Leaked Image of BF3 Battlelog Matchmaking

Recently, a leaked screenshot of the Battlefield 3 Battlelog was posted on the forums of enterbf3.com.



Here is the info we’ve gathered from it so far:

  • Matchmaking on PC is made through Battlelog (already confirmed).
  • There are 10 map slots, 2 of which we’ve seen already; Caspian Border and Operation Métro.
  • There are ranked and un-ranked servers.
  • Servers can be filtered by region.
  • You can add servers to ‘favorites’ to be remembered for quick access later.
  • Quick match is an option if you don’t want to manually look for servers.
  • The picture confirms that there will be a separate playlist for the ‘Back to Karkand’ expansion pack, similar to how ‘Vietnam’ was a separate playlist in Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Remember that the Battlelog on consoles can be accessed through an in-game browser.

Can you spot anything we’ve missed (click on the image for full size)? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • nate

    At the bottom some of the conquest games have 24, 64 and, 48 player counts. Idk if this is new or even important. Just pointing it out

  • xGrahamDJx

    I wonder how they’ll do Karkand on consoles. Maybe its own playlist or something.

    • Most probably a separate playlist as on PC. The same way the Vietnam expansion worked on BFBC2.

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