DICE Producer on Battlefield 4 eSports : “We’re Going To Make [Battlefield 4] a Sport”

Battlefield 4 Producer Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros explains how the studio behind Battlefield 4 plans to make the game a ‘sport’ and allow competitive gamers to take advantage of the game’s more eSports-friendly features.

Speaking to Matros at the rAge 2013 expo, YouTube personality “Ph4tso” asked where DICE hopes to take competitive play with the launch of Battlefield 4 this Fall.

In answering, Matros highlighted some of the more competitive game modes being featured in Battlefield 4; Domination and Diffuse, and touched on the importance of working with big leagues and the community.

“We’re going to make [Battlefield 4] a sport in the competitive side,” answered Matros. “So, making it a sport means working with big leagues, working with the community on it, working with players, see what they want. We’re bringing out spectator mode – very well sought after – the Domination game mode, Diffuse game mode – perfect competitive game mode – and at the end of the day, the crowd decides what they want to see.”

Matros also clarified that the core competitive Battlefield 4 experience will be 5 vs. 5 offline, but will focus on keeping the core aspects that make Battlefield Battlefield.

“But making it a sport means that Battlefield can’t change from what Battlefield is. So, suppression’s in there, you have big open levels, you have small levels, you have tight urban settings, you have huge landscapes – you can do anything you want. But the sport remains a 5 vs. 5 offline,” he said. “So, offline, 5 vs. 5 – that’s what we’re going for. And we’re just going to feel the crowd, see what the crowd likes, see what the casters like, see what the casters think of the game in general. We had Corey Dunn and Goldenboy FTW casting E3, casting Gamescom. They did an amazing job. And also the amazing team behind this did an amazing job. So, we’re just going to feel the crowd and see where it takes us, but the sport is what we’re going to reach.”

To clarify, suppression has been tweaked in Battlefield 4 to affect those only under fire from weapons like LMGs, not all weapons, as in Battlefield 3.

To boost Battlefield 4’s career in eSports, Xbox is hosting a US vs Europe tournament in London, UK this November, which you can earn the chance to win a trip to. Check out the details here.

What do you guys think of Battlefield 4’s more eSports-friendly direction? Is it something you are particularly interested in?

Thanks, B4d R0b0t, for the tip!

  • ChessMania

    I thought the Definition of Video Games was to have fun on your TV? What happened to that? I feel that games are getting more competitive than adventurous…

    • That’s a fair thought. I think that’s why Matros stressed that the competitive aspect of BF4 will be 5 vs. 5 offline, so it doesn’t sort of mess with the traditional BF experience.

      • CoDforever

        what does he mean “offline” ? And how can bf4 be on MLG pro circuit if CoD ghosts said they are going to be the flasghip first person shooter for MLG something like that ? Doesnt that mean that Ghosts is going to be the only FPS on the pro circuit ? If thats so, How can BF4 be successful competitve wise ?

        • Because MLG isn’t the only eSports league in the world.

          • CoDforever

            All the other leagues combined are not popular and successful as mlg. Do they even have big events like MLG Anaheim, MLG Dallas etc ?

            • iloveFPS

              Well that’s both true and false at the same time. In North America MLG is the most successful league in North America. MLG could also be argued to be more successful then ESL which is pretty much MLG in the EU. However there are Leagues in Korea, and China that blow MLG out of the water. You also have leagues like the World Championship series ran by Riot which are also way more massive then MLG but they work with leagues around the World like MLG, and ESL to pull the WCS off.

              However when DICE says they are going to work with leagues they more then likely mean Virgin gaming who EA already has a great relationship with through EA Sports titles like Madden. Remember VG was going to host a 1.5 million dollar tournament for BF3, however that game launched with absolutely no eSports support and it was not till very late in the games life cycle that we got some of the features needed to even attempt competitive play for Battlefield and at that point it was to late to build a community.

              If BF4 is serious about eSports I see them working with VG just like Halo 4 recently did with the Global Championships.I expect to see some type of qualifiers and a tournament announced shortly after the launch of the title heck maybe we will finally get that VG 1.5 million dollar event since this time we have the features needed.

        • ChessMania

          See no.. That was more a big Superpose wehaveMLGandyoudont sort of thing.. Call Of Duty cannot legally do what you say because that is a form of anti-competitivism which is not allowed in any business…

        • Wrathchildx666x

          I assume offline means just a LAN connection

        • Mike Limpus

          MLG is a joke now.

          • CoDforever

            Lol why ?

          • xiSpeedy

            agreed. especially gb. so corrupt

        • mechcell

          MLG isn’t the only eSports league in the world. AHGL, NGL, IGL, PGL, GGL, AGL,and etc. are a other eSports leagues around the world. MLG is a joke now and it being say from ex-MLG player like myself. (i was in MLG for only a week. xD)

          • Jon Cameron

            You forgot ESEA, CEVO and ETF2L (this one is TF2 exclusive)

      • Xarcriloth

        I assume when they say offline they mean LAN capabilities? Im excited or confused because at E3 Daniel confirmed that there will be no LAN support. Looks like they may have changed their minds?? But just for Defuse… Hopefully other gamemodes follow suit. As a Comp player in BF3 (My team is #1 in Aus for SQDRush 🙂 ) this is a must for Comp gaming. LAN.

        • E4t_Le4d

          And what is your team name?

          • Xarcriloth

            Fatal Error. Feel free to ask for a scrim… 🙂

            • E4t_Le4d

              I would but I play PC

        • E4t_Le4d

          You’re team is not #1 in Aus for Squad Rush. According to CyberGamer you team finished 4th in season 1 and 6th in season 2…Please don’t lie because you’ll always get found out. http://www.cybergamer.com.au/organisation/2912/Fatal-Error/

          • Xarcriloth

            Cybergamer was like two years ago. The competition is at ESGN where youll find we won the last season. Numba 1 Au cuzzzz

    • That guy you might know

      People just stated taking it so damn seriously.

      The only game that should be this competitive is Pokemon.
      Don’t care what you guys think xD

    • JohnD

      Ever since rent a server,FUN has took a back seat on BF sadly. BF4 better have DICE servers where it rotates every map in one mode. I do not want TDM COD bullshit in my BF that is why I play BF. I want Conquest or Rush all day.

      Also if you have a clan please rent your own server and stay out of DICE servers. People who want to have balanced games and fun matches does not want 32 clan members on one side and all randoms on the other. That is stupid and does not make you look good it makes your clan look weak. Go play against other clans.

      Rent a server has made team stacking and exploitation a epidemic. I should not have to rent a server just to have balanced games.

    • moose

      yea thats console gaming… its just supposed to be relaxing on a couch.. thats why you use a controller and have aim assist.. its not serious.

      PC players on the other hand actually have a competitive option… considering they actually have a level of skill playing FPS

      • Raymond Featherston

        Watch out y’all we got a PC master race badass over here!

      • David!!

        This video is this guy exactly:


        Case rested. Next to driving hybrids, PC gaming is one of the leading causes of smug.

    • Daniel

      Actually, Video games are interactive media.

    • Astral

      As much as this may seem as attacking you, but have you ever thought that playing competitively was fun to people and these people see competitive as adventurous. Just stop and think about if for awhile, before replying if you even bother to look at this.

      • ChessMania

        What about the people who want to have fun by just playing the game? Now a days companies are pushing people to play serious competitive modes to win in general and when people lose they don’t enjoy it very well.

  • roland0811

    I wonder if tactical shooters like OFP or Arma will ever get into the “esports” or will it always be dominated by arcade-y run ‘n gun twitch shooters like Battlefield and CoD. Would love to see an epic Arma tourney with 40 player teams.

    • zacflame

      Counter-Strike might.
      Have fun watching Arma….

      • roland0811

        I’ve never really considered CS a tactical shooter but I’d watch Arma all day if it were people who knew what they were doing.

        • zacflame

          Some really good tactical shooters for being a sport are Ghost Recon and MGO.
          Sadly, Ubi stopped making new Ghost Recons for “The Division”.

          • roland0811

            I agree with you if you’re talking about the older GRs, like Jungle Storm or maybe even GRAW2. The new one was a worse joke than even MoH: WF. Hopefully ‘The Division’ is good! 😀 But wouldn’t mind a HD remake or even a sequel to Jungle Storm.

    • CoDforever

      The biggest part of esports is watching them play it. Thats why ARMA is not going to be successful esports wise.

      • roland0811

        I’d watch the hell out of two really good, cohesive teams playing Arma. I’m more into the strategy and tactics than the gunplay quickscoping and sprinting around stuff that kids are obsessed with today.

    • Katana67

      People would have to have extended attention spans. Most don’t.

      • roland0811

        I know what you mean. I miss when shooters used to make you think.

  • zacflame

    Making Battlefield 4 a sport means making Battlefield a sport.
    A sport never changes.
    Battlefield is not going to change starting now.

  • swipe_06

    Im just worried, that all this e-sports focus will degrade the “casual” way of playing Battlefield. I hope there’s room for people like me, who like to jump into a few rounds and just play.

    • RoderickVI

      There will be dont worry, Im fully competitive but if you ever wanna play cassualy im sure you’ll be able to do it

    • CoDforever

      But i thought Battlefield is “Team oriented” “objective based” “not about KD”

      • swipe_06

        I don’t really understand what you mean by that. Im just saying, that if BF4 becomes a game that you cannot enjoy without playing with a stack of friends, players will leave. I can’t join games all the time with 4 of my friends due to work / other duties, and Im sure Im not alone. This has nothing to do with stats

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    5 v 5? Is this CoD or Battlefield?

    • That guy you might know

      Welcome to the all new game Call of Field.
      Identity crisis FPS game that takes all of the trendy elements of shooters and stuffs it into one game!

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        Pretty much… how else are they gonna get everyones money?

        Oh yeah, that’s right, they could ignore everyone else and make stay true to their franchise and made a good battlefield game!

    • CoDforever

      4v4 is Comp. COD. Seriously, why the hell would they make it 32v32 lol.

      • JohnD

        Look at you trying to act all positive. How sweet.

  • Connor

    E-sports =/= sport.

    • Niosus

      Define sport. If it means physical excercise, it isn’t a sport. If the competitive element is the biggest factor, it does fall under the same umbrella.

      It’s like saying chatting isn’t talking. Is the talking about what you do with your mouth, or is the act of communicating the important part?

      Sometimes trying to put labels on things really isn’t helpful…

      • Connor

        A sport is a competitive physical activity. Sure e-sports is competitive, but it is in no way physical.

        • BadCompany3

          That is why it has a prefix of e-, a variation of sports. You do exert effort or physical activity when you play video games, do you? or you do it by mind over matter?

          • Connor

            Moving your thumbs isn’t what I call physical effort.

            • SCIENCEMAN2001

              I know this is old as shit, but I kinda wanna let you know that auto racing is generally considered a sport, and all you’re really doing there is playing with some pedals and turning a steering wheel.

      • Raymond Featherston

        As much as I think that eSports should qualify as sports, every definition I found (I checked Merriam Webster, Dictionary.com, and my school edition dictionary) qualifies it has a competitive activity involving physical exertion. So by definition competitive video games are not sports 🙁

        • Niosus

          Well yes, it definitely isn’t a physical sport. But the point in esports is the competitive aspect, like in physical sports. Nobody is claiming esports is physical exercise, even when the “e” is omitted.

          Nitpicking about what label you put on something when the it is obviously clear what people mean, especially when it’s simply a missing prefix, is a bit silly. It’s like saying phone instead of telephone. The original meaning of “phone” in latin just means sound. The tele in front of it makes it “sound at a distance”. The same way the “e” makes it electronic sports. Not to compare anyone with grammar Nazis, but in my honest opinion it’s the same level of discussion. I mean… does anyone really need clarification that Battlefield is not physical exercise?

          As a quick final note: dictionaries are based on what/how words are used in a language. If a new meaning for an old word becomes popular, it’s not the dictionary’s job to correct the language. It’s up to the dictionary to change the definition. 100 years ago a computer was a person doing calculations by hand. I’m just trying to say that dictionaries are references, but not rule books. The dictionary adapts to the language and not the other way around.

      • JohnD

        Sometimes I sweat playing BF. It is a sport to me. LOL.


    Most fun I had playing this game was 12vs12 conquest clan matches.

  • CoDforever

    Talk big much ? All they did was bring spectator mode and take a few game modes from BO2 and CSGO and say “we are trying to make it a sport” . Treyarch and Valve made Counter strike and Black ops 2 with esports a focus, Treyarch even brought in a CoD esports enthusiast (hastr0) onboard developement for his feedback and what tools they can need for competitive, thats why bo2 is successful Competitive wise. Hell, OpTic has 1.7 million fans alone. But good luck to them tho.

  • Katana67

    Ugh… I really couldn’t care less about “eSports” in Battlefield.

    Why is it, that more often or not whenever I see a person with an MLG picture or MLG gamertag, they’re hacking/glitching/shittalking their brains out?

    • JohnD

      They are not the only ones. I have been labeled a cheater,hacker,glitcher, and even having a lag switch and I play for fun.

      Bottomline if you are really good at BF or any game for that matter there is always haters out there. That is why I set my privacy to friends only on messages and chat. Problem solved.

      The time I got accused of having a lag switch is a funny story so I will tell it. It was Metro ( aka the map I hate ) and I had the Spas-12 with extended Mag with no scope. I seen a whole bunch of people around one corner on the mini map so I rounded the corner and in perfect gaming harmony they was lined up in single file so I popped of 6 consecutive shots and killed all six of them and killed another with my sidearm. So they sent my buddy all kind of messages because he owned the server about me having lag switches and you need to kick him.

      I just laughed at that because it is a Shotgun with buckshot and close range the Spas-12 is a one hit kill and they was lined up in single file. I have had many many other stories just like that that usually results in that kind of hate.

      • Katana67

        I get falsely accused of cheating too.

        But, like I said, it’s sort of contrarian (and probably intended that way, as irony) for people with MLG paraphernalia on their profiles to hack/cheat/glitch.

        Those who aren’t doing that, are shit-talking all day. Which leads me to believe that MLG is full of pricks. Just my own personal experience.

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen a self-identified MLG “whatever” not be a jackass.

        • JohnD

          I do agree on that about MLG players or clan members being dicks. I am sure it is not all of them but a majority. I do know however that at least on BF3 clan members are the worst admin abusers. me and my friends always start beating some clans and they either move us to there team or kick us. That is a pretty dick move.

          I have put over 1000 hours online on BF3 and I know who whe cry baby,s and dicks are and it is mostly the clan members who feel like they are superior to everybody.

          As the famous words of Arnold on Commando. “I eat clan members for breakfast”. LOL

    • SubXero

      That’s strange because normally everyone I see with MLG in their tag or picture suck bad.

  • alex

    How can they keep the battlefield experience with vehicles and even decent size maps with only 5 vs. 5. Seige of Shanghai is kind of to big for 12 vs. 12

  • Mike Limpus

    Remember when Battlefield was Battlefield, and Counter-strike was Counter-Strike?

    • Kyle Jackson

      Just thought I’d go back and check them just to make sure. Yep, they’re still the same.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only who thinks BF4 feels a little like CS… :S

      • Mike

        I didnt play the Beta yet but being like CS a bad thing?

        • 3RDRANGER

          I wouldn’t know, but BF4 doesn’t feel like CS to me since the hipfire isn’t as accurate and the fact that there is aim-down sights in the game.

          • Mike Limpus

            Yeah, but that’s hardly what defines Counter-strike.

      • JohnD

        BF4 feels like. Wait for it. BF. And that is a good thing.

  • dpg70

    And this means absolutely nothing to most Battlefield players

  • Rob

    This one seems just like CoD now. The controls are all the same.

    • Jon Cameron

      Didn’t realize controls made the game.

    • JohnD

      No No it doesn’t. If it was call of duty there would be one flag in a circle like map the size of the building at C flag on BF4 console beta.

  • Soldier

    Well this is interesting, the exact opposite of what he said at Gamescom. That is, he didn’t like LAN and that he wanted to just keep things online. Now it’s offline? How ridiculous

  • Vidalzinho

    Before making it a sport fix the damn game first

    • BoxcuttahPazzy

      Lol, 4 days in and people are already bitching about that.
      Half the bugs you see are already fixed in the retail release.

      • AtheistMason

        “are already fixed in the retail release”.. this sounds like you’ve already played the retail release lol…

        Lesson learnt from BF3 was that after a few patches of the retail release the game will be fixed…

        • zacflame

          Yo dawg, I heard you liked the scoreboard, so we got rid of dat.
          Oh, and we re-arranged all the controls for you.

          • For the scoreboard on console, hold the start button.

            • TriguyRN

              Thanks, I had no idea.

          • oofy

            Xzibit?!? Pimp my Battlefield!

            • zacflame

              Yo dawg, I also heard you liked playing guitar hero in your car’s trunk….

            • oofy

              Off topic, but still my favorite of them all:

        • Vidalzinho

          Some people think they know everything.. They must not have been in the BF3 beta…

          • AtheistMason

            I’m quite used to this “All hail Battlefield” stuff.

    • Jamie Marques

      I swear the word “beta” menas nothing to about half the gaming commuinity. depressing, really.

    • TheChunkyPotato

      It’s a beta… what do you expect. If you people keep complaining dice will cease to hold open betas. The beta does NOT represent the final game, and the bugs WILL be fixed.

    • CoDisaFish

      BETA* B-E-T-A not the damn game idiot

  • Leon

    It shows how desperate they are to bring CoD players to BF4. Personally, I don’t mind. I like and play BF and CoD. And Domination mode is more CoDish than CoD.

    • JohnD

      Maybe quit playing Domination. Conquest is where BF shines. If you play BF and you play other modes like TDM and the other silly shit only, you are missing the entire point of BF.

      • Leon

        Really! Thanks I didn’t know what I was thinking, mate! I have only been playing BF series since BF1942, and own all of them including ex-packs. Seriously, I play what I enjoy a variety of modes.

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    it’s not a competetive title, the skill cap can be reached very fast, specially when it comes to gun on gun gameplay. And its not gonna be fun to watch. 5vs5 battlefield? Come on, thats just stupid

    • JohnD

      Lets see considering I have many friends who play COD religiously and they started to play BF and they suck so bad and almost lose every gun fight. Which game is harder to learn.

      I have been playing BF for years and I can jump on COD and play like I have played COD for years. COD is so easy it is pathetic.

    • B_Boss

      You speak so quickly….you speak about “5vs5 battlefield? Come, thats just stupid” but what you, with your quick mouth fail to realize is that, in Battlefield, the smaller the team, the smaller the map. You won’t ever have 5vs5 in “Conquest Large” for example and trust me, if you’re “smart enough” to figure out that a 5vs5 large, open man game of Battlefield would be, you do not think DICE knows this before you?…..

      It wouldnt be stupid or boring for that matter. DICE knows well how to scale their game modes relative to the players.

  • theplantain

    so that’s why they put CoD controls in BF4?

  • Artem Fisan

    I use to play bf3 competitive and all I got from EA was just promises about making it better. You guys need to understand that not features making game competitive … I mean mechanics dmg balance does make a big difference but main goal of a competitive player is the prize. You will not get competitive community until you will start investing money into big tournies or even small torunies with constant prize. You want an example? Look at league of legends … World champ biggest in Esport comunity $2mil poop prize and they make go for lol every week end. $100 but it makes ppl going … So the day you will be willing to spend money on throwing competitions for bf4 thats the day you will get comp players no matter how unbalanced game would be.

  • Emre

    only to make people more addicted, pathetic how can this be a sport?
    What a joke, it’s better for the human to go out and sport, not sitting hours and hours behind a screen everyday, burning there time away.

    • Mike

      Get off your kids computer mom..

    • JohnD

      I use to play sports. You know where that got me . In the surgery center 3 times for bad ankles and feet. Oh and I lost a good job because I could not stand on my feet and ankles for 8 hours. Yeah go play sports see where that gets ya.

  • mechcell

    Offline mode is LAN

  • Ricardo

    I’m surprised that CODForever isn’t rambling on about how you can have emblems on your gun.

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  • leeroy_newman

    Good luck DICE to make your game a E-Sport when the netcode very bad.

  • eric

    a sport that anyone can easily cheat without reprocussion for $10 a month…..because the weakest link has always been the low ball bidder punkbuster……a system that has been completly defeated since 2002 and still not upgraded at the core…..becuase why upgrade when you know EA nor DICE is going to even bother shelling out any real money to remidy the situation.

  • I would
    Love to
    Know how you guys feel after seeing how the game is almost as bad as betA.

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  • Hvd

    i just talked to a pro battlefield 4 gamer who didnt think bf4 is an esport wake up call…lol