witness during my short time with End Game. A soldier playing dare devil who decided to take his bike up a ramp and over the river that runs through Operation Riverside was struck mid-air by an enemy RPG, creating a spectacular display of fireworks celebrating a rather lucky shot.

Mcleod recalled his own unfortunate moment with the motor-bike: “I got ran over in the top floor of a building because someone jumped a bike through the window. So, I’m sitting up here. It’s close to a flag point and I just capture the flag and I’m kind of protecting it, waiting for back up. I know that, short of someone blowing through the wall, there’s only one way into this room, and I’m feeling pretty comfortable. Then, yeah. A dirt-bike flies off a ledge, in through the window, and runs me over. I’m like, ‘there you go. What can you do?'”

In the same breath, DICE is also re-introducing Battlefield 1943’s Air Superiority, a game mode that pits two teams of jet fighters against each other in total aerial combat for control over the skies.

Similarly, Tank Superiority introduced in Battlefield 3: Armored Kill was based almost entirely on tank-vs-tank combat, though infantry was allowed to get into the mix, using Javelin or RPG rockets and other equipment to aid in the fight.

I asked Mcleod if DICE ever planned on allowing infantry to play a role in End Game’s Air Superiority.

“It was always strictly going to be the jets,” he answered. “We wanted to focus on the jets. Obviously, this is the flip side to Tank Superiority where we wanted to give it to our pilots, but by having people on the ground, it just would have taken too much away from that. We didnt wan’t people hiding and trying to take people down with Stinger rockets.”

Hopefully, that should allow players to focus on the task at hand: fighting for control of three different points, represented by gigantic floating blimps. More humorously, I asked Mcleod how DICE landed on the idea of using blimps to represent the different capture points.

“We actually had a number of ideas as to what we could use. Initially, we didn’t have a focal point, but then we felt that it was too loose. We needed to pull people together. Then, it was a case of, ‘well, we can’t put flags in there. We can’t put anything on the ground because it won’t be noticed enough.’ Blimps – it kind of works when you think that It’s big enough for people to see, it makes sense for something that would sit in the air as well, so you wouldn’t expect it to travel. So, yeah. It was an inspired decision by somebody.”

Check out our full preview of Battlefield 3: End Game, releasing for PlayStation 3 Premium members tomorrow, March 5, for Xbox 360 and PC premium members on March 12, regular PS3 users on March 19, and regular Xbox 360 and PC users on March 26.

Also, let us know in the comment what mode has you more excited. Capture the Flag or Air Superiority?

  • Tom

    CTF will be spawn rape heaven.

    • MINES

      Dont forget mineville. Thats the only thing in afraid of is its just going to be a camp fest at the flags with nobody going to capture the enemys flag.

      • QwietStorm

        Mineville? That right next to no-spotville?

    • Hol_Up

      *forgets that even Conquest in BFBC2 had spawn rapage

      • No shit

        Yeah the choppers spawn raped everybody on that game. All i got to say to chopper pilots now is pay back is a bitch. Eat my stinger missiles. The best chopper pilots bitch all the time about the stinger missiles but they seem to forget they was the ones that caused such a nerf of the choppers. Should have not spawn camped with the choppers in BFBC2 maybe they would have been better.

  • ‘We didn’t wan’t people hiding and trying to take people down with Stinger rockets.’ who don’t use them in the game ??

    • Truthbringr

      He’s talking about Air Superiority, brains. Stingerkids on the ground spamming noskill tubes at 12v12 jet fights would serve as nothing more than trolling and ruin the point of the mode.

      • look who is talking

        You do relize that they use stinger missiles in the military. They require skill to use. If you stay in the air after being locked on and popping your flares you deserve to get butt hurt by them.

        • QwietStorm

          They still ruined stingers and choppers regardless. They buffed one *and* nerfed the other. You can’t do both. The stingers seem to have infinite lock on capabiliy, but they removed flares from the gunner. If you have a whole squad locking on to you, you can easily end up doing more evasive maneuvers than attacking.

      • hey

        Why shouldn’t there be stingers in air superiority, tank superiority had javelins.

        • LOLOLOLOL

          that’s why tank superiority failed

  • hey


    • It was in the same paragraph as calm the fuck down.

      • hey

        No, i checked and there was no patch notes.

      • Jason

        I just spit my drink on me keyboard LOL!

  • The Army Ranger

    “the last time and only time that we had Capture the Flag in was in the original 1942.”

    I just love how DICE is forgetting that Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (for the PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360) had Capture the Flag after 1942.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      What the hell is battlefield 2: modern combat?

    • SoccerSpartan

      That was a terrible port that barely resembled the original BF2. I dont blame them for forgetting it.


    Great End game interview with some new gameplay.

  • thatshot

    but but can we get heli seperiority 2 that whould be insane and take like 5 mins to add

    • Laser0pz

      All it’ll be is helicopters climbing higher into the air to get the advantage on their opponents. It won’t be that good.

  • JohnO

    Am i the only one that thinks that the bikes are as game changing as the quad bikes. Not that much. Really pointless, a vehicle that doesn’t need to be in there when you could just have the quad bike. I just think it doesn’t do much different.

    • hells yeah

      Trust me its going to be different the motorcycles are a lot faster not to mention smaller meaning you can go through buildings and shit. Plus now the passanger can now ride facing forward.

      • QwietStorm

        I always wanted to go through a building and shit.

  • Laser0pz

    What I don’t like is how only the new maps get the new game modes. Having something like CTF on Damavand or Death Valley (because both of them are pretty linear), or Air Superiority on any of the jet-friendly maps would be awesome!

    IIRC, Gun Master is playable on the Aftermath maps, so I don’t see why DICE can’t bring game modes from Expansion X and be able to play them on Expansion Y.

    • LittleP

      I would pay $4.99 to get the dirt bikes on more maps, e.g. Armored Kill.

  • Z-1

    Does anyone know if we are going to be able to play conquest in the new maps? I am talking normal Conquest.

    • Laser0pz

      Yup. 3-5 flags for consoles and 3-7 for PC.

  • PewPewTank

    DICE should release one final map for free to the community! It should be like, the ultimate Battlefield map xD perhaps with Easter eggs to BF4!

  • nelson

    ok dice, you finaly made and finish a game for cod players. now it´s time to make a battlefield games again. and for once relese a polish game.