Former Battlefield Product Manager Jumps Ship, Joins The Call of Duty Team

After five years, former EA and Battlefield UK Product Manager Kevin Flynn has decided to leave the company in order to join Activision and become Call of Duty UK’s Senior Brand Manager.

During his two years as Battlefield’s senior product manager, he had been part of launching Battlefield 3 and its Premium content, as shown on his LinkedIn profile.

Battlefield 4 will be released later this year, and Call of Duty: Ghosts will hit shelves on November 5. Both games have been confirmed for both current and next generation of consoles along with PC. More information about Call of duty: Ghosts will be revealed May 21 at Microsoft’s next Xboxs announcement.

It’s worth noting that DICE has recently opened a new studio in LA close to Treyarch and Infinity Ward to attract talent. What do you think of Kevin Flynn’s move to Activision?

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  • Joe

    ”….for current and generation..” I’m confused, should there be a ‘next’ there or should the ‘and’ be removed? Just a heads up.:)

    • Thanks Joe for looking out, it’s been fixed.

      • pot51e

        You need to rewrite the whole sentence to be fair: “Both games have only been confirmed for current and next generation of consoles”. They’ve also been confirmed on PC, and as I don’t think anyone would expect it to appear on handheld, wii or PDA’s, then the “only” is redundant and the PC should be added.

        • Changed it to “Both games have been confirmed for both current and next generation of consoles along with PC.” Sorry I meant to fix this yesterday, then Infinity Ward decided to divert my attention. 🙂

  • Dean

    is ea gonna sue activision because activision is “stealing” ea’s workers?

    Just like How activision sued ea on the respawn entertainment thing

    • that’s gonna be funny

    • WasabeJuice

      The logical explanation he jumped ship is because he knows it’s a losing battle for BF to even come close to COD.

      • “Bf to even come close to Cod”
        I know right….
        Bf is years ahead of cod…. lol

  • jfuf

    Really makes fuck all difference, does he get more money? More power to him then.

    What really is going make a difference is if COD’s new engine and mechanics don’t meet up to the previous engine.

  • MrSunshine

    Marketing guy leaves one product to market another product.

    I don’t think many people should care. Actually, I think most people would want more marketing people at EA to go to other places… cause they’re kinda bad at marketing.

  • Hol_Up

    Not a good sign. Battlefield’s marketing was ACE and Acti is only trying to improve their own stellar marketing and cripple DICE’s. This is war gentlemen…

    • pot51e

      Cant agree there. I prefer BF over CoD, but in terms of marketing and brand quality? CoD is far superior (with a superior budget too). Although “99 problems” by Jay Z was kind of cool, it is nothing compared to ACDC or the Rolling Stones for setting the pulse racing.

      • dfsd

        Kind of cool? How dare you.

      • Hol_Up

        I think that COD had better marketing but compared to previous titles, BF3 really hit it’s stride in building hype and posting it’s logo’s everywhere. Much better marketing than previous BFs. Which I think greatly improved the sales and recognition.

  • MasonMei


  • Luis Mitis

    Lets just hope he’s a troll also 😉

  • Jamic

    Only experience in BF3 ? Lol, probably better for COD team to have him there.

    (yes, I had to make bf3isCODifiedbattlefieldgame comment)

  • nemesis

    No Tron comments? D:
    cmon its Kevin FLYNN!
    Flynn lives!

    • Will

      Thank you. I hate I had to read that far down… Anybody know if he has an arcade?

  • zacflame

    it’s not a big deal at all.
    he sees an opening that probably pays him more, he goes to a new job.

  • dpg70

    Yikes. That’s like being signed by the Angels and leaving the Cardinals. A move that has worked out wonderfully…for the Cardinals..

  • TommyBoy

    Fucker’s gone over to the dark side!

    • roland0811

      Both sides are the dark side. EA, Activision….it doesn’t matter where he goes. Hope they both go the way of THQ, personally.

      • TommyBoy

        Activision recycles their bullshit every year, EA at least makes new and solid titles. Either way, say what you want about Ea, it’s Dice that rules the show when it comes to Battlefield.

        • roland0811

          That’s good to go, but personally I have a hard time remembering the last EA title that made me go “Holy shit this is awesome! It’s a must buy!”.
          Every company recycles their shit and waters it down once they figure out they have a hit franchise on their hands.
          Examples: Battlefield, Ghost Recon, Need For Speed, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Madden, The Elder Scrolls, Halo, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Gears of War…. I could go on and on, bud.

          • roland0811

            I forgot Ninja Gaiden, Assassin’s Creed and Guitar Hero.

          • TommyBoy

            I really liked Dead Space 3 and it’s Co-op functions, it blew me away, at least i thought it was good, and all three of them for that matter. And the Mass Effect-Trilogy was epic, it landed right on my special shelf x).. But dude, this just our different opinions and you’re entitled to yours of course.
            But we can atleast agree that we would’ve taken almost any game over Call of Duty these days?

            • roland0811

              Yeah, Call of Duty is WAY beyond it’s expiration date, amigo. I actually play E.T.:Quake Wars and OFP:Dragon Rising more than any other shooter I’ve bought the past couple of years. Those and Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm on my PS2.

              And the first Mass Effect was awesome but I feel like with the second and third ones EA was stripping them down and taking more and more away from the games. I don’t understand why sequels as of late get smaller and shorter than their predecessors. Never got into Dead Space, personally. Just wasn’t my cup of tea. When I want some horror I play RE2 on my PS1 or Carrier and RE:Code Veronica on my Dreamcast. XD

            • TommyBoy

              Well, allthough i enjoy playing old games, because let’s face it, they are REALLY good, but if you ever consider playing horror on this gen, you should play Dead Space, a underrated game if you ask me, really disturbing, like Silent Hill can be sometimes.

  • acealchemist

    He had experience in BF3? Well who gives a fuck, we need the developers from BF1942, BF2 and 2142 working on this shit.

    • Yikes

      Are you a girl?

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Lol he is probably an EA spy. Imagine him going to the bathroom with a radio giving away all of Activision’s secrets…

  • joe jo

    jumped to cod. what a faggot.

  • zach

    woooooow…sell out

  • Sgt.DerpMcDerpy

    Mission accomplished. We now have someone working from the inside.

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