DICE “Would Have Loved” If Progression System Hadn’t Impacted Battlefront II Review Scores

During a Star Wars Battlefront II‘s Reddit AMA, three DICE developers attempted to answer the community’s most burning questions.

User TheAlfiandOmega wondered how DICE felt about some of the lower review scores that the game has received: 

Do you feel the 6.5/10 review that GameInformer released on your game was an adequate score based on the product you released? Do you think the score would’ve been higher if the game was not riddled with micro transactions and a progression system inherently tied to those micro transactions?

Design director Dennis Brannvall offered this response:

I feel that the score was impacted by the feedback on our progression system and obviously would have loved if that wasn’t the case. I believe the gameplay, art, audio and depth warrants higher recognition, but I’m a developer, so I’m not necessarily the most unbiased source. Reviewers are obviously entitled to their own opinions, and we respect that completely.

When asked what the developer was doing to change the game based on the negative review feedback, producer Paul Keslin responded:

We care more about how you all enjoy the game and how long you all play the game vs. what its metacritic score is.

As for direct actions, we’ll continue to adapt as fast as possible to things we know aren’t working well. For example we know that Progression needs reworking and that’s on our roadmap as something we need to change – some things can be done quicker than others.

In the meantime we’ll improve and expand on what works and rework or eliminate what doesn’t. Your feedback directly impacts what features fall in which bucket.

Star Wars Battlefront II is set to launch November 17 across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, those with special editions of the game, as well as those with an Origin Access or EA Access subscription, are already playing. 

In other Star Wars Battlefront II news, Blizzard Entertainment has poked fun at the game in their latest StarCraft II trailer and related tweets, a day one patch that brings “a bit more polish” to the game has been revealed and rolled out, and the Belgium Gaming Commission is investigating whether or not the game’s loot boxes constitute as gambling.

Source: Reddit

  • Hvd

    they dont evev care about the pay 2 win lootboxes its quite sad really they think the only issue is the progression system.they wont even say its pay 2 win.

    boycotting all of ea’s games.

    • brubble

      Beat you to it. 😉

      • Hvd

        yea i saw…lol.

  • wombat

    The “pay-to-win or play the game for way too long to unlock anything” progression system is part of the game, either way it would’ve affected the review scores.

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  • Novacell

    They should have used loot boxes as cosmetics only. Players don’t mind earning stuff as they progress through the game single player and multiplayer, but grinding for a ridiculous amount of time is no fun and pay to win is a sure fire way of ruining a game.

  • brubble

    DICE “Would Have Loved” If Progression System Hadn’t Impacted Battlefront II Review Scores……

    Yes well, I would have loved if intentionally stepping in dog poop hadnt impacted the condition of my brand new shoe. Lick my nuts Dice, tell me again, how long you been doing this?

  • GrimmyReaper

    Yeah? Well we would have loved it if EA didn’t rape the Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed series so much but I guess that ain’t stopping anytime soon either, is it DICE?

  • LordCancer Kain

    I wish the focus was more in line with bad company 2, you tended to play that game because the maps we’re great and the matches we’re fun. Now they have mechanised team work, so not fun, and taken the worst parts of RPGs, mindless grinding and terrible loot drops, and created a massive time sink where no one communicates online. I don’t understand why people are mad about loot boxes or why they even play online in these empty shoe like games.

  • KarmikCykle

    Of course they wish it hadn’t. Their pay for making the game is at least partially based on review scores and they’re going to lose whatever bonus they were hoping to get.

  • prisoner223

    The only lootboxes done right that I’ve ever seen has been in HotS and Overwatch. I’ve spent zero on boxes in either game but still get a bunch of them, mostly in HotS. I like that I get currency in exchange for duplicate items that I already own, so I can the go and buy the stuff that I really want right now (ie Abathur and Alarak announcer packs).

    It blows my mind that they’d make the decision to put core parts of the game in lootboxes. Of course people are going to have a problem with that, are they nuts??

    • Mack Ashworth

      Yeah, I think sticking with cosmetics, but making the aesthetically exciting, is the way to go.

      However, I think DICE were very limited when it came to customization Star Wars characters.