Leaked Image of BF3 Battlelog Matchmaking

Battlefield 3 Image

Recently, a leaked screenshot of the Battlefield 3 Battlelog was posted on the forums of enterbf3.com.



Here is the info we’ve gathered from it so far:

  • Matchmaking on PC is made through Battlelog (already confirmed).
  • There are 10 map slots, 2 of which we’ve seen already; Caspian Border and Operation Métro.
  • There are ranked and un-ranked servers.
  • Servers can be filtered by region.
  • You can add servers to ‘favorites’ to be remembered for quick access later.
  • Quick match is an option if you don’t want to manually look for servers.
  • The picture confirms that there will be a separate playlist for the ‘Back to Karkand’ expansion pack, similar to how ‘Vietnam’ was a separate playlist in Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Remember that the Battlelog on consoles can be accessed through an in-game browser.

Can you spot anything we’ve missed (click on the image for full size)? Let us know in the comments below!

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12 years ago

At the bottom some of the conquest games have 24, 64 and, 48 player counts. Idk if this is new or even important. Just pointing it out

12 years ago

I wonder how they’ll do Karkand on consoles. Maybe its own playlist or something.

Fahed Jaradat
Reply to  Graham
12 years ago

Most probably a separate playlist as on PC. The same way the Vietnam expansion worked on BFBC2.

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