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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Progression Revamp Announced, Microtransactions to Be for Cosmetics Only News 1

News 1 Today is a fine day if you’re a Star Wars Battlefront 2 fan, as DICE has announced that a revamped Battlefront 2 progression system is coming next week on March 21, and it’ll completely re-jig the in-game progression system for the better. Once the game update hits, in-game progression for Battlefront 2 will now be […]

Battlefield 1 Console CTE Has Ended, Will Continue for PC Only News 0

News 0 In case the writing wasn’t on the wall yet for some, DICE is hard at work on this year’s Battlefield game, which means stuff are winding down when it comes to Battlefield 1. Given we most likely have seen the last expansion for BF1 with Apocalypse, this means that DICE is winding down the testing, […]

Report: Battlefield 2018 Info Leak Mentions Factions, Classes, Gun Attachments & More News 1

News 1 With the can of Battlefield 2018 info now pried open, it seems more and more stuff about the game is being known by the day. Well, we’re here once again to dive into a fresh plate of BF 2018 info leaks! YouTuber Drakesden posted a lengthy video wherein he allegedly spills quite a lot of […]

Report: Battlefield 2018 to Let Players Go Prone on Their Backs, Feature Co-Op Mode, Campaign to Follow BF1 Template News 1

News 1 Slowly but surely, more and more info regarding Battlefield 2018 seems to be seeping out. While we already know this year’s Battlefield game — which could allegedly be called Battlefield V — will feature loot boxes, more details have made their way online. According to reports, Battlefield 2018 will follow Battlefield 1’s campaign in terms […]

This Might Be One of the Funniest and Weirdest Battlefield 1 Bugs You’ll Ever See, Might Be NSFW News 0

News 0 Battlefield 1 funny and weird .gif is just something… Regardless how long in development a game has been or no matter how many patches it’s gotten post-launch, there’s always a bug or two that escapes the QA people — especially for something as volatile as a multiplayer game. DICE’s Battlefield franchise has always been known […]

Report: Battlefield 2018 Will Have Loot Boxes News 0

News 0 Battlefield 2018 loot boxes confirmed??! Apparently so. With yesterday’s big leak that Battlefield 2018 will most likely be called “Battlefield V” and be set in World War 2, some might be wondering if there are other surprises set to be leaked soon. Well, as it turns out, that’s a yes — though it’s one that will […]

Battlefield 1 Update Shoots Out, Fixes Stuttering Issues (Update) News 2

News 2 Battlefield 1 update out now, and it’s for the stutter issue! Update: DICE has finally released the emergency update notes for Battlefield 1! Check ’em out below. BATTLEFIELD 1 EMERGENCY UPDATE NOTES 02262018 from battlefield_one Original Story: While DICE has released a hefty Battlefield 1 update just a few days ago, there was an unfortunate […]

Battlefield 2018 Reveal Trailer Is “Underway” News 1

News 1 While EA has not revealed any concrete details regarding this year’s Battlefield game, the publisher has confirmed that the game will be playable at this year’s EA Play 2018 event. It seems the Battlefield 2018 reveal trailer is also being cooked, and ready to be served soon, as Randy Evens, DICE video editor, has teased […]

Battlefield 1 Patch Notes for Apocalypse DLC and Tweaks Released Along With New Trailer News 0

News 0 It’s finally here, Battlefield 1 players! The final expansion for Battlefield 1 called “Apocalypse” is finally out for BF1 Premium members! This two-week early access to the DLC comes with a hefty download that includes updates on the base game. Same as before, we’ve included the Battlefield 1 patch notes below. Before you dive in […]

Battlefield 1 Battlepack Revision #78 Rings in the Chinese New Year News 0

News 0 Battlefield 1 Battlepack Revision #78 is here and brings the skins. DICE is ringing in the Chinese New Year with this week’s Battlefield 1 Battlepack Revision update! Officially #78, the new Battlepack Revision roll out has ties to the Chinese content for the game (duh). Check the complete list of skins and puzzle pieces available […]

Report: Star Wars Battlefront II Sales at 7 Million Not 9M as Originally Announced News 0

News 0 Just yesterday, during EA’s financials call, the publisher revealed that Star Wars Battlefront II sold around nine million units, which is under its projected 10 million target. While the game did under perform, a one million difference isn’t that bad especially when you consider how much backlash the game — and the publisher — got […]

Battlefield 2018 Release Date Confirmed for October, Anthem Officially Delayed to Early 2019 News 1

News 1 During EA’s earnings call today, the publisher confirmed that the as-of-yet-untitled Battlefield due for this year will be released in October 2018, which isn’t surprising given the game has maintained its release schedule for the past few years. In the same call, EA confirmed that BioWare’s ambitious Anthem is indeed getting delayed to “early 2019,” […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Sales at Over 9 Million Units, Microtransactions in “Next Few Months” News 1

News 1 While there was a ton of gamer and media backlash regarding Star Wars Battlefront II and the game’s originally planned microtransactions, it seems the game wasn’t affected as much as some people expected. According to EA’s latest earnings call, Star Wars Battlefront II sold over nine million units, which is lower than EA’s expected 10 […]

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC Weapons List Found in CTE Files (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: It seems this “new” list is a fake! Reddit user Strikaaa said it’s not in the files. Comment from discussion New Apocalypse DLC weapons found in CTE files? Please tell me that it’s truth. I extracted the files and couldn’t find any additional guns, just the six that I also found last week (webley, chauchatsmg, […]

Battlefield 1 Upcoming Update Set for Next Week, Here’s When Maintenance Will Be Happening News 0

News 0 While the first part of Battlefield 1’s Turning Tides expansion was released last month, the second part will finally make its way to players next week! This was announced by DICE earlier this week, and is part of the Battlefield 1 upcoming update roll out. Set to come this Tuesday, January 30 for all platforms, […]

Battlefield Community ‘Don’t Revive Me Bro’ Shutters After 7 Years News 1

News 1 A long time ago, on a Battlefield far away, a ragtag group of players created one of the most iconic and legendary communities: Don’t Revive Me Bro. Through a dedication to the Battlefield franchise, a love for games, a knack for picking up wicked people, the community thrived for seven years before finally and officially […]

Battlefield 1 Battlepack Revision #75 Contents Listed News 0

News 0 For this week’s Battlefield 1 Battlepack Revision (#75), the RNAS is back yet again! DICE really wants players to obtain it for some reason. Thanks once again to Reddit user siedler084, the current Battlefield 1 Battlepack Revision list and Exchange can be seen below. Got that? Good. If you’re not a fan of puzzle pieces, […]

Star Wars Battlefront II to Have a Revamped Progression System, New Mode & More News 0

News 0 DICE has given a new update on Star Wars Battlefront II, and what lies beyond in the coming weeks and months for the shooter. In a post on its official site, DICE has revealed that a new progression system is being worked on, and will address many concerns from fans. There’s a new mode and […]

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Maps, Weapons and More Revealed News 0

News 0 While there’s a new Battlefield game set to shoot out later this year, Battlefield 1 isn’t done with us just yet! In February, the last expansion for the game titled “Apocalypse” will finally drop, and along with it, bring a host of new maps, weapons and more! We already listed the Apocalypse weapons earlier today, […]

Battlefield 1 New Battlepack Revision #74 Now Live News 0

News 0 It’s another week, so that means we have another round of a Battlefield 1 new Battlepack Revision! This one is #74, and is called the “Tahure” Revision. Thanks once again to Reddit’s siedler084, you can check out the new Battlepack Revision contents below, as well as the Exchange. In other Battlefield 1 news, DICE has detailed […]

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