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EA Play Joins Xbox Game Pass For No Extra Charge News 0

News 0 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will soon be able to enjoy a mass collection of EA titles, as Microsoft has announced that EA Play will now be part of the Xbox Game Pass. Along with the news of the Xbox Series X price and release date, Microsoft also shared this morning that they have teamed […]

UFC 4 Fighter Ratings Debut With 50-41 List, New Star Rating System Detailed News 0

News 0 While we’ve already gotten our first gameplay look at UFC 4 by EA, the fighter ratings list debuted today! These things are usually the point of discussion among fans, and we think that the UFC 4 fighter ratings list won’t be any different. Check out the top 50-41 fighters from UFC 4 below. Note that […]

EA Announces That Work on Skate 4 has Begun News 0

News 0 During today’s EA Play Live 2020 event, EA closed off their event with the announcement that Skate 4 was indeed in development. To clarify, they never actually said it was called Skate 4, but it would by count, be the fourth Skate game by the company. The game directors left us with a message, hinting […]

EA Next-Gen Sizzle Reel Shows Projects From DICE, Bioware, and Other Studios News 1

News 1 As part of the EA Play show, EA showcased a short EA next-gen sizzle reel teasing what the publisher’s studios are doing. We get a brief look at BioWare’s project, and even what seems to be a super tiny next-gen sampling of DICE’s tech for the next Battlefield game where we can see massive battles […]

Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay Debut Flies Out News 0

News 0 Announced earlier this week, Star Wars Squadrons is the latest in the Star Wars franchise by Electronic Arts, featuring both single-player and multiplayer 5v5 combat. To help draw up some excitement, EA has debuted the first-ever Star Wars Squadrons gameplay during their EA Play event. There you have it, the official gameplay for Star Wars […]

EA Play Live 2020 Stream: Where to Watch the Show News 8

News 8 The EA Play Live 2020 event is set to begin in real soon, and to prepare yourself here’s an official list of places you can watch the event. What Time Does EA Play Live 2020 Stream Begin? The event will start at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT today. For those who live in a different […]

EA Cements the End of Battlefield V Marketing With Removal of Social Media References News 2

News 2 Battlefield fans will most likely already know that DICE has moved on from Battlefield V (Battlefield 5), and has given fans one last content drop. While that doesn’t mean the studio won’t be releasing any patches for the game to fix stuff, BFV players shouldn’t expect anything new for the shooter, either. Well, it seems […]

Battlefield 4, 3, 1 and V Are Now Available on Steam News 1

News 1 Those who want to play Battlefield games on PC and don’t want to use EA’s Origin client, a bunch of Battlefield games are now available via Steam! PC gamers can now buy Battleifeld 4, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield V on Steam! Direct purchase links and descriptions are below. Battlefield 3 Enjoy total freedom […]

EA Play 2020 Delayed News 0

News 0 Back in May, EA announced that the annual EA Play event will be a digital-only show given the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. However, given the recent turn of events regarding the George Floyd tragedy, the publisher has pushed back EA Play by a week. This was announced today over on Twitter, where the publisher revealed the […]

Ex-Respawn Devs Comment on Titanfall 2 Being Released Just a Week After Battlefield 1 News 25

News 25 While Titanfall 2 was well receieved critically when it launched, it probably didn’t sell as well as it should have given its release window. For those unaware, publisher EA made the baffling decision of releasing Titanfall 2 just a week after Battlefield 1 — arguably, the publisher’s biggest multiplayer IP. In a video interview talking […]

Respawn: EA Put “No Pressure” on Apex Legends Revenue, Believes Company Not Wired Like That News 0

News 0 With Apex Legends being a free-to-play game, and developers, servers and more costing money, one might assume that Respawn is feeling the pinch in making sure that the Apex Legends revenue from microtransactions is doing well. Apparently, that’s not the case. In an interview where the studio was talking about the newly announced Respawn studio […]

Report – EA Developing Star Wars Project Maverick, Gets Internal Update for Playtesting News 0

News 0 Star Wars Project Maverick received an update late last night, though details behind the update are yet to be known due to the game still being unannounced. A few more details, however, have surfaced, revealing that this is indeed being handled by EA.  Taking a look at the website PS4Patches, Star Wars: Project Maverick received […]

EA: We’ve Been Able to Get to Platforms With More Titles of High Quality Than Most Everyone Else News 4

News 4 With next-gen consoles looming on the horizon, some might be wondering whether EA’s output will be different given the new systems, and how this will affect the publisher’s platform strategy moving forward. In the latest EA quarterly earnings call held today, EA was asked exactly this given there’s so many new platforms to launch on […]

EA: Development on Next Battlefield Game Progressing “Very, Very Well,” Still Planned as Multi-Year Launch Title News 7

News 7 In case you didn’t know, DICE has announced that Battlefield 5, which is the most recent Battlefield game, is getting its last content drop later this year. With that in mind, some might be wondering how development on the next Battlefield game is going amid the on-going COVID-19 pandemic — something DICE has acknowledged that […]

EA to Announce an HD Remaster, an Unannounced Sports Game & More News 1

News 1 With today’s EA quarterly earnings report, the publisher confirmed that there are games yet to be announced as part of its fiscal year lineup. As part of its earning slides, the publisher noted that there are an HD remaster on the way, an unannounced EA Sports title, and more. We expect to announce additional title […]

EA Play 2020 Date and Schedule Announced News 0

News 0 With E3 2020 and other gaming-related events already cancelled due to the on-going COVID-19 global pandemic, EA is shifting its EA Play 2020 event to be a digital presentation. Below is the EA Play 2020 date and schedule! EA Play 2020 date and schedule – June 11, 2020 at 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST EA […]

EA “Stay Home. Play Together” Initiative Announced News 2

News 2 With multiple studios now instructing devs to work from home due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it seems even publishers are getting in on it as well, with programs designed to incentivize people to stay at home. EA has announced just that with their “Stay Home. Play Together” initiative as part of the EA COVID-19 […]

EA Posts Letter Addressing COVID-19 News 0

News 0 Whether you’re an avid news reader/watcher or not, chances are you’ve heard of the global pandemic happening worldwide now with COVID-19. It’s not only affecting work and school, but even entertainment too, whuch includes video games. Electronic Arts (EA) has posted a letter addressing COVID-19, which you can read in its entirey below. EA COVID-19 […]

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Release Date Announced, Watch the New Trailer News 0

News 0 RTS (real-time strategy) fans, there’s possibly no other franchise as revered as Command & Conquer. Now, for those not familiar with the franchise, here’s your chance to soak it all in! EA has announced the Command and Conquer Remastered Collection release date and it’s set for June 5! The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection will […]

EA Patents Game Assist Feature That Detects Game-State Performance in Multiplayer; New Battle Pass System News 3

News 3 Here’s a rather interesting thought: What if a game could detect when a player is having connection issues and assist the player by improving it or pausing the game? Interesting? Well, it seems publisher EA has looked into it, so much so, that recent EA patents have surfaced and this one stood out to us […]

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