DICE Dev Promises Gamer Battlefield 2042 If They Complete BFV The Challenge on 1-Inch Screen

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Have you ever played a shooter on a small screen? Like, a really small one? If you have, I doubt it’ll be smaller than this one, as someone is playing (has tried to play?) Battlefield 4 on a one-inch screen! Yes, it’s super small, that it’s hard to believe it’s even possible!

Over on Twitter, Battlefield screenshot connoisseur @THE_KOLIBRI1 posted the video which he got from Tiktok where it shows Battlefield 4 running on a one-inch screen! Now, here’s where it gets more interesting. Over on Twitter, DICE developer Niklas Astrand saw this, and proposed a challenge: If the player completes Battlefield V’s “The Challenge” on that one-inch screen, they will get a free copy of Battlefield 2042!

If you’re not familiar with The Challenge in Battlefield V, it’s a super elaborate Easter egg that needs multiple people to complete, and once you’ve done so, will grant the Eidolon character skin! Check out a video and more of it right here.

This is definitely a nice move by the DICE dev, and we’re curious to see what happens next, and if it’s ever completed.

For more on Battlefield 2042, don’t forget that EA is hosting a “The Future of First-Person Shooters” panel featuring DICE and Respawn Entertainment next week!

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8 thoughts on “DICE Dev Promises Gamer Battlefield 2042 If They Complete BFV The Challenge on 1-Inch Screen

  1. Wait, Battlefield “If you don’t want it, don’t buy it” , Battlefield V? Lol, I’d rather slit my wrists.

    1. yknow aside from a shitty launch it’s still a decent battlefield game.

      unless you’re that much of a gamerdudebro that you’re unwilling to swallow your shitty pride over some higher-ups that made some shitty decisions that the rest of the team has no say in.

      1. This is true about the higher ups but I didn’t care too much for bf5 or bf one. I ended up switching back to COD, the new modern warfare was really good.

    2. You know, when people say stupid shit like that. I try my hardest not to call their bluff.

    3. I tend to agree with this statement. That guy “resigned” (aka, fired with dignity) so hopefully this next BF will actually be good.

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