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Battlefield 4 – Battlelog May 20 Update [And May 21 Mobile Update] Details News 14

News 14 Developers of Battlefield 4‘s social stat-tracking service have pushed out new update for the browser-based Battlelog that adds a few small but welcomed improvements and bug fixes. More details have been added to the Details page, as well as improvements to Battlelog’s chat function and forums. You can check out the full update list below: […]

New Battlefield 4 Platoons Update Makes It Easier to Play Together, Patch Notes News 18

News 18 Battlefield 4 developer DICE is making a few improvements to the game’s Platoon feature, implemented last February. It should now be easier to find each other, as the studio has introduced a new tab under the Platoons menu on the Battlelog that allows you to see all the servers your Platoon members are currently playing […]

Hefty New Battlefield 4 Battlelog Mobile App Update Deploys Today News 3

News 3 Battlelog users on mobile devices will notice a few new improvements to the app upon their next visit. Battlefield 4 developer DICE has launched a hefty new update that includes a number of new features, improvements, and fixes, some of which have to do with yesterday’s Battlelog update that introduced the new Loadout Presets feature. […]

Battlefield 4 – Make Loadout Presets With New Battlelog Update News 24

News 24 On April 8, Battlefield 4 developer DICE is introducing a new update to the game’s social, stat-tracking service that will allow users to create their own loadout presets to take with them in-game. You’ll be able to create two custom loadouts per kit and vehicle – four for Premium members – that can be accessed […]

Battlefield 4 – Incoming Battlelog Improvements With The Launch of Naval Strike News 2

News 2 The Battlelog, Battlefield 4‘s social, stat-tracking browser and mobile service, is getting a shiny new update March 25, bringing improvements to portraits, emblems, and other mobile app upgrades. You’ll also notice a brand new Battlelog background video image that ties in with the launch of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike for Premium members on the same […]

Battlefield 4 – Check Out These New Battlelog Improvements News 16

News 16 In tandem with today’s release of Second Assault for all Battlefield 4 Premium members, DICE Battlelog devs have launched a brand new update for the game’s social, stat-tracking service. Along with listing the new Second Assault maps and modes, the new update improves a number of organizational elements and fixes a handful of bugs. You can […]

Battlefield 4 PC Patch Now Live, Sneak Peek at Battlelog Loadout Presets News 52

News 52 Battlefield 4 on the PC is getting updated today with a new patch that is beginning to show up for a number of users as of this writing. It fixes a number of issues and includes a few improvements for DICE’s recently released Mantle renderer. According to the Battlelog, the update will rollout throughout the […]

Battlefield 4 – Loadout Presets Could Come To Battlelog, Says Developer News 30

News 30 Ever wanted to use a custom loadout on the field of battle, but too tired of always switching everything? Well it looks like that could become a reality. Taking to the Battlefield 4 subreddit, Battlelog developer Darklord has teased the possibility of loadout presets coming to Battlelog. Unfortunately, presets will not become an in-game feature Darklord […]

New Battlefield 4 Battlelog Update Adds New Features and Fixes Bugs News 30

News 30 Battlefield 4 developer DICE has updated the Battlelog yesterday, addressing a few known issues and introducing some new features. In addition, the studio has reassured that the loading issues with the in-game Battlelog that PlayStation 4 users are experiencing are being looked into. Check out the official notes below. Announcements: We are currently investigating an issue […]

Battlefield 4 – New Update Hits Battlelog Today, Here Are The Notes News 26

News 26 Battlefield 4 developers DICE have pushed out a brand new update earlier today for Battlefield 4’s social stat-tracking service. The Battlelog will have seen zero-down time, so you might not have noticed any updates right off the bat, but below are some patch notes you can look over to see if there’s anything you fancy. […]

Battlelog 2.0 Now Live On iOS and Android Devices, Battlefield 4 Section Now Open News 12

News 12 The exclusive Battlefield 4 beta is only a few hours away, but you can get a head start by exploring the game’s recently updated social stat-tracking service, Battlelog. Battlelog 2.0 is now available for download on iOS and Android devices, according to the development team behind the service, including support for the Battlefield 4 beta and […]

New Battlefield 4 Battlelog Screens Show Off Assignments, BattleScreen, Missions and More News 2

News 2 Battlefield 4 developers DICE are taking to the studio’s official blog yet again to detail some new and exciting BF4 goodness. Today, we’re getting a much clearer look at the new and improved Battlelog, DICE’s social stat-tracking service that was first introduced in 2011 alongside Battlefield 3. As you can see, it’s getting a bit […]

Battlefield 3 – Small Update Makes Improvements to Battlelog News 33

News 33 Yesterday, a few of you may have noticed a bit of an outage in Battlefield 3‘s Battlelog service. According to DICE, the studio was busy working away at a few Battlelog improvements, which you may notice when booting up the game today. It’s a relatively small update, but here are the notes regardless. Battlelog Update […]

Battlelog Is Getting a Big Update For Battlefield 4, New Trailer News 30

News 30 In preparation for Battlefield 4, a brand new update for Battlelog was previewed by DICE today and, for the most part, it looks like they took Battlelog 1.0, addressed what players have been saying about it, and made it much more useful, instead of just an annoying layer of abstraction between you and the game. […]

Battlelog App Incoming to iPad, More Privacy Features in the Works News 15

News 15 Frequent Battlelog users who prefer the iPad as their mobile device of choice can look forward to a dedicated application for Battlefield 3‘s (and soon to be Battlefield 4‘s) social, stat-tracking service. Currently, iPad users are asked to bookmark the web-based version of Battlelog to their home screen, but according to recent tweets from the […]

Battlelog is Coming to Android This Friday News 17

News 17 Better late than never! Battlefield 3‘s (and soon to be Battlefield 4‘s) social, stat-tracking service, the Battlelog, will finally be making its way to Android users as a dedicated application this Friday. The Battlelog team announced via Twitter today: Here’s a shot of it in action: Fans also have a few incoming Battlelog improvements to […]

Battlelog Dev Adresses Privacy Concerns, “Invisible Mode” a “Top Priority” for Battlefield 4 News 32

News 32 Battlelog developers at DICE plan to add additional steps to ensure privacy for users of the social, stat-tracking service by the time Battlefield 4 rolls around this Fall. Speaking to Battlefield fan Rubén Santana on Twitter, Battlelog developer Filip mentioned that an “invisible mode” is a “top priority” for the team. Presumably, entering into an […]

Incoming Battlelog Update Will Help Support “The Future of Battlelog” News 60

News 60 An incoming update for Battlefield 3’s social stat-tracking service, Battlelog, will fix some bugs and improve navigation, according to a recent news update from the DICE team. “Battlelog will receive a minor update on May 14, mainly focused on bug fixes and some redesigned elements to make navigation quicker and clearer,” reads the post. In […]

DICE Teases Battlelog 2.0 News 26

News 26 Yesterday, the development team behind the Battlelog, Battlefield 3‘s social stat-tracking service (soon to power Battlefield 4), highlighted a few incoming improvements that would soon be implemented, like better privacy and the introduction of an Android app. Naturally, with Battlefield 4 on the horizon, DICE would most likely also be interested in a total visual overhaul […]

Incoming Battlelog Improvements – Android App, Friend Limit Increase, Better Privacy and More News 39

News 39 The Battlelog, which has powered Battlefield 3‘s social component throughout its lifetime thus far and will ultimately do the same for the upcoming Battlefield 4, is in for some improvements. According to the official Battlelog twitter account, the social, stat-tracking service will see a number of upgrades in preparation for Battlefield 4. Moments ago, the […]

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