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Report – Star Wars Battlefront Spinoff Was in Development and Then Cancelled by EA News 0

News 0 A Star Wars Battlefront spinoff has been reportedly in development at EA only for the project to then be canceled. Codenamed “Viking,” sources close to Kotaku report that EA Vancouver was developing a spinoff to EA’s Battlefront series that had open-world elements. The article states that Criterion games were brought on board to help develop […]

Criterion Will be Developing the New Need for Speed Game as EA Continues Restructuring News 0

News 0 In the recent news of EA restructuring, it has been revealed that Burnout series developers, Criterion, will be developing a new Need for Speed title for next-gen consoles. Discussing with, EA confirmed that Ghost Games will no longer be producing Need for Speed titles, but instead will be re-branded as EA Gothenburg and serve […]

Next Battlefield Game Confirmed for Next-Gen, EA Mum on Vince Zampella’s Involvement News 13

News 13 In today’s EA quarterly earnings call, not a lot of news was revealed regarding the next Battlefield game, but we know one thing for sure: it’s headed to PS5 and Xbox Series X — which is kind of a given, but a good confirmation nonetheless. We expect growth to accelerate in fiscal 2022 as we […]

Battlefield 5 Year 2 Edition Announced, Here’s What’s Included News 0

News 0 If you’re late to the Battlefield 5 party, don’t worry! The game won’t be replaced by a new Battlefield game anytime soon, so you might want to jump in now. If you are, you’ll want to get the Battlefield 5 Year 2 Edition that’s currently available. Available via digital download on PS4, Xbox One, and […]

Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 Have Combined for 33 Million Copies Sold News 0

News 0 While Star Wars Battlefront 2’s development and launch was marred by the now-infamous loot box controversy that made EA backtrack on its decision due to consumer backlash, it seems the first two games in the series published by EA didn’t really suffer in terms of sales. Must-Read: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Box Controversy Caused […]

EA Explains Why Next Battlefield Game Is Skipping a Year, Says It Will Be “Driven Around Live Service” News 9

News 9 In case you didn’t catch it, yesterday, EA confirmed that the next Battlefield game will be out in fiscal year 2022, which is surprising to most people given we expect a new Battlefield game every two years. (give or take). Today, in EA’s quarterly earnings call, the publisher was asked why the next Battlefield game […]

Next Battlefield Game Planned for Release in Fiscal Year 2022 News 4

News 4 Are you a fan of Battlefield 5? If not, and you’re looking forward to a new Battlefield game, you might be waiting a while. During EA’s quarterly earnings call, the publisher announced that the next Battlefield game is planned to be released in fiscal year 2022! While “fiscal year 2022” doesn’t mean that the next […]

EA Games and EA Access Subscription Coming to Steam News 0

News 0 If you’re one of the millions of PC players who use Steam and want to play EA games without using Origin, that will soon become a reality! Today, EA has announced that the publisher’s titles will soon be available on Valve’s Steam platform! This will be in effect in full starting next spring, but the […]

Battlefield 5 Down for Most People Worldwide, EA Investigating (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: The official EA Help account has announced that they are seeing improvements across services, and the team is still working to restore everything back to normal. We’ll post an update again once we have them. Time for another update! As of now, we're seeing improvements across some services. Our teams are still working to […]

Apex Legends Season 3 New Map and New Team Call Out Mechanic Revealed News 0

News 0 The Apex Legends Season 3 new map has been revealed, alongside some new mechanics that will make it easier for teams to help each other stay alert while surviving against everyone else. Check out the map below and read on for more details. The brand new trailer for Apex Legends Season 3 showed all kinds […]

Apex Legends New Map Incoming for Season 3 News 0

News 0 Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown is officially releasing on October 1 and a new launch trailer for the new season has been released. The new trailer not only showcases the previously announced new Legend, Crypto, and the new Charge Rifle but it also unveils an Apex Legends new map called “World’s Edge.” The new […]

Anthem Store Update Today is the First for a Full Week News 0

News 0 The Anthem store update today for the 24th of September is now live. Last week on Friday there should have been a reset, but there wasn’t one. Today’s reset confirms that instead of two per week there will now be one per week moving forward, which we think is much more sensible. Check out the […]

Apex Legends Season 3 Release Date, New Character and Weapon Announced News 0

News 0 The Apex Legends Season 3 release date has been announced alongside a new character named Crypto, the Charge Rifle, and more!

Gamers Can Now Get Anthem on EA Access and Origin Access News 0

News 0 EA has announced that gamers can now get Anthem on EA Access and Origin Access. Both of the subscription platforms haven’t had Anthem until now, and many EA fans have questioned why they weren’t able to play it through them when they can get everything else. Origin Access Basic or EA Access subscribers can both […]

Anthem Store Update September 13, 2019 News 0

News 0 The Anthem store update for September 13, 2019 is now live. The Featured store has been restocked with new cosmetic items, and today it replaces Warps with Armor Packs for you to create brand new Javelin designs with. Check out the store below and read on for more details. Armor Packs The Apprentice: 61,000 Coin […]

EA Helps Fight Online Bullying & Toxicity, Establishes the Healthy Communities Player Council News 0

News 0 EA has established a new anti-bullying initiative known as the Healthy Communities Player Council. The group was formed as part of the publisher’s Building Healthy Communities work, which attempts to find ways to eliminate online toxicity in games. The Healthy Communities Player Council is a group made up of gamers, all of whom want to […]

Anthem Store Update September 10, 2019 News 0

News 0 The Anthem store update for September 10, 2019 is now live. The update brings brand new items for players to purchase and customise their Javelins with for the next few days. Today there are a few items from the recent Anthem datamine of update 1.40, so if you’ve been waiting for those you’re in luck! […]

Anthem Upcoming Fixes for Known Issues in Update 1.40 News 1

News 1 Some bugs and issues were introduced to Anthem with the game’s latest update, Anthem update 1.40. Now BioWare has told the community about some Anthem upcoming fixes they are working on, and why these issues may have occurred in the first place. Firstly BioWare wanted to make it clear that they didn’t intentionally stealth nerf […]

Anthem New Armor, Vinyls, and More Datamined From Patch 1.40 News 0

News 0 In Anthem new armor sets, vinyls, and materials have been uncovered after a user datamined the latest update. This information comes from Reddit user javano, who datamined Anthem update 1.40, which released yesterday. Check out all of the new armor sets in the game below, and read on for vinyls and materials. Blockade (Colossus) Garroter […]

EA FIFA Boss David Rutter Tapped to Oversee DICE, Criterion and Ghost Games News 0

News 0 Here’s an interesting turn of events: David Rutter, the former head of FIFA and EA Sports Vancouver, has now been promoted to be the Group General Manager for EA Studios Europe, which includes Battlefield-developer DICE, Ghost Games and Criterion (Need for Speed studios, with Criterion working on Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Starfighter Assault mode). Must-Read: […]

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