Battlefield 4 Survey Contents Revealed – More on BF4 Multiplayer

A few weeks ago, we reported on a Battlefield 4 survey put into circulation by Electronic Arts that suggested a number of possibilities for the title like naval warfare, a dino-survival mode, dynamic environments, new weapons and classes, and much more. You can check out our earlier report in full right here.

While we received confirmation from EA that the survey is official, many of us have yet to see its actual contents. Luckily, MP1st reader Rubén Santana brought to our attention some images of the survey, originally posted by reddit user BattlefieldBastard, revealing it in full.

What was not mentioned earlier were some of the details of dynamic maps, like sounding vehicles alarms when bumping into them mistakenly, cutting power to buildings to envelop enemies in darkness, and seas that “swell” or become “stormy.” Mention was also made of “Battlepacks,” yielding possible rewards bonus XP boosts, knives, weapon attachments, soldier camos and weapon paints.

Again, EA has stated, “these are just some of the ideas included in our survey and [are] not indicative of anything we have in the works.” So you might want to keep that in mind before getting too excited.

Check out the survey and let us know which parts you hope become a reality in Battlefield 4 releasing this Fall on the Xbox 360, next Xbox, PS3, PS4 and PC.















  • Dirtknap

    I’m sure the naysayers will be pleased to see the survey contents previously reported were legit. Seems like some pretty interesting fact finding at work, I wonder how much of this will actually be relevant to BF4 and how much will be considered for future iterations?

  • Second Expansion pack sound fucking amazing.
    Definitely going to pick this up with Ghosts.

  • hey

    All i want is new animations, E.G gun reloads, knife reloads, different running style, etc.. and NO!!!!!!!!! BLUE TINT.

    • nope you getting sepia this time 😛

      • MasonMei

        Or the crap yellow (翔黄) like in Markaz Monolith, oh ho ho ho.
        Their “fidelity” of the engine can’t bring us a map with a nice hue. Shameful.

        • in all seriousness though they should give you an option to change it like spec ops the line.

    • iBeAmar

      knife reloads? …wat

      • hey

        I derped it, get over it children.

        • Yet you cry over the internet little boy.

          • hey

            That’s not crying, it’s what most of the community wants, unless you want to keep the same animations with the same tint..Retard.

            • W3GOKU


            • MasonMei

              Choke on Blue, new detective story.

            • piemelkop

              phuck man, dont try to know what the community wants, sure everybody would like new animations and to get rid of the blue tint but all of that is way at the bottom of the ‘to do list’ if you ask me. give me spectator mode, make it Esports compatible, tweak suppression so that it doesnt award players with shitty aim, give me battle-recorder or whatever they would name it. balance the classes more, fix the now broken knife animation or take it out completely

            • Getting rid of blue tint > Any additional game mechanics


            • piemelkop

              XD just lol man you crack me up

      • Hmm

        “Reloading” a knife:

        After each kill, the knife gets bloodier.
        Press the ‘Reload’ button to clean the knife with a cloth.
        (The blood effect is only visual, and cleaning the knife has no effect on its performance whatsoever)

        Just an idea I’m throwing out there.

        • Goldensgods

          Well maybe it should have some effect? Because if they knife isn’t bloody then you have a better grip and if you have a better grip you’ll have more thrusting power, thus more damage!

        • TriguyRN

          That’s pretty cool as just a bonus to through in there

        • come on .. what the hell ? clean the knife ?!! really .. waste of time

        • James K

          What a gimmick.

        • Retro

          Pfft, I’d rather be able to flip the bird in MP like in Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

      • MasonMei

        IMO he’s referring to the interval between knife attacks. In BF3 the inderval is just mad. If you fail to kill with the first attack then prepare to Deploy.

        Anyways I don’t get it why sometimes the character would lift the knife and make no movement to kill or whatsoever, notably when engaging a Mortar-er from behind. Can they just forget the friggin’ tag and just stab and kill… Holy lord, fix this in BF4 with that “fidelity”, oh ho ho.

    • How can you reload a knife?

      • misterbeefy117

        You have to reload it very carefully.

      • uwantSAM0A

        He has a ballistic knife apparently.

        • MrLadyfingers

          OMG Battlefield 4 copied Black Ops!!!

          Just kidding guys, don’t get angry it was a joke.

    • heyno

      you mean to say: all i want is new superficial changes..

      • Blue tint is SO irritating.

        Compare older Battlefields to 3, and notice how apparent the blue-ness of BF3 is. If you ask me, it hinders the graphics from being as great.

        • zacflame

          actually, every game has a tint, some more noticeable than others.
          BF3 has the only noticeable tint that looks good, and they are going to replace it with a dark grey tint in BF4, which does not look good.
          (notice how its the same color as the HUD in battlefield…)

    • dpg70

      I predict a return of blue tint and animations remaining largely the same. They’re already pretty good.

  • tludt888

    Katanas? Melee weapon expansion pack? How high are you DICE?

    Perfect your shooting mechanic before you even think about mentioning melee. Please don’t ruin BF4 with stupid ideas like this.

    • MrSunshine

      EA has stated, “these are just some of the ideas included in our survey
      and [are] not indicative of anything we have in the works.”

      I do have to say that the throwing knives & jet packs were in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WW2. Crazy things have happened before.

      • tludt888

        That’s my point. They shouldn’t even be dreaming of coming close to considering including a melee DLC.

        They have so much else to work on and improve. Knifing should never be an emphasis of a shooter. I don’t get what people’s fascination with it is. Not only has catering to knifing ruined games (MW2 and Commando), it just short-changes a solid shooting mechanic.

        I understand 1942 had Secret Weapons. But consider that DLC/Expansions don’t work like that anymore. If one purchases premium, I’ll be locked in to having all that crap. It’s not like I can just go to the ol’ Circuit City and pick up a hard-copy of BF4 KNIFE WARZ and play that as a standalone like back in the day. The precedent has been set for each expansion being integrated fully into the overall experience.

        This can be good, when say it propels DICE to include different vehicles in different maps. But it hasn’t worked like that, it’s just used to force players to use their poorly designed CQC maps for their lackluster achievements.

        I’ve been playing since Alpha on PC, Beta on Xbox. I haven’t needed an achievement to keep me interested all of this time, I don’t understand this ADHD logic (which is not yours, mind you, so I don’t mean to cause offense for that).

        • Goldensgods

          Achievements aren’t interesting but the unlocks are which is the main reason I kept playing, once I got every unlock what else is their to do? I think they need more incentive to keep people playing, they could put some real nice guns/equipment at the end rank so people aren’t ranking up for nothing.

          • tludt888

            Sure. I agree, but they should be reasonable. Achievements and weapon unlocks shouldn’t be cause to derail what they’ve already got. Even then, they shouldn’t even be the main incentive to keep people playing…

            The quality of the gameplay should be.

            • Magilla187

              Man your argument is actually solid the melee weapons is somewhat of a sore thumb but it makes for more interesting gameplay kind of like the knife only servers in BF3 but i’d like for them to add more things such as more camos or allow them to let the player create a camo for the tanks for the jets for the weapons because after the unlocks in BF3 its like what else is there to do, but the fact will always remain no matter how damaged bf3 was it was still an amazing experience when played the right way and with friends

            • tludt888

              I like BF3, I’m still playing it. But there are glaring problems with it that really bum me out at times. It’s sort of hard to describe on such a Twitter-esque format as this, but I’ll list some of the major ones. (These are problems with how the game was executed, not bugs mind you).

              – RAMPANT over-use of AA. Every vehicle has some sort of hyper-effective AA (i.e. Guided Shell) in addition to the significant harassment caused by .50 turrets. Every player can theoretically have an infinite supply of long-range, insta-lock, Iglas/Stingers which ignore countermeasures half of the time and that disable in one hit. Instead of making the AA available to everyone, maybe they should’ve put in more AA dedicated vehicles or make disable percentages at something that makes sense… like 10-20% damage, not 50%.

              – Random spread. Already went over this one above, probably the most significant problem with the shooting mechanic.

              – The Maps. Honestly, the B2K maps are the best because they were designed with a real BF experience in mind. The enterable buildings are far too sparse and rarely hold strategic value. I miss BC2, with almost every building being enterable. Perhaps in BF4 they’ll be able to include more of this with new hardware. The rest of the maps are overly linear and the emphasis on CQC ruins it all for me. Sure Metro is fun for firefights, but that experience should be present at long-medium range too.

              – Smoke on Tanks behaves like ECM -and- Flares simultaneously.

              – Why do tanks need SOFLAMs? They’re tanks… remove the third seat and Guided Shell. Has no basis in reality and tanks are already great without them.

              – Damage in Hardcore is wayyyy too forgiving. Three shots maximum, at any range, should kill. Plus, there’s a minimap… which is unprecedented for HC. They included the OPTION for no minimap six months later. Day late and a dollar short.

              – Sniper Rifles with sub-8x optics. How high were you DICE? Honestly… Why?

    • kevin lemur

      i thought the shooting mechanics in BF3 was solid. you’re already shooting down the idea of different melee weapons? i assume the katanas have something to do with Asia since China is going to be a third faction. we were suppose to get a machete in BF Aftermath, but i guess they held off that idea til BF4. look at the BF3 Aftermath poster to see the machete. if they can implement it correctly, then i’m all for it.

      • the gunplay in bfbc2 was way superior, imho.

        • kevin lemur

          i agree, way less recoil which is a good or bad thing. sniper rifles were much more user friendly. but BFBC2 didn’t have as many guns as BF3, so i can understand a wide variety of weapon control mechanisms they implemented.

        • tludt888

          I think it was superior to BF3, but still left a lot to be desired. Random spread was still a problem in BC2. LMG’s are great now in BF3, whereas in BC2 they behaved oddly. Pistols are better as well in BF3.

          I just miss having a proper mil-dot reticule on the 12x in BC2, so much better than the random-ass 12x in BF3.

      • tludt888

        I’m shooting down the idea of ludicrous inclusions that ruin the core BF experience. Knifing is moronic and leads to people failing their teammates nine times out of ten because they’re so engulfed in the idea of trying to get knife kills that they either forget to press the objective ever, or are tailing an enemy player whilst he is killing teammates with impunity.

        My grudge with knifing aside, I don’t understand how they think that this should even be close to thinking about this kind of stuff. Who cares? Obviously every dumbass that took that survey wants “KNIFEZ BRO”.

        My point is that there is no emphasis on realism or even plausibility. I do not want BF to be ARMA, it never has been. But there used to be a balance in BF between realism and gamey-ness. The same was applicable to CoD4-era CoD. Now, it’s sliding toward gamey-ness noticeably and is totally ruining the core experience for me.

        I couldn’t disagree more with the notion that the shooting mechanic in BF3 is solid in any way. Random bullet spread is the most idiotic inclusion ever, as is the result of your downrange spread being ENTIRELY divorced from your reticule and recoil pattern (i.e. try firing an AR with an EOTech at 50m from a wall, your spread will be that of a bus… on a supposedly zeroed weapon).

        Rounds travel entirely too slow, the hitboxes are off and completely disappear when a player vaults over something. The damage is also completely silly in Hardcore, limiting combat to sub 50m distances. Sniper rifles are used as shotguns, shotguns are used as sniper rifles. Every round you fire is a noticeable tracer. There’s insanely visible scope glint.

        I mean come on, all of these things totally ruin their mechanic. I love Battlefield, and want the next one to be better.

        Also, as a total aside, it is insanely ethnocentric/insensitive/racist to immediately equate China/Asia with samurai swords. Not only are Katanas Japanese… it just adds nothing to gameplay.

        • AWaffleWiffer

          Have you fired a real gun? real guns have a somewhat random spread depending on wind, the accuracy of the gun,the accuracy of the shooter,temperature,air viscosity,friction, e.t.c.

          Real shotguns have a spread of about 1 inch per yard but there are always a few stray pelets depending on the type of load.

          Also Japan is part of Asia and it is in no way shape or form racist to associate katanas and similar swords with Asia because they are from asia.

      • AWaffleWiffer

        Katanas are a specific type of Japanese sword. any Chinese soldier carrying a sword would likely carry a Jian, a two edged sword that is a culmination of 3000 years of chinese sword making.

  • John

    Wow I can see these battlepacks as a carrot on stick, to keep you playing the game. Looking forward to E3 hopefully they show MP.

    • dr_randog

      If you’ve played mass effect 3 you’ll know where this is heading. For each multiplayer feat/achievement/medal/ribbon/game you’ll get a few pitiful credits towards a “battle pack”. These will cost something silly like 6000 credits or you can simply feed the monster by using your real money £2:99 per pack or some other seemingly cheap price

      • Dick

        That is exactly what putt me off me3 mp think about it one dbag gets lucky gets a12x scope heads up to sniper cheat spot like the canal crane and goes to town while the rest deal with iron or red dot or worse he just pays for it straight up

  • snow-bikes, destruction, battle-recorder, more realistic effects ! that’s what i want !!

  • Sounds awesome.

    The dynamic battles sounds very intriguing. I can imagine playing Rush where the MCOM is in a lit building then somehow causing the lights to go out then watch everybody panic. And Jet skis. SOLD. I just hope they make Rush as fun as BFBC2 was. Rush in BF3 is kinda a letdown. To many choke point maps. In BFBC2 you earned your MCOM arm or disarm because the maps was more open and enemies could come from anywhere and not even counting that everything could be demolished. Its funny Conquest is my favorite mode in BF3 but Rush was my favorite in BFBC2.

    • Goldensgods

      Dude EXACTLY SAME FOR ME, I LOVED rush on bfbc2 it’s all I played. And on bf3 I fucking hate it, and I love conquest..

    • dpg70

      Rush was much better in BC2 for the very reasons you state. There are some good ones in BF3, but every map seemed to make for a good round of Rush on BC2.

    • uwantSAM0A

      This. All of this.

    • Retro

      I’m the same, in BC2 I spent 90% of my time playing Rush while in BF3 I rarely ever play it.
      If they were to do something “dynamic” with the maps, I always though having the MCOM’s spawn in different locations so they were not in the exact same spot every single match.

      • Random Flag positions too.

        Also in Conquest that would be amazing to have the flags be in different locations every match. That would pretty much destroy any chance a map would become stale not to mention keep everybody on there toes.

    • MasonMei

      Team Deathmatch in BF3 for me….. till DICE somehow screwed that Noshahr Canals spawnpoints with their “fidelity”, oh ho ho ho.

      • Really Dude or gal

        You are bitching about BF3 in above comments then your playing Team Deathmatch. Your bitchy comments is invalid. BF is about Conquest and Rush not COD team deathmatch crap.

        • MasonMei

          Blah blah blah. I pay $60 and an extra $50 to this game and now you are telling me I can’t like Team Deathmatch. Not to mention that all my thoughts based on facts are invalid. Holy crap how come you are so fucking self-centered? I like what I play, and I play what I like, arsehole.

  • I predict changes

    I predict big changes to the Medic and Recon classes in BF4. I pray they make it harder to revive someone. Please Dice please. Also get rid of the useless spawn beacon. If your a smart player which is very few you know why I said this.

    • Fully agree. Make it at least a bit more realistic. And definitely don’t make it possible to revive people 8 times in a row. Once is enough.

    • dpg70

      Defibs need a longer cool down. They could have done that with BF3 (they tweaked everything else). Conspiracy theory…EA saw the Assault whore play style on those infantry maps as a huge success and didn’t want to run off any converts. /ConpsiracyTheory

      Spawn beacon isn’t useless, but it shouldn’t be able to be deployed indoors. You should always have the disadvantage of everyone on the map seeing you parachute in when using it.

      • I predict changes

        The only reason I say the spawn beacon is useless is mainly because of dumb players. If I play recon class I go out of my way to put the beacon in a good spot then go about my sniping. You have got these stupid players that put it miles away from a objective not benefiting anybody but themselves. I mean its a good thing to have if your using it right but 95% of people who do do not.

        • dpg70

          It’s even better when they put it in your deployment. Idiots

          • Sad but true.

            Yeah i play hardcore a lot. You can only spawn on the squad leader and sometimes when i am playing the squad leader will be a recon and have the spawn beacon way up on a mountain. WTF. The only thing you can do is make you a new squad which takes time. Although they need to take out the mortar in BF4 in my opinion the spawn beacon needs to be like it to where you can only put it in the objective area or close by. It really amazes me though how stupid some of these players are. DICE does not intend for these things to happen. They expect people to have common sense so i do not blame them.

    • nightwing2097

      i like that idea about the harder to revive someone, i think something like the active reload of GOW would be a cool feature, you have to hit it right or you’ll revive them with reduced health, only getting 100% when you hit it perfect

  • TriguyRN

    This definitely gets me exited. Although some features mentioned such as bring gun unlocks form bf3 foreword and battlepacks seem very noobish

    • RyMann88

      Agreed. It’ll get abused and frustrate a lot of people.

  • Wtf..I just realized there were Jet skis in BC2…Why not in BF3?

    • James K

      Rarely anyone use naval vehicles in both games. It will just be a misuse of codding.

  • Jig

    Preordered and paid in full…I can’t wait for this!

  • well, I don’t like the idea of giving people the ability to pay a little extra and transfer their “status” from BF3 over to BF4 immediately unlocking everything. Same lines as the shortcut packs in BF3, which disgusted me.

    I like the sounds of increased environment interactivity, like being able to flood a whole section of the map or cut the power to a whole building. I do like some of the naval warfare stuff I’m reading, but it doesn’t assure me that there will be all-out naval warfare, including full battleships loaded with cannons. The Ocean Maps DLC would be kind of lame if it was just people fighting on RHIBs (inflatable boats)… I just want confirmation that we can control real large boats. The near-future prototype weapon DLC sounds cool too. But the hand-to-hand melee DLC idea? Are you kidding me? That sounds ridiculously lame.

    • Miex

      I bought the Co-op weapons short cut because I suck at the missions.

      • JustinD

        All you had to was fly around in a helicopter blowing shit up for an hour

  • mechcell

    I not can wait until the alpha.

  • MasonMei

    Don’t be elated guys. If you still remember that dynamic environment (clouds) in Battlefield 3 Alpha/Beta (and later cut prior to the release) you won’t be believing those stupid stuffs EA talked about. Oh yes, I mean, it won’t be present in the final release, especially the dino thing. Naval warfare sounds most possible, yet I wish they don’t screw up the controls of battleships or boats or stuff. Remember the disappointment from the community last year after players were informed that the AC-130 could not be piloted. Don’t do that with ships again. Anyways I’m hoping DICE can deliver us a real “good” game. I mean, not (only) good demos/alphatrails/betas. But a complete Battlefield 4 with all that “power and fidelity” of Frostbite 3.

    Please EA/DICE I have faith in you, even after you f_ed me up with Battlefield 3. But if you fail me once more…. I won’t be this nice-tempered.

    • Please DICE, don’t wake the sleeping bear!!!

      • MasonMei

        I don’t get it.. My english sux

    • uwantSAM0A

      Please dice he’s serious this time!!

      • MasonMei

        I’ve been serious for all my life man… I have faith & hope in this game and most important of all I pay to play it…
        Digression: I know it’s not that serious to play Call of Duty, anyways 😉

    • Go play with your cartoon.

      Adapt and overcome NOOB!!!!

      • MasonMei

        I didn’t say I haven’t even ADAPTED and OVERCOME after playing the game for around 1000hrs. And without viewing my skills and KD you say I’m noob. Are you so pro, dude? I just hate the suppression effects, nothing more, and IMO it doesn’t make me a noob.

  • ImbaFreez

    how to get that survey??

  • Kyle Jackson

    I was already buying it anyways, but if any of this becomes true, put me down for 2 copies just in case one doesn’t get delivered!

  • MegaMan3k

    Don’t these come with NDAs? I wonder if that code in the back is to track down leaks.

    He really should have retyped this… maybe sent it through a translator and back before sharing it.

  • Amedjay

    It’s gonna be awesome, but yet I wonder how 3 factions could fight in 1 country? Will there be maps in Russia? And how long will the knife take to reload? 🙂

  • Zwabber046

    If you will be able to start where you stopped at BF3, that would suck just start from scratch, it’s way more fun to unlock everything

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  • dr_randog


  • dpg70

    Why does cutting the power to a building excite me so?

    • born2expire

      cuz you like to camp dark corners?

      • dpg70

        lol! not bad, but that’s really not my game. I was speaking more to the tactical nature of it.

        • jj16802

          You like to intimidate your enemies?

          • AWaffleWiffer

            Intimidation and disorientation is best for mass destruction.

  • eBunny

    Sounds quite interesting, I’m really looking forward to dynamic maps, naval combat, if it works at least, new and improved animations and a lot more. The only thing I’m quite sceptical about is the ability to carry over stats and ranks. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but of course it’s not confirmed that this will be implemented.

    Also, different melee weapons sounds cool 😀 At least when it’s done well, since I know it’s really hard to do 1st person melee combat right and make it satisfying, but I’m also hearing about stealth and stuff, man I’m getting too excited.
    Cutting power sounds so awesome though.

    I do have hope for this game, but we’ll see.

  • eBunny

    Wow I seem to be the only one liking the idea of melee combat. I agree that an entire expansion devoted to just melee combat sounds kind of rediculous, but I don’t think things like melee combat and dinosaurs would necessarily ruin the game. If it’s fun, why not? Why all the hate when they haven’t even shown any multiplayer yet, let alone releasing the game. Also these are just ideas.

  • HighBob

    more of maps, vehicles, more that, more another thing. Where is “new” ?

  • born2expire

    All I want is server side hit detection and battle recorder (2 features that where in the old BF games).

  • uwantSAM0A

    Dunno about out you guys, but steel titans sounds epic as FUARK!(and I never use the word “epic”)

  • Not Floor

    Get your shit together EA DICE. Your a disgrace.

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  • chestycougth

    My personal BF4 to-do list. (If I could ever choose)

    CLASSES: Make support more powerful, Assault weaker, give C4 back to recon and leave engineer as it is. Decrease suppression for all classes except for support, which should have an increase in suppression power, as well as damage.

    WEAPON HANDLING: Decrease bullet spread for all weapons except LMG’s (which need a moderate increase). Tighten up the ergonomics ever so slightly, but nowhere near as tight as BC2 was.

    VEHICLES: Increase the effectiveness of amphibious armor so that they can contend against tanks more effectively.

    DYNAMIC BATTLEFIELDS: This was mentioned in the original article, however, no mention of weather was made. Weather is something which would add allot of variability to maps. Rain, snow, thunderstorms, day/night variations of each map would make the game feel fresher for much longer.

    NEW LOCATIONS: We know that BF4 is going to shanghai for the SP, so I can only hope that they will implement jungle maps. This is something we haven’t had since BC2 and they are sorely missed by many. Also, snow maps must remain. DICE didn’t make a snow map for the standard game but this time they should include at least one for the base game.

    NEW GAME MODES: I imagine most people want Dino mode and naval combat. Lets hope it’s included for DLC. Realistically, I dobt they’d include either in the standard game.

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  • DeathShock137

    Yea no blue tint. It takes away from the gameplay. AND PLEASE! WE WANT DYNAMIC WEATHER! RAIN, SNOW, DUST STORMS, BLIZZARDS, FLOODS! Night/day cycled maps! The IRNV sight was useless in bf3.

    We also need more of that “war” feel. Ambient, background explosions/gunfire in the distance would be awesome. And improved speech from the players. Add more variety to the in-game multiplayer speech from the characters. Like “Man down!” or something. Add better splash effects to the water and debris flying around.

    And last but not least battlefield 4 needs a multiplayer tutorial for how to play the game. Promote TEAMwork. Team killing and team trolling was out of control in battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 has the potential to be the best game ever. Don’t disappoint us!

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  • I am rather curious whether or not this a “real” survey meant to gather information, or if it is some marketing gimmick from EA.

  • Looksliketheworkofamaster

    Fix the effing suppression. Make it so you get suppressed when you’re hit, not when some noob shoots around you…

  • Tycoon

    How about you all leave your feedback on a Battlefield 4 Forum like
    Just saying, they have a lot of the news thats here but its an actual forum so communicating ideas and suggestions is way easier through their live community chat box.

  • Yodo

    I want to see day/night options in BF4 so that it can add more attachments for NV etc. and so we have more of a Dynamic weather system to the game

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