Battlefield 4 – New Update Hits Battlelog Today, Here Are The Notes

Battlefield 4 developers DICE have pushed out a brand new update earlier today for Battlefield 4’s social stat-tracking service.

The Battlelog will have seen zero-down time, so you might not have noticed any updates right off the bat, but below are some patch notes you can look over to see if there’s anything you fancy. A few tweaks have been made for your convenience. For example, you can now set the BattleScreen to automatically launch when you start the game.

Catch the full notes below and feel free to read up on previous Battlelog updates right here.

Zero-downtime Update, November 7th 2013


  • New setting to automatically launch BattleScreen when a multiplayer game starts
  • Video background can now be turned on or off in Settings
  • Improvements to Quickmatch/Play Now that increases the likelihood of joining a populated server
  • Recommended Servers now link to the Server Info page
  • Soldiers on the Profile page are now sorted in the order of BF4, BF3 and Medal of Honor
  • The currently equipped Dog Tags are now shown for all soldiers on the Settings -> Soldiers page
  • Usernames in the Geo Leaderboards are no longer written in uppercase
  • Your soldier name and tag are now shown on Dog Tags everywhere
  • Vehicles are now better categorized in Stats -> Vehicles
  • You can now see emblem shapes you don’t yet have access to
  • Various minor improvements to Loadout


  • Fixed an issue where Emblems could not be saved if too many users were saving at the same time
  • Marking a Battle Report as a favorite on the Reports page no longer highlights the report
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Reports wouldn’t always load on the Reports page
  • Fixed an issue where favorite Battle Reports would not show WON or LOST correctly
  • Menu in the tablet app now highlights the page or section you’re currently viewing
  • You can now see the kills for the selected vehicle in Stats -> Vehicles
  • BattleScreen now shows the G and H flags that were previously missing
  • Fixed an issue where sorting by score in Battle Reports didn’t sort correctly
  • Opening Battlepacks on Battlelog while playing will no longer result in an error
  • Added a scrollbar to Leaderboards in the in-game Battlelog overlay for PC, so it doesn’t go out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t see all the maps and modes on the server on the Server Info page
  • The notice bar no longer breaks the menu on the Soldier pages
  • Fixed an issue where the 3rd recommended server would overflow in some browsers
  • Fixed an issue, where you wouldn’t return to the Profile page after viewing a Battle Report and pressing back
  • Forum signatures will no longer break the forum layout
  • Fixed various minor issues with Loadout
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