Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Weapons and Equipment Revealed?

More Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 info leaks out of the latest ELITE update, this time allegedly revealing some of the weapons you’ll be able to get your hands on the the latest iteration of Treyarch’s Zombies mode.

Our friends at CI have gathered these images below of what may be some of the available weapons and equipment in Black Ops 2 Zombies. Note that this list could be incomplete or might just feature placeholder weapons. We know that the Black Ops 2 campaign takes place in both the Cold War era and the near-future era, so it wouldn’t be surprising if we could get our hands on weapons like the MP5 sub-machine gun, M16 assault rifle or the Python magnum in the Zombies mode as well.

It also doesn’t feature any new wonder-weapons, which Treyarch is sure to include in the final release. Maybe they are just keeping it a secret?

Let us know what you think!

  • Awesome

  • youssef

    you said they havent included a wonder weapon, then what was that above the ray gun??

    • might be sum sort of grenade like the qed device

      • MasonMei

        QED = Quantum Entanglement Device, so “qed device” is wrong. Like you don’t say “AGM Missile” (sorry Cpt McTavish XD)

    • jim

      You’re right, look at it closely, that’s the new weapon at the end of the zombies trailer. Handle on the right, gauge on the left

      • absolutecobblers

        Yeah that is the Jet Gun, which is pictured above.

    • jman64gen

      your right to a point you left off “new” in your quote, so next time use the full quote, for those of us that are blonde the new quote should be “they haven’t includend a new wonder weapon”

  • absolutecobblers

    The list is missing four weapons.

    Another new weapon is Tazer Knuckles.

    I had these all posted yesterday. Cymbal Monkeys also return, again, not pictured.

    • Link

      Link then pls

      • absolutecobblers

        I leaked the prestige emblems, prestige master emblem, zombie stat icons and what they related to, the map loading images and now you want me to link you to a weapon?

        Per-lease. Besides, you can find it out for yourself right now if you want to. The info is all on Elite, you just need work out where to look.

    • MasonMei

      Watched a vid on our country’s video site.. Our country banned YouTube but also videos uploaded on our own sites won’t be deleted by Activision (nice). Want link? There you go: by A.o.Z. (Alliance of zombie)

  • KennyKyle

    wheres the crossbow?

  • Delta8A

    weird… it’s either really old guns or futuristic ones, which Trearch made really ugly this time… plus the same reload animations and player animations as in MW3. i’m really cautious about this game. should i buy it or wait?

  • Alex

    Yay old and new weapons! They should bring back the MP40 again LOLOL. Also is it just me or do the weapons stylized look kinda like BF3’s weapon images?

  • s

    why blops1 weapons or just lazy?

  • Thunder Gun! Oh yeah I’m excited!

  • i like this very much i know im gonna use the type25 and if the AN-94 is in it dat too. the wonder weapon ontop ray gun looks kinda similar to the thunder gun if u guys remember the audio about the news reporter she said that theres a prototype weapon called the “DG3” IDK thats my opinion.

  • Kevin

    There was a leak on youtube today of zombie gameplay / campaign, and multiplayer but they took it down one thing is that when you start zombies at round 1 zombies will be there already next to you

  • cheeseburger eddy

    WHOO cannot wait to play zombies. Guns lookin good, so does the new wonder weapon at the end of the trailer

  • hunk

    no ak-47, no party

  • 4 guns are copy and paste from Black ops

  • Ebone

    Only 1 LMG? That’s too bad.

  • Outlawz

    CROSSBOW! I wish there was a no explosive bolt that was a 1 shot kill. I wanna be like Daryl from TWD.

    • That would be epic! EVen better if it went through the zombies and you could take out multiple zombies with one shot.

    • MasonMei

      ….. and retrieving bolts!

      • my stalker

        how is that possible 0.o

        • MasonMei

          Well if you have watched TWD you’ll know how to pull out bolts from deads…

  • Great article
  • BigKingSteve

    Alright! The ballistics knife is back!

  • Darn. No Mosin. It shall be missed.

  • Shock grenade

  • Fruitient Assassin

    I honestly can’t wait especially with all the new innovation they made. This will be my first midnight release for a game.

  • MrLadyfingers

    The Barret .50 call IS IN ZOMBIES. I saw it in a livestream last night. It was in the mystery box along with the galil. The Olympia and MP5k are wall weapons.

    • Dr. Wolf

      Don’t forget the RPD 😛

      • Dr. Wolf

        By the way he’s telling the truth I’ve seen it on YouTube

  • BOII 4ever

    awesome gamee… i just think that the people who dislike black ops 2 are fags and are from mongolian 😀

    • quit hating

      U must b from China.

  • Dr. Wolf

    He forgot the RPD lol 😛

  • Dr. Wolf

    And yes there is leaked zombie footage on YouTube with the RPD in black ops 2 zombies 😛

  • qwerth


  • where’s the pack-a-punch list, what about where all the different items go from terminal(bus route)

  • Wagnuts

    Where do u upgrade your weapons in the town on Xbox?

  • Cbeezy

    The pack a punch is in the town in side the safe. You need atleast 2 players and 2 turbines to get in. One player at the town door with a thunder bolt on it and one at the power plant door. Use at same time with power on. Than build the pack a punch by finding parts

  • shouldend peoples of call of duty: black ops 2 make a chainsaw out the random? like name: chainsaw Z-2000 and pack a punched: Devils Rage (this isnt my real acc, dnt think im gramma xd)

  • Neckromanser

    I don’t see Galvaknuckles.