BF3 Patch Details: Mortar Solutions, IRNV Glitch and Other Bugs To Be Fixed

Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, looks to fans for feedback!

He recently revealed his thoughts on the infamous mortars in Battlefield 3, which have been receiving a lot of complaints lately. This is not so much because they are “over-powered,” but because they are often “spammed” and usually from an unreachable spawn zone.

One solution to this “annoyance” may lie with the recon class’ controllable MAV. Kertz recently thought out loud, “Seriously considering MAVs as a counter to Mortars. ECM jammers could destroy the Mortar with a few hits. Looking for feedback.” This could be seen as a particularly welcome solution considering it will allow more uses for the MAV. Let us know what you guys think down below!

For those curious, another bug that has been brought to his attention can be seen in this video. It involves the ability to use the IRNV optic’s vision while flying or driving any vehicle, making it rather easy to spot enemies. Kertz responded, “I’ll put it on the fix list, I know exactly what this is.” Expect a fix for this one in an upcoming patch.

Some other things DICE is looking into: more frequently are players experiencing spawning without a weapon. DICE has assured fans that they “are currently looking into this issue.” Fans have also been asking about colourblind mode and if will be incorporated any time soon. DICE responded, “we’re aware of this request and looking into it for future updates.” These updates have yet to be given a date but DICE promises “…SOON!! Please continue to be patient.”

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  • A lot of server admin are starting to kick players who spam mortar all over the places and it actually made the game more fair now.

    It is a game destroy weapon.

    • GT

      I have yet to even get a kill with the mortar before I get shot at and killed, even when back in my team’s deployment.

      • hind behind a box or something 

        • One Of Kelly’s Heroes

          I’ll take the UMP and MAV upgrades….sure, anything to make recon tools more effective.

  • Tuna

    Mortars are fine. Just fix the invincibility glitch hommie. Oh and vesekla get a haircut!

  • More uses for mav would be nice. I would like to see one every CQ match but people often just can’t rack up enough points with them so they don’t use, also mav battles are annoying.

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  • Guest

    It would be awesome if all of these things would have been addressed by DICE. At least if they would see it and put in some consideration.

  • Kushmir

    mortar spam would be negated if they could only see guys who’d been spotted. and freindly fire were added. not sure i read a solution in your article. are they planning on doing anything?

    • Anonymous

      Playing on hardcore that is how it works. Can only see people being spotted and friendly fires IS on. Which makes it impossible to fire at a clustered area. Its more to take out snipers and enemy mortars

  • They could also make it so that the ammo is not infinite, and not replenishable by the support class.  If you had 4-5 mortar rounds, and unlimited smoke rounds, you would see mortar become more of a team helper than an enemy spammer.

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  • Anonymous

    remove infinate ammo. 5 rounds and then its empty.  make it used in a more tactical way rather than spam.

    • Otsuko

      Only problem is they are support. they can simply drop ammo and replenish.

      • Mikee21

        then disable that, easy

        • That’s dumb to just disable being able to supply munitions. That’s one of the Support’s jobs, and always has been. 

          • DarthDiggler

            Just break out a mortor and take them out it’s easy as pie.  Don’t see what the fuss is about I have only encountered this issue in a few games, so KUDOs for DICE not getting all Knee-Jerk with this.

            • Anonymous

              Word. U take it out, find the enemy mortar, who is lit up like a christmas tree on the map, fire 1 round. Like Gordon Ramsey would have said, DONE!

        • Alex

          Don’t let them shoot from a spawn areas simple. Since I use mortars, I can tell you it’s not super easy to kill with it, but it is easy to spam an area to keep the enemy down, which really does help your team. Smoke mortars don’t seem to be a huge help, but it has its applications.

          • so do i but i think that playeers shouldent be so stupid and stay   so die and  take out a morter and kill the other player

  • Xrmcx86

    MAV is exaclty what I use when morter are being spammed and its taken care of. The problem with MAV is my opinion is you dont get enough points for spots oh well

  • jam

    Maybe Mortars should leave a really obvious smoke trail, so they basically give away their position, especially if they spam..?

    • Otsuko

      they already do. just look at the guy spamming motors next time.

      • Sentry81

        Yeah you can see there’s a giant column of smoke as the shell leaves the mortar and strikes the ground

    • pr0skis

      and if u look at ur minimap everytime a mortar fires he shows up as a mortar symbol. all u have to do is get ur mortar out shoot one round on the spot and he’s dead. seriously not hard to deal with a mortar spammer if ur not fucking retarded

  • nate

    you probably shouldnt have posted the night vision glitch… only a handful of people knew about it before lol 

  • Arguru

    They should check for respawning right into the face of an enemy. No way you can defend yourself from that.

  • blurb

    fix negative acceleration on PC.  it sucks that it moves slower the faster you move your mouse.  FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!!!

  • More uses for the MAV, are you kidding? lol. I’m already far too powerful with it, if you give it more uses I’ll be a one man army.  I can spot with it, use it as a motion tracker, destroy enemy equipment, distract enemies.. and of course road kill enemies. I often get more kills with my MAV than team mates who are using standard weapons. I had a 15 kill streak with it recently. The only downside is stupid team mates who ignore the enemies I’m spotting who are right next to them.

    More points for spotting would be welcome, but isn’t necessary. I use the MAV to help my team, not get points.

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  • Hein

    Is there an ETA for the patch? The negative mouse acceleration and the stutter problems really suck and keep me from really diving into the MP part.

  • David Ferckham

    They should check the ”initializing forever” issue for the reason that there’s an untold number of people that cannot even play the game yet for more than 2 weeks . 

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  • Whiskeytango

    Wow fuck EA and DICE still know mention of fixing the party and VOIP on ps3.

  • Mrowcliffe

    FUCK YOU DICE and EA we NEED A MIC FIX ON Ps3 no mention of it anywhere …I MIGHT TAKE MY FRIENDS TO MW3

    • Sigh

       then you will rage over your new-found mic skills about how shit that game is fullstop?

  • Snick409

    No need to disable ammo etc, u wanna know how to defend against mortars!!!!! Drop a mortar on that fool! i do it all the time as soon as they fore one round there lit up on the map for me to destroy over and over again they get mad as hell.  Counter against mortars??? Counter mortar fire! just like in real life!

  • Guschuss33

    I don’t see the issue. Spawn in as your own mortar. The opposing mortar is on the map. Shoot your mortar at them. It is that easy.

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  • Frankieonpcin1080p

    The map definitely has to be made clearer…..

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  • what they need to do is give the mortar to the recon and the mav to the support.  you dont support your team with a mortar 100 yards back.  You can, support your team with spotting.  it will also bring some balance back to the recon class.

    • FaLI3N

       awkward moment when you realise the mav is for spotting enemies and “recon” and the mortar is to keep the enemies heads down and lay smoke to help get your team through aka support? hurr durr

  • Tamo98008

    need to do something bout squad selection, give us like 8 more to choose from ..too hard to get on a squad with ur friends at the moment the way its setup

  • trew

    Just use a mortar to take out the mortar-spammers. One hit and they are gone.

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  • blackjack

    I have used mortars with great effect mainly on snipers and vehicles. They seem to be more accurate at closer ranges. Never fire at max range-always work myself  in close and hide in a ditch or behind low lying hills. On some maps I fire away and no one even tries to take me out.  I always look for other mortars after each shot.

    My suggestion is to have the barrels heat up after a number of rounds. If you keep firing  while hot, it blows up!

  • the spwan on the ps3 is scrud up it wont let me spwanon team mates in jets or helies or at a flag if i do i have you keep preesing X and i let the timer cout down tell i can spwan

  • Aaronjshoemaker

    The issue with the mortar is that it doesn’t have enough splash damage to get kills or any suppression effect. If you are looking to balance this weapon then please fix those things and then maybe adjust range accordingly to balance the weapon. You really ought to get more points and kills for laying down suppressing smoke/mortar fire… as it stands right now you get none 🙁 thanks

  • Aaronjshoemaker

    AAlso please please please fix the javelin! It’s really not as effective as it should be and getting people to set up soflam for it is almost none existant because of this. Please fix asap! It’s been an issue from day one…

  • pr0skis

    seriously what’s wrong with mortar spam. if u can’t deal with it QQ more! if there’s an enemy mortar giving u the shits. get killed and equip ur mortar and take him out. it’s not hard at all… all u COD n00bs need to L2 teamwork stop QQing cos ur shit at BF3. what’s coming next? disable rockets on choppers and jets cos they get “spammed” too much?? DICE if u keep listening to a bunch of QQing n00bs, sooner or later everyone who actually plays Battlefield the way it’s supposed to be played will quit playing, and stop buying ur products!

  • FaLI3N

    mortar is underpowered as it is.. you need direct hit to kill and massive travel times means they take a step to the left, survive, and then run. there goes the kill

  • Linkin_blr

    Remove the mavs ability to road kill. Its suposed to be used to suport your team not for some tool to polish his kill death by hiding in the spawn.

  • Darth Duck

    This could just be my game but I can’t place down the mortar after the mortar patch and it’s odd because I’m placing it on the right ground

  • Bf3 assassin

    They really need to take team killing out of hardcore