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Should Levolution Return in the Next Battlefield Game? News 8

News 8 If you’re a Battlefield veteran (or played Battlefield 4), chances are you’re familiar with the many new innovations and gimmicks developer DICE rolls out for the franchise in every new entry (save for Battlefield 5). In past Battlefield games, DICE touted the power of Frostbite 2 (and subsequent versions), but for Battlefield 4, the studio […]

Battlefield 4, 3, 1 and V Are Now Available on Steam News 1

News 1 Those who want to play Battlefield games on PC and don’t want to use EA’s Origin client, a bunch of Battlefield games are now available via Steam! PC gamers can now buy Battleifeld 4, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield V on Steam! Direct purchase links and descriptions are below. Battlefield 3 Enjoy total freedom […]

Battlefield 1, BF4 and BFH Double XP Happening Now, Battlefield Hardline Play Event Set on Thursday News 1

News 1 Those playing the legacy or older Battlefield games like Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, and Battlefield 1, DICE has triggered double XP for all three titles starting today for a limited time! This was announced by DICE Producer Jaqub Ajmal over on Twitter today: BF4, BFH and BF1 – Oopsie. We seem to have tripped over […]

Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 Stats Reset Happening, Multiple Battlepacks Being Awarded News 0

News 0 While a lot of players are having issues connecting to both Battlefiedl 4 and Battlefield 1, it seems that’s not the only problem plaguing Battlefield players now. Multiple reports have surfaced now of players experiencing Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 stats reset bugs. My bf1 progress got deleted. I need help! Is anyone else having […]

Battlefield 4 & Battlefield 1 Stuck at Connecting Bug Happening to Players News 1

News 1 Those playing Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 and can’t connect to any matches, you’re not alone! It seems a Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 stuck at connecting bug is happening to players across all platforms as we speak. Multiple people on the Battlefield 1 subreddit have posted complaints that they can’t join matches since they’re […]

Best Multiplayer Shooters of the Decade News 6

News 6 While we already posted a ranking for the best Call of Duty multiplayer and Battlefield games released this decade, we’re not stopping there. If you’re curious which shooters stood out the most this past decade (2010-2019) for us here on MP1st, then this best multiplayer shooters list should answer that. Note that this list is […]

Battlefield Games of the Decade Ranked (2010-2019) News 14

News 14 In just a few short hours we’re going to be ushering in a new decade (for some it already is 2020), and for Battlefield fans, this is the perfect time to reflect back on the last 10 years of the franchise and to have our Battlefield games ranked list out just in time before the […]

Battlefield 1 Player Base at Nearly 4 Million Monthly Active Users, Battlefield 4 at Nearly 2 Million According to EA News 2

News 2 While Battlefield V has been out for months, that doesn’t mean that the old games in the franchise are already dead. On the contrary, it seems past entries in the series are still being played by millions of gamers even after years of being out. In EA’s recent earnings call, the publisher talked about how […]

Battlefield 1 & Battlefield 4 Premium Free Now for a Limited Time, Download Them Here News 2

News 2 As we’ve previously reported a week ago, EA is making Battlefield 1 Premium  and Battlefield 4 Premium free for everyone! Of course, you need to have a copy of the game (digital or physical) to take advantage of it. If you want to download them right now or at least activate the download so it’s […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Was the Most Downloaded Game on PSN Last Month. DICE Holds Four Games of Top 20 for 2017 News 0

News 0 While there’s a lot of controversy and negativity surrounding EA and DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II, it seems the game’s selling at a decent pace. Not only did it reach the #1 spot in Australia’s gaming charts back in November, but Battlefront II was even the most downloaded game last month on the PlayStation Store. […]

Report: Battlefield Exploit Is Causing FairFight to Ban Innocent Players News 0

News 0 A number of Battlefield 4 PC players are reporting that their accounts have been banned by “FairFight,” the game’s anti-cheat system. A “major security breach” in both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 can be abused to trigger unwarranted bans. User Sovereign_Skies, of the the BF4DB community, went into detail about the problem: On January 4th, we started receiving seemingly isolated reports […]

Battlefield 1 Double XP Event Now Live Along With New Zodiac Mission News 0

News 0 Battlefield players, time to suit up! DICE has turned on the Battlefield 1 double XP switch for the game and it’s happening now! This double XP event also applies to Battlefield Hardline, and Battlefield 4 and lasts until December 3! This double XP weekend is part of the Holiday events DICE has mapped out for […]

More Battlefield Cut Content Compiled & Discussed in New Video News 0

News 0 YouTube user DANNYonPC is back with a compilation of more Battlefield cut content. Previously, he showcased eight curious “scrapped features.” This time around, we have twelve features that never saw the light of launch day.  Give the video below a watch, and listen out for the reasons behind the abandonments: Some of these features were scrapped because […]

Crazy Battlefield Cut Content Showcased in New Video News 2

News 2 Battlefield games are always jam-packed with features with which to fight the enemy and capture the objective. There are usually more gadgets than I can count, and weapons and vehicle options than I will ever use. Part of the Battlefield experience is having all of those options available to the player, allowing them to play their own way.  […]

This Battlefield 4 Montage by Twon Utilizes Eminem in the Best Possible Way News 0

News 0 As part of Pixel Enemy’s community submissions, and seeing as MP1st is a site about multiplayer, we’ve decided to feature some of our noteworthy content submissions. Today’s video is by Twon, whose YouTube channel can be found here. He’s submitted a Battlefield 4 montage that makes great use of Eminem’s “Business” track. He’s synced the action […]

DICE Is Giving All Battlefield 4 Expansions Away For Free Until Next Week News 1

News 1 As developer DICE celebrates the upcoming launch of its World War I-themed shooter, Battlefield 1, the studio is showing some love to its older titles and long-time fans by offering a pretty sweet deal on some previously-released downloadable content. Right now, all expansions packs for Battlefield 4 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, […]

Battlefield 4’s Final Stand DLC Is Free This Week News 1

News 1 Via EA’s continuing “Road to Battlefield 1” campaign, a series of events and promotions leading up to the launch of DICE’s new World War I shooter, the company is now offering Battlefield 4’s Final Stand DLC for free. It’s available now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The only catch is […]

EA Gifts Battlefield 4 & Battlefield Hardline DLC To Fans, New Community Events Planned News 9

News 9 Aside from the upcoming reveal of EA’s next big Battlefield game, the company is giving fans another reason to get excited about the series over the coming months. EA, DICE, and Visceral Games have announced that they will be giving away previously released Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 DLC to owners of those respective games […]

Battlefield 4 – High Tickrate Servers Coming To Xbox One & PlayStation 4 This Week News 15

News 15 After months and months of testing in Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment, developer DICE LA is finally making their move to improve the game’s network settings on other platforms. Recent updates brought an increase in tickrate to Battlefield 4 on PC, but this week, the studio is finally making similar changes to the multiplayer servers […]

EA Brings “Origin Access” To PC For $4.99 Per Month News 3

News 3 EA Access, a monthly subscription-based digital distribution platform that was formally only available on Xbox One, has now made its way to Origin on Windows PCs. The company unveiled “Origin Access” earlier today, which is now available through the Origin store for $4.99 USD per month. The membership’s benefits include limited trials of upcoming EA games […]

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