Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution Zombies Achievement List And Live-Action Zombie Film

The official Achievements list have been revealed for Revolution Zombies. Featuring ten new achievements (250 points total), these rewards are sure to keep you busy for some time.

As listed on the Xbox Smartglass (thanks Xbox360achievments)

High Maintenance
In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction.

In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game.

Mad Without Power
In Die Rise, reach round 10 before turning on the power.

In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game.

Slippery When Undead
In Die Rise, kill 5 zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier.

Facing the Dragon
In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2.

I’m My Own Best Friend
In Die Rise, revive yourself.

In Diner Turned, get a kill with each primary weapon in a Public Match.

Monkey See, Monkey Doom
In Diner Turned, retrieve a chained Cymbal Monkey in a Public Match.

I See Live People
In Diner Turned, kill the human while its decoy is in play in a Public Match.

Thanks for the tip, Forum member poklaan.

Live-action films created by fans have always been great to watch. Considering that they’re low-budget and usually do better than what Hollywood would produce, films based on games have been popular with them since they are, after all, the fans. Knowing everything that we want in them, YouTuber group, JasonRoseteFilm has released a live-action film of Black Ops Zombies. While, yes, it does have some cheap effects, it’s nonetheless one of the most impressive ones out there. Watch closely as you’ll miss plenty of Zombie Easter eggs throughout the videos.

Be on the look out tomorrow as we’ll have some exclusive Revolution gameplay footage, including the new zombie mode, “Turned,” and map, “High Rise.” You’ll be able to get the first look on our YouTube Channel.

  • lots of trophies o_o also since the new zombie type is called a dragon maybe it hops on you head and burns you like the green run

  • The Dragon…?

    Can’t wait, too bad I have too wait another month.

  • Nemesis_96

    Sliquifier sounds… interesting… >:D
    I may be coming home early tomorrow haha

  • Jason

    Have they showed anything for BF4? lol I jk, this looks cool!

  • DatKidNick

    Aww i cant wait for ps3 to get it xD

  • Some of these are reffering to the wonder weapons?

  • I just can’t play this game after playing Planetside 2. Also wish the maps were more like the awesome black ops maps, like Array.

  • tanile

    This sounds pretty cool. I just hope that Die Rise isn’t like the zombie map Five from black ops 1. Five was an okay map but the extreme close quarters of it made it too difficult in my opinion. On a side note, is anyone looking forward to the Crysis 3 beta tomorrow? 😀

  • I wonder if they made a way to revive yourself in Co-op… Why would reviving yourself be an achievement since it’s an easy thing to do solo?