Borderlands 2 – First Images Of Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt Character Skins And Heads

With the recent leaks of Borderlands 2’s upcoming DLC Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, one is left to wonder what exact customization options can we expect to find in this adventure. Luckily, we have discovered images that show off the character skins and heads that Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is set to include.

Character Customization



Salvador in his Mustache Of Legend head


Salvador in his Wise (Rhino) Skin



Gaige in her Pithy Rejoinder head


Gaige in her Elusive (Leopard) skin



Maya in her Trigger Pull head


Maya in her Frozen Wraith (White Tiger) Skin


Maya in her Wraith (Tiger) Skin


yAnGfh (1)

Zer0 in his D4rk Expl0rer head


Zer0 in his Vigilant (Zebra) skin



Axton in his Clever Boy head


Axton in his Patient (Snake) skin

Also, don’t forget to check back with us often as we will also be showing the loot you can expect to acquire in Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt.

Which character head from Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt are you looking forward to using? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Battlefield Engineer

    Pretty neat!

  • Lufamos

    Raise the level cap, that’s what i want from this dlc.

    • what i really want is a inventory,bank, and a USE for my 99 eridium -__-

      • Wrathfu1 Snake

        Use for 99 eridium, Farm that Terramorpous boy 😛

    • Latch

      Why would you want to level up anymore in this game?

      • Same reason humanity never stops looking into learning new things; we love progress. Higher level cap means we get more opportunity for progress, both in higher level gears and more fleshed out skill trees.
        If the thought of having more skill points from higher levels bothers a player, well, it’s not like spending them is a decision forced upon players, so I don’t see any issue.

  • Jesse Alms

    metal blood is still the sickest of ’em all..

  • Lufamos2.0

    when does it come out

    • Joel Santana

      There’s no official release date as of yet, but randy pitchford jokingly said that we will see new DLC before the “world ends”.

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  • Raise the level cap on the game. I am tired to playing and getting no exp for my time. Give me more space to hold and store stuff I got the eridium but no use for it. Another thing is the Bosses on this new DLC don’t drop any pink crystals or anything good. That is a shame.

  • aaaah I want the siren head so bad. we are almost done with the main story quests