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EA Has 3 Ways People Can Try the Anthem Demo and Here’s All Methods Listed News 0

News 0 It’s no secret that BioWare will release an Anthem demo before the game hits retail on February 22, 2019, but it seems there will be multiple ways players can be a part of it. In an announcement on EA’s official website, the publisher detailed all three methods on how players can gain access to the […]

Battlefield V Enemy Visibility Improved and Here’s an Example How News 0

News 0 As part of today’s Battlefield V Dev Talks episode, DICE talked about how hard it was to make out enemies in the Battlefield V beta — a fact we mentioned in our hands-on impressions piece. Well, thankfully, that will change in the final version of the game! According to DICE, Battlefield V enemy visibility will […]

Battlefield V Dev Talks Episode #2 Now Out, Talks About Open Beta Feedback, Attrition & More News 0

News 0 Continuing DICE’s more open communication with its player base, the studio has released episode #2 of of Battlefield V Dev Talks. Join the DICE dev team in this 24-minute chat where they talk about open beta feedback, the Attrition system and more. The DICE developers bring you behind the scenes of Battlefield V. On this […]

Battlefied V Will Have an Option to Disable Chat Filter News 1

News 1 Possibly one of the unexpected news items to come out of the Battlefield V beta is how the game censored ordinary words like “DLC” and “white man,” which caused a lot of confusion among gamers. While DICE already explained why this is happening, it seems some people aren’t satisfied with the answer. Over on Twitter, […]

DICE to Detail What the Studio Learned From the Battlefield V Beta This Coming Friday News 0

News 0 While DICE has already listed down a few key important items in terms of what the studio garnered from the community based on Battlefield V beta feedback, it seems they’re not quite done yet. Over on Reddit,  Global Community Engagement Manager Dan Mitre shared a new message stating that a new blog post will go […]

No Second Battlefield V Beta Planned at the Moment News 1

News 1 If you were hoping that a second Battlefield V beta will happen due to the game being delayed by more than a month, well, you’re in for a rude awakening, as it doesn’t seem to be happening — at least not right now. Over on Twitter, Global Community Engagement Manager Dan Mitre confirmed that there’s […]

Watch This Battlefield 1942 vs Battlefield V Comparison From Guns, Vehicles. Characters & More! News 2

News 2 It’s no secret that we’ve made big strides in terms of video game graphics and gameplay, and that especially rings true for multiplayer games. For long-time Battlefield fans that remember the first one, Battlefield 1942, then this video comparing it to the soon-to-be-released Battlefield V will surely bring in the feels! YouTuber Tequila Joe posted […]

DICE Explains Why Battlefield V Chat Filter Censored “DLC,” & “White Man,” Says It Will Be Changed News 11

News 11 Just a week ago. we reported that the Battlefield V beta chat profanity filter censored words like “DLC” (but “free DLC” was fine), and “white man” for some unknown reason. Well, now, we know what the reason is! Over on Twitter, DICE Multiplayer Producer David Sirland gave an explanation and blamed the AI learning algorithm […]

Battlefield V Reflex Sight Changed From the Beta Comparison Side by Side News 0

News 0 If you played enough of the Battlefield V open beta, then chances are you’ve unlocked a scope or two for one of your weapons. While there’s not a lot of gun sights available during the era, DICE has still managed to sneak in a gun sight or two that players should be familiar with. One […]

Battlefield V Beta Changes Based on Feedback Listed by DICE News 0

News 0 We’ve been running quite a number of stories regarding some of the changes DICE has confirmed to be making for Battlefield V based on beta feedback. Thankfully, the studio has been very communicative to the Battlefield V player base, and that continues today. Over on Reddit, Global Community Engagement Manager Dan Mitre shared some of […]

Battlefield V: Here’s What the V1 Rocket Looks Like & How It Works, Point B on Rotterdam Fully Fortified Revealed News 0

News 0 One of the new things introduced in Battlefield V is a squad rewards mechanic that allowed the squad leader the option to call in a supply drop, Tiger tanks, or even a V1 rocket attack on a specific target. Think of these squad rewards like Call of Duty’s scorestreaks, though these take longer to get, […]

Battlefield V Beta Impressions – War of Attrition News 2

News 2 Battlefield developer DICE went back in time with Battlefield 1 in order to make the multiplayer first-person shooter franchise feel fresh again, and it’s doing it once more with Battlefield V. While it’s bringing back old school weapons, vehicles and equipment to the battlefield, it’s also bringing in a fresh new take on the Battlefield […]

All Battlefield V Conquest Maps to Have 5-7 Flags, Here’s What 50 Rounds of CQ Player Movement Looks Like News 1

News 1 If you’re a fan of DICE’s Battlefield franchise, chances are, you’re a fan of the Conquest game mode. Now, if you felt that Battlefield 1’s Conquest maps were a bit too limiting in scope given most of ’em only had three flags to cap, rejoice! Battlefield V won’t be in the same boat. Over on […]

DICE: “Not Impossible” to See Changes Regarding Battlefield V Gun Upgrade System News 0

News 0 If you played the Battlefield V beta, then chances are, you’ve fiddled around with the game’s gun upgrade/configuration system, which is a big departure from past Battlefield games. This time, attachments are purely cosmetic, and the gun itself had an upgrade tree that branched out, with the player choosing which side to upgrade, and spend […]

Battlefield V Respawn Time Changes Confirmed News 1

News 1 While we already reported that DICE has said that the max ammo capacity and starting ammo count in Battlefield V will be tweaked based on feedback from the recently concluded beta, it seems another controversial issue will be changed as well, Over on Twitter, DICE Technical Design Director Gustav Halling confirmed that the respawn and […]

Anthem Has 4-6 Teams Working on Content News 0

News 0 If there’s one thing live services games like Destiny, The Division has going for it, it’s that they have an ever-changing and steady flow of content that’s aimed to keep players constantly engaged. If BioWare’s latest statements regarding Anthem is to be believed, content won’t be an issue with it at all. Speaking to USGamer […]

Battlefield 1 & Battlefield 4 Premium Free Now for a Limited Time, Download Them Here News 2

News 2 As we’ve previously reported a week ago, EA is making Battlefield 1 Premium  and Battlefield 4 Premium free for everyone! Of course, you need to have a copy of the game (digital or physical) to take advantage of it. If you want to download them right now or at least activate the download so it’s […]

Battlefield V Second Beta With Fixes Might Happen, Q&A With Lead MP Designer Happening Tomorrow News 0

News 0 While the Battlefield V beta is already wrapped up as you read this, it seems there’s a chance that a second Battlefield V beta might happen. Over on Twitter, DICE Multplayer Producer David Sirland was asked why the studio isn’t extending the beta, to which Sirland replied that he’d rather get another one (BFV beta) […]

Battlefield V Rent a Server Program/Custom Servers Won’t Be Ready at Launch News 1

News 1 If you’re one of the many people who like renting servers in Battlefield games to play on one map 24/7, you’re out of luck! It seems Battlefield V custom servers and the rent a server program won’t be available when the game launches this November. This was revealed during the deep dive show over the […]

Battlefield V Enemy Visibility to Be “Looked at and Improved,” Spawn Protection “Going Away” News 0

News 0 If you’ve played the Battlefield V beta and thought that it was a bit hard to differentiate enemies from the environments, you’re not alone! Players on various social platforms have also expressed concern about this, and it seems we have good news. Over on Twitter, I asked DICE Multiplayer Producer David Sirland if there’s any […]

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