Jimmy Fallon Plays Killzone: Shadowfall on the PlayStation 4

You saw the gameplay footage from the PlayStation event last Wednesday. Now, watch a total noob – albeit a popular one – play Killzone: Shadowfall on the recently announced PlayStation 4.

Co-founder of Guerrilla Games Herman Hulst recently demonstrated the team’s upcoming PS4-exclusive launch title, Killzone: Shadowfall, on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon.

You can catch the segment below, getting a good look at the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller in action. Sadly, PS4 console itself was still nowhere to be seen.

  • Watki

    Lol. Too funny!

  • JustinD

    Yeah he’s definitely a gamer

    • did you see his skills of being a bullet sponge

      • JustinD

        That’s what I was referring to. It seemed like he had no skill in a fps. He was probably calling himself a gamer to relate to the product he knows nothing about

        • Graham

          I think the other guy had his look inverted and that’s why they both were having trouble.

          • JustinD

            RS for a knife takedown… Left untouched. Nuff said

            • Lol I like how after he learned out to use the melee (R3) he just kept pushing it thinking it’ll fire the gun too haha.

  • CG my ass

    And people said it was CG. Open mouth insert foot.

    • UnknownUser28

      Mostly haters. Just like they’re saying with Deep Down

    • moose

      whats funny is that the ps4 is state of the art with the highest level of technology available

      oh wait, its not 2007


      consoles do NOT match PC for power or ability


      they are better for community and playing with friends and pretty much every other aspect of mp gaming

      but they are INFERIOR MACHINES

      • Then go play on you “Superior” PC and leave us consoles gamers alone

        • StealthShot24

          BO2 has a max of like what 30k people during double xp? While XBOX and PS3 both reach a million EACH? Crawl back into your cave with the rest of you PC nerds. Nobody wants to play PC cuz its blows compared to playing console with friends. Then again most people on PC probably dont understand the concept of friends, other than the occasional person they meet in an online game.

          • wtf japan?

            HAHAHAHA OUCH!!

          • Stephen

            lol your basing your numbers based on what call of duty on PC? wow thats a fail call of duty on PC has been shit after CoD4 (redeemed a bit in black ops 1). Why? well people hate your shitty console P2P matchmaking that you guys seem to enjoy where PC Cod4/Black ops 1 had servers which had no “host migration” or massive lag spikes you guys get. Millions of people play WoW and league of legends only on PC so your argument is invalid just as his is.

            But his statement is only true for those who have high end PC those who own/have a current mid end gaming PC then i dare say PS4 is the same or even better than those current mid game PC. But I am truly happy for the PS4 since it will increase quality and utilize more PC hardware for future games.

      • Woo, more PC elitists. Go back to your circle jerk.

      • Sure?

        I cannot tell if your hating on Consoles or not but considering this gameplay of Killzone looks better than anything you have to offer on PC than your argument is invalid. An considering this will be a launch title it will get even better over time. And also PC does not even get 70 percent of the games on consoles you can keep your inferior PC. Have fun playing Paint and Microsoft word with your 800 dollar graphics card.

        • Stephen

          o.0 guessing you havent played crysis 3 then since that looks better than killzone but not saying killzone looks bad if anything it does look amazing compared to current gen consoles games. Also 70 percent of games only on consoles says who? even if that is true do you mean consoles collectively or individually? because if you mean xbox/ps/wii then it may be possible but if you mean just one of those 3 than no. Besides exclusives most games are on PC in general may have delayed release for whatever reasons but it is normally there to.

          Also other than crysis 3 and maybe planetside 2 most games don’t even utilize PC hardware due to consoles limiting said options because they want it to actually work on current tech 360/ps3. Now I am happy about PS4 since it will in turn allow PC versions of said game to utilize more PC hardware and give more graphical options.

          now im not hating on consoles but the current gen needs to be pushed to the next gen consoles. only time will tell how PS4 will handle once its out,

          • PC dying

            How many people really have the money to max out the best PC games or even have the knowledge to build one or maintain one. These next gen consoles is just another nail in the coffin of PC gaming.

        • Stephen


      • The community on PC just isn’t worth dealing with. At one time it was aggressive and competitive and FUN, but now it’s just indie games, mods and overly casual shite.

        • Stephen

          depends on what genre, Also mods/indie games are normally more innovative than call of duty 24 or whatever its called. Also mods like Day Z was fun? but still comes down to your genre for games though. But there are many competitive and fun games like Dota/LoL, Starcraft 2. If anything the mobile phone platform is where the overly casual shite comes from.

        • Stephen

          well not like console community is any better to be honest, But depends on what games you generally play, what genre of games and how you like playing said games (via controller or mouse and keyboard)

      • Stephen

        not sure why you’re being a dick about this Also say consoles dont match HIGH END MACHINES not PCs in general. Because PS4 is for me the same or better than current mid range PCs. Of course as the life cycle of PS4 goes mid range will keep getting more affordable and better but atm PS4 is pretty darn good.

        of course consoles wont match PC in ability but consoles are not trying to be a PC so stop saying stupid shit.

        besides consoles are great because it allows people who cant afford a PC to play games besides i started as a console gamer (ps2/xbox) and although I am a PC gamer now at that time i couldnt afford said PC. So its a good entry point for playing games. Hell i even use controller on my PC for some games since controller on PC is becoming easy to configure compared to what its been in the past

        Also moose you should have thought of it this way having next gen consoles will also boost overall quality for games on PC since developers will be able to utilize more PC hardware now.

      • Angelreborn96

        You’re such a fuckin dumb ass. I’d punch your little scrawny ass in the face if I could. Gtfo

  • Mogwai Warrior

    Am I the only one unimpressed?

    • YES!!

    • Mr Simoes

      Nope. It looks like the same old shit. Very bored with single player fps games. I also want the next gen to make today’s games look ancient and this crap doesn’t excite me at all.

      • WOW!!! Are you watching it on the lowest quality possible with the shittiest monitor ever?!?! The graphics are better then I thought they would be for Next Gen and SONY already said it will be 1080p with 60FPS

        • Mr Simoes


        • Actually, Sony said it runs at 1080p and 30FPS…

          • The Army Ranger

            Damn it. I don’t wanna hear “30”. I wanna hear something higher than that. Gimme “31”, Sony!

      • Battlefield Engineer

        If you’re bored with first-person shooters, then why would you even bother to look at this game?

        Also, you apparently lack the knowledge of current technologies. It’s not possible yet to achieve the visual level capable of rendering current games “ancient.” The technology itself is there, but not in terms of gaming. We won’t see a dramatic change in visuals until the current highest level of technology can be converted into affordable machines like PC’s and consoles.

        Obviously there will be a visual improvement within the next set of consoles, but the biggest improvement will be the overall performance of games. Developers now have the tools to develop vast experiences without having to worry about poor frame-rates.

        • Mr Simoes

          Missed point. Criticized the single player gameplay which is the same ol shit. Hopefully the developers, now free of the constraints of “poor frame rates” can create exciting gameplay in the single player fps genre. And I not blown away with the graphics. I want an exciting, new experience.

          • Alpine

            maybe get laid?!!

            • Mr Simoes


          • That’s a good call.

      • jeebus

        obviously it looks like the same old shit. give it like 2014 or 2015 and next gen games would look 20X better than BF3 on PC

        • Games like BF3 costs around 100m$ to develop. so 20x that equals 2Bn US dollars. Maybe u should wait for the next next-gen when the game industry makes more money.

          • Dirtknap

            A broader scope for software development when new tech is available wouldn’t exponentially increase production costs.

        • Let’s not forget, PC games will look 40X better than BF3 on PC by then. Consoles will match PCs for awhile, but will probably never look better.

      • i wont lie, im kinda dissapointed aswell. i want games not to look like games but like movies that you can control. I want gameplay to look like the cutsenes of bf3 or the spartan ops cinematic cutscenes from halo 4.

      • You clearly don’t seem to understand how great this game looks and how much it renders at once without any load times.

        • Mr Simoes

          You’ve enlightened me. Thank you.

      • You realize that graphics can only go so far? Not every step will be a giant one. Eventually, we won’t be able to step at all.

    • No. I mean, it looks good, but it doesn’t and won’t marvel us. The thing is that no matter what they push the new consoles too, the graphics probably won’t wow us. We saw BF3 and Crysis 3 on PC in amazing detail. We want that quality on our consoles. Maybe we get, but even if we do, it won’t be anything we haven’t seen before. Perhaps next year with a full year with system, developers might bring us something really special looking. Then again, they’ll probably still show us the top specs possible and that will be on a PC.

  • LSextreme

    doesn’t look that great, but im watching it in 720, probably way better playing in real life

    • LSextreme

      and to be fare the games probably not finished ether probs, Im guessing thats it cuz the A.I. didn’t seem to know what was going on

  • Battlefield Engineer

    I really hope they decide how they want to do the “weight” in this game. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the Killzone 2 weighted feel, it felt more unique and natural. In Killzone 3, they tried to do a hybrid of current shooters and a slight weighted feel comparable to Killzone 2. It just felt off. They need to go one way or the other, not a weird middle.

    Also, they need more maps at launch! Bring back spawn grenades as well!

    They should also consider balancing the game some more. It was pretty balanced in Killzone 2, but they ruined it in Killzone 3. The series has such a great in-game clan system, it would be a shame if they don’t get everything balanced in this new game.

  • UnknownUser28

    Hopefully we get more open world and stealth games this time around and make them feel much more immersive. Watch Dogs is a good start, MGS: Ground Zeroes another, and then GTA V, Murdered: Soul Suspect looks interesting also. I’m pretty bored of fps genre honestly. I’m not saying I don’t like fps games, because I’ve played them a ton but it’s an understatement to say they’re losing flair.

  • In their defense, I’m guessing Y-axis wasn’t inverted. At least that was obviously the case for Anthony Anderson. Not sure about Jimmy, but he’s always debuting games on his show so I would imagine he plays a little.

  • dafuq


  • David Veselka, whats your opinion on the ps4. Dissapointed? Amazed?

  • I love how they always have “God Mode” turned on in these demonstrations

    • It would be pretty embarrassing to die on front of 2 million people in the livestream.

  • Jesperato

    A console will never ever look like a PC because think on the price… A console is more than half the price of a good PC so they couldn’t make as good graphics and performance as an PC for that money. Personally i don’t care about the graphics so much on the games. Xbox 360 had OK graphics, like on Halo 4 it looks good but on BF3 multiplayer it looks horrible but i can still be a good game.

    • What?

      BF3 is one of the best looking games on console. Check your gaming set up bud you might be one of the people that have a HD tv and still using RCA cables. The reason I say this is because two of my friends had a HD tv and they was playing in SD instead of HD because they dont follow the tech stuff as much. I would bet there is millions of gamers who are playing in SD with a HD tv not knowing it. BF3 looks amazing on my setup. Gamers think that everybody has got a amazing set up when playing games which is not the case. It makes all the difference What I mean is I would like to know everybody’s aet up who says BF3 looks bad on console.

      • AGREE

        If you are playing on a SD TV saying BF3 looks bad your drunk and you have no right to say what looks good or not. Even the brand of TV makes the difference And not to mention all the settings on a TV. If you have your sharpness down on a TV the games will look shitty. Check your set up people.

  • T-51B

    I think I am more interested in Destiny…