Battlefield 1 Player Base at Nearly 4 Million Monthly Active Users, Battlefield 4 at Nearly 2 Million According to EA

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While Battlefield V has been out for months, that doesn’t mean that the old games in the franchise are already dead. On the contrary, it seems past entries in the series are still being played by millions of gamers even after years of being out.

In EA’s recent earnings call, the publisher talked about how Battlefield V sales have under-performed, though the publisher is in this for “the long haul.”and cites how even old Battlefield titles still have millions of active players up to this day. Case in point: the Battlefield 1 player base is at a super healthy four million active monthly users per month, while Battlefield 4, a game released five years ago, still gets close to two million active players each month!

Battlefield 1 still has nearly 4 million monthly active users, and Battlefield 4 has nearly two million, more than five years after its launch. When we released the Season 2 content in January, Battlefield V became the largest Battlefield game ever. And we have an exciting live services plan ahead of us, with the launch of the Firestorm Battle Royale game mode in March and continuing through fiscal 2020. The live services content presents an opportunity for upside as we look to sell more copies of the base game and players invest in cosmetic changes to their characters. – Blake Jorgensen, EA COO & CFO

This is damn impressive, no? Do you still play Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4? Do you have any issues finding matches? If so, why haven’t you moved on to the newer Battlefield games?

Source: Seeking Alpha (login required)

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4 years ago

I occasionally go back and play some BF4. BF1? No…That game was IMO the worst BF title in the entire series by far. It is uninstalled forever on my library.

Kasper Bergmann
Kasper Bergmann
Reply to  sircolby45
4 years ago


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